Girls Review: Too Many Freaks, Not Enough Circuses

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After a couple of lackluster episodes of Girls, "It's Back" finally felt like we were back on track with the show we know and love. 

With Jessa on the lamb, the rest of the girls pick back up with their lives in NYC. Shoshanna is super worried about Jessa's whereabouts, but also mostly about what her outfits are. 

Hannah at Dinner

Marnie, on the other hand, isn't concerned about Jessa's location. This is what Jessa does. Truthfully, Jemima Kirke was just very pregnant at the end of shooting and probably needed to be written out for a hot minute. 

Back to Marnie: why would she be concerned if it's not about her? That's Marnie's M.O. The second Charlie's name and newfound success came up, Marnie ditched Ray and Shosh faster than she could say "bye." That's the thing about Marnie, whatever is the best for her and improves her status is what she's all about. It's part of why she dated that arrogant little gnome Booth Jonathan. For some reason she gets off on the idea that she messed Charlie up.

I feel like she only opened up to Ray because he's probably in a worse position than she is. As much of a slacker as Ray is, he's whip smart. A little too smart for his own good. Probably smart enough to pick up on Shoshanna's little makeout with the doorman. You know she's going to be guilty about that one! 

The reveal that Hannah had OCD is one of the reasons that I feel like people relate to Girls. Something that struck a cord for me was the fight between Hannah and her parents when they said they didn't understand why she had anxiety because she was raised well and she explained it's genetic and internal. This is something I personally understand, but Hannah has a really interesting dynamic with her parents. The session with the therapist was a trip.

I guess it's classic to have to masturbate 8 to 16 times a night until your legs shake and you're crying and you're trying to make sure your parents didn't hear you so you check their door 8 times. | permalink

Not gonna lie, sometimes she is just off her rocker entertaining. Love it. Adam's date with Shiri Appleby was also so true to life. Who the hell is relaxed on a date? Surely not this girl!

What did you all think of this week's episode of Girls? Do you think it was a good comeback?


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 I agree that "Jim" went a little overboard in his criticism of the writer here, but the attacks on him are just nasty. He criticized the writing, not the person, whereas everyone attacking him is doing so in a personal way.  And  it's a bit disingenuous for "Jim's Mom" to take the time to comment on Jim's comment, yet write "no one gives a shit about your opinion."  He/she obviously "gives a shit" enough to respond and attack Jim. BTW,  I don't think it's possible to "literally" be a dick.  Unless, this Jim guy is actually a penis that can watch TV and post online comments. Now, that would be quite a find! Sounds like someone literally doesn't understand the meaning of "literally."


I agree with Boyd Crowder when he says best part was Hannah kept her clothes on ....


Jim, haven't you ever heard the expression, "Don't air your dirty laundry in public." This blog is for fans of the show, not for bored people with too many 'tissues', who have a lot of time on their hands and decide to attack a writerprobably writing about ten different reviews, and has another job, and may over look a typo or two... Go out in the sunshine man, have a swim in the ocean and enjoy life!! Back to girls....


I agree with Jim. Calling him names doesn't help anyone, and sometimes it's frustrating to read badly written articles on this website. That doesn't mean we should leave or don't like the website, but TV Fanatic would benefit from some proofreading.


sorry got to agree, Jim, you are a dick. I am not name calling, you are literally a dick. And boor is a perfectly correct word to be used the way it was. I find it funny that you are so quick to criticize what other people are writing, you'll even make things up as long as it suits you. My guess is you are the struggling, out of work writer you were talking about in one of your rambling posts. Newsflash man, no one gives a shit about you or your comments. Also, I found numerous errors in your own writing. - Jim's Mom

Leigh r

Jim- why don't you private message me if you want to discuss my writing further. The comments are for people who want to discuss the show and the episode so let's leave it be.


By the way, Sage (which is an ironic name for you), "boor" is such a pretentious word, especially when used incorrectly. There are many insulting things you could have called me that would better fit the situation. At least "Linda" probably understood the term "dick" when she called me that. In fact, it was rather boorish of her to call me "a dick" but since all the comments besides mine are probably written by the writer's friends, I'm going to give up trying to make any intelligent points. They won't be understood. You are proving to be as ridiculous as the writing on GIRLS itself.


So "Sage" says I'm "a boor" and Lisa says I'm "a dick." When people can't intelligently refute the substance of someone else's comments, they revert to name calling. I stand by the what I wrote.


Jim, do you just love to hear yourself talk? If you find this blog beneath your intelligence, just go away. You are a boor.


If you do aspire to greater heights,  as I said before, I would run your reviews by someone with superior writing skills and grammar before you post.  Show them your current review, and they can point out where your sentences are incomplete, where you should have inserted a subject to make the meaning clear to the reader, where your misuse of commas (or lack of one when needed) changes the meaning from what you intended, etc.  Why not aspire to excellence rather than settling for "it's just a blog" mediocrity? Â

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