Marina Sirtis Cast on NCIS as Eli David Successor

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Marina Sirtis is set to guest star on NCIS, and to take over at Mossad.

Following the death of Ziva's father Eli David (Michael Nouri), the Israeli intelligence agency has named his replacement, and she promises to figure prominently in the remainder of NCIS Season 10.

“The search to replace Eli David as Mossad Director was tricky for us, but we ended up with a true find in Marina Sirtis,” executive producer and show-runner Gary Glasberg says of the casting.


He told TV Line today: “I’ve always been a Star Trek fan, but Marina really owns this part. The cast loves her. She’s everything I wanted for the role and then some. We are lucky to have her.”

Sirtis, who will first appear sometime in April, is best known for her seven-season, four-movie franchise fixture on Star Trek: The Next Generation, plus various TV, film and voice work.

The show returns tomorrow night with an all-new episode, "Squall," featuring the introduction of another key character, McGee’s father (played by Jamey Sheridan), a.k.a. The Admiral.

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YEAH!!! In the words of my hubby; Counselor Cleavage? Fantastic news!!


When Cote de Pablo first replaced Sasha Alexander's "Kate" I was not happy as the new "Ziva" character was stronger, and edgier. But after watching a few episodes, I really got to enjoy her character immensely.
And as an old Star Trek the Next Generation Fan, I'm so pleased that Marina Sirtis will get to step out of the woodeness of the "Troi" chatracter.


I am a hard-core NCIS fan that's been there from the very beginning but if they knock off "Ziva",I think that's it for me.They just keep taking out the strong female leads and as much as I love the story lines and the group dynamic, I don't believe the cohesiveness will hold through another change.


I just watched tonight's episode NCIS tony and Zeva in Berlin. It ends with a terrible car accident with Tony and Ziva. I'm guessing Ziva dies , thought I read she may not want to continue NCIS.


Do not like the idea to replace Eli David with a woman ..... say it´s dinosaurs thinking but i got comfortable with the man´s role of Eli David as director of the mossad.... Hope the decision do not find a reason in a part of political correctness .....


@Kathy That is why I posted the comments I did that were from a letter a woman in Israel wrote about the role of females in her country. I agree with you. People need to do their research before they make such blanket statements. Thank you for backing me up because I was feeling a little off about calling someone out, but I am glad that you were offended somewhat by it too.


The person that made the comment about women in Israel not having rights is entirely WRONG. Alyssa that is definitely incorrect. Did you ever hear of Golda Meir? Great casting and I can't wait to see Cote and Sirtis do some great acting.


@Chris: The "would-be successor" was Ilan Bodnar, who was responsible for the hit on Eli David and he has since run off into the night. That is why Ziva is hunting for him. And Ziva didn't bury anything in Israel, she planted an olive tree in memory of her father.


I can't understand why some people still think it's odd that a woman can become a director of an organization like Mossad, for real we here in the UK we had a woman director of MI5.


That was a letter that LIOR WEINTRAUB wrote to the editor of The New York Times. Israel is not like the rest of the Middle East. Discrimination is not as rampant nor is it tolerated in Israel where women have had equal rights since Israel was established in 1948.

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