Dallas Review: The Devil Gets His Due

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Damn you, Dallas. You made me cry... again. I wasn't expecting that.

"Guilt & Innocence" allowed the guilty to walk free as the innocent paid the ultimate price, while the ripple effects of the rig explosion went farther than anyone expected. 

Afton Cooper Returns

Very little good came out of the whole mess, but on the up side Bobby and Annie reconciled. Wondering whether or not his wife was alive or buried under the rubble was enough to put things back in perspective. My prediction is that these two will be stronger than ever from here on out. 

Which will be helpful when dealing with Ann's daughter. It's not that I dislike Emma or that she doesn't have the right to sow some wild oats after living under the rule of her oppressive father and grandmother... but propositioning John Ross while they were waiting to hear if Pamela and her babies would survive was taking it too far.

Where Emma looked at John Ross like he was a piece of meat on a hook, she actually seemed to be interested in Drew. I've always found Drew's saying in this Dallas quote to hold true…

Tell me who you're friends with and I'll tell you who you are. | permalink

Drew and Emma appear to be friends. The trouble is I'm not really sure what that tells us just yet.

Emma's grandma got more twisted with every scene. The way Judith prompted Harris to tell her, "Because I was weak, like my father," made me wonder just how long that line had been drilled into him. I almost couldn't blame him for shipping her off to some drug induced haze. 

With the investigation into the explosion looming, Sue Ellen took a page out of J.R.'s playbook and contacted an old flame. I couldn't blame her for using Ken Richards to get information but I do wonder if that decision will come back to haunt her. It was unclear if she was simply using him or if she were actually interested in the man.

Christopher started to spiral out of control as he blamed himself for the accident. He quickly became certain it was his mistake and Bobby had to shake him out of his wallowing self pity.  

Although I understood Christopher's worries, his self doubt seemed to eclipse his concern for Pamela and the babies as well as the future of Ewing Energies. It took Bobby to keep him from confessing to something he didn't do and Elena had to make the phone calls to find specialists to help Pamela and the babies.

On the flip side, John Ross was the one that helped make Pamela laugh during some her darker moments. When she asked if this was her karma rearing its ugly head, John Ross told her…

Darlin' if there were karma I would have been run over, shot, and struck by lightening years ago. | permalink

He even called her momma. As much as I was never a fan of Afton's, I couldn't complain about John Ross' desire to find a way to help.

Unfortunately, in the end there was nothing anyone could do. Watching the numbers on those fetal heart monitors tick down to flatlines broke my heart for Pamela, who could only cry out with no one left to fight to save her children. And although those twins were Christopher's, it was the look in John Ross' eyes as he realized what he was witnessing that drove home just how much he'd grown to care about Pamela and in extension her children.

Conspicuously absent during all of this devastation was the man who caused it. Cliff Barnes was no where to be found.

I really didn't believe that Dallas would hit us with such a truly tragic loss so soon after the death of J.R. I was wrong.

My hope now is that Pamela Rebecca learns of her father's betrayal and joins forces with John Ross to destroy him. Having Cliff taken down by his own daughter would be J.R.'s perfect revenge. 


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Very good review - if we thought war was waged against Cliff Barnes before this episode, there will be NO level Pamela won't stoop to, to make sure she makes her father pay for what he did to her & her babies. Hell hath no fury is how the saying goes ... before now we had no reason to but we'll now be rooting for her. Ol' Cliff Barnes was bad before this - now he just turned EVIL. He took her babies & she needs to be the one to take his life. An eye for an eye is another saying. GREAT episode. I may be totally wrong (& I most likely am) but what tells me that Judith Ryland murdered J.R.? God this show is GREAT!!! :-)


Wow this season been really depressing. It was nice seeing Bobby and Annie reconciled.


John Ross and Pamela Rebecca are the new JR and Sue Ellen. Emma is what Lucy used to be. I love the chemistry between John Ross and Pamela Rebecca. I cannot stand Elena and Christopher. Judith Ryland got exactly what she deserved from her son. There is karma for you.


We already know that it was


Excellent review and stellar episode. Harris and his mother have one unenviable relationship. So glad to be rid of her for a while, but I'm sure like a bad penny, she will return with a vengeance.
I don't think Drew is going to get off that easy refusing to leave town. Harris does not want him with Emma. He may not like his mother, however he too is a control freak.
Total tear-jerker ending. To see the countdown on those monitors was totally, totally heart-breaking. While John Ross continues to sleep around, I can't help but feel he has some kind of special feeling for Pam. Look out Cliff Barnes - I'm sure it is going to be revealed that he and Harris are behind the explosion. Go Dallas - 5 stars!!!


I loved the review you hit a upon Everything that need to be said about the EP. ITA I want Pamela Rebecca and John Ross to team Up and go to war with Cliff and Win

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Dallas Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Ryland: I miss you, Emma.
Emma: I know.

Darlin' if there were karma I would have been run over, shot, and struck by lightening years ago.

John Ross