Shameless Review: Custody Battles

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After the harrowing situation of watching the Gallagher siblings get carted off by DFS, Fiona decided it was time for her to take matters into her own hands this week.

In "A Long Way From Home," she finally took the long-coming step of filing for custody of her younger siblings.

Despite the fact that Lip and Ian are basically almost 18 and fully take care of themselves, they were included in the custody filing. That means five kids. Jimmy wasn't too thrilled to say the least.

Frank Gallagher and Sheila

Then again, Jimmy had a family issue of his own to handle. With the INS performing random check-ins, Jimmy had to run home, slip on a wedding band and play dutiful husband to Estefania. Apparently Estefania thinks that Jimmy is responsible for other issues, such as lovers being unable to finish her off. Might I just remind everyone that Fiona has NO idea about any of this. 

It's only a matter of time until Fiona finds out about Jimmy's double life, but with all she has going on, Jimmy hasn't been her first priority. He wasn't exactly thrilled about the idea of her getting custody. He loves the kids and he takes care of them, but making it legal is a totally different situation. It's concrete. And as the judge pointed out to Fiona this is permanent for at least 16 years. Fiona is looking out for the best interest of the kids, but what about herself?

The bottom line is that no one else in their family is fit to take care of them. When Carl testified that Frank got him into camp, he failed to mention that it was because Frank told him he had cancer and defrauded a Make a Wish type foundation. Same with Debs leaving out how she beat Frank with a pillowcase full of soap bars after he ruined her class project and let his drunk friends piss on her floor.

Fiona is now a legal guardian but Frank retains his parental rights. What about the house? Patrick Gallagher filed a will and Lip is keeping that little fact to himself. At least the kids are finally home. When you have to drug your foster parent and do child labor to get food and toilet paper, things are NOT good. Another custody situation that arose this week was Hymie's father's family popping up. 

Although Sheila was heartbroken about handing over Hymie, she knew it wasn't a good environment for a baby anymore. Jody's sex addiction was back full force. Cue the intervention.

Jody, when you tried to get me to be intimate with three of your friends, it made me feel sad. | permalink

Then there was the big moment that half of you readers predicted: Karen is back! Personally I never liked her but I know that some of you did. I think we can all agree that she looks like crap. I wonder if she changed and I'm really curious what will happen when Lip sees her.

What did you think of this week's Shameless? Were you blown away by Emmy Rossum's acting in the courtroom?


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Emmy deserves a great role in a movie. The acting makes this show special.


I get the feeling that something's going to happen to Mickey. He looks like a zombie and ruthless, maybe even suicidal. He doesn't care about Ian anymore. They keep showing him shooting the gun ... And there's no way in hell Jody stays now that Karen's back and Hymie is gone for a while. Logically, won't happen, unless Karen decides to go live with Lip or something, which I don't see happening anytime soon. It makes sense that Jody goes away (maybe back to sex addiction therapy) or, perhaps, an accidental hanging doing his sex adventures? I don't know, but can't imagine that he's around much longer. Jimmy's issue with Estephania/her father can easily be resolved: make it look like one of her "quickies" with other men killed her. Maybe it does happen by accident? Maybe, someone, her father is accidentally offed? Something's got to give here soon.


Good episode. Since the "pilot" / season 1, I was drawn to Rossum's acting. She plays the Fiona character with raw emotion, a sense of vulnerbility, and you also get to see part of Rossum's personality: energetic, quick-thinking and spontaneous. I think it was ep 4 when V is awake on the couch after Kev's wife shows up, and Fiona comes down and talks to V. When V asks why's the house is so quiet, Fiona screams "wake up!" and springs off the couch, claps her hands together and struts confidentially in the other room. Not a big acting scene, per se, or an Emmy-award winning scene, but that was pure Emmy Rossum bring part of who she is to her character.
As for the show, just throwing it out there, but what good is Jody for now? I don't see him hanging around much longer. Well, maybe that sex rope was a foreshadow ?

Leigh r

We should campaign "an Emmy for Emmy"


it can just be a coincidence that when Karen came back Hymie was gone...right?


This week episode was fantastic. I almost cringe and could not watch when they have to cut the dead granny toes, this is coming from someone who watch zombies head get crushed on a weekly basis. In addition, the producers really got a naked granny on to the bed,where do they find the actress.This show really raised the bar on what is inappropriate for TV.I am not complaining, just commenting that the show really go where no other TV shows go.Still it is really compelling to watch! I almost tear up when Fiona was telling the judge about one of her childhood stories. Emmy Rossum really deserve and Emmy soon! I am glad we had a very sensible judge and everything works out well.


Any show that runs for several seasons and that has kids has to deal with their growing up, so Lip and Ian getting older have to change and change the family dynamic. It could be a good thing or a bad thing. We'll see. Also, actors chose to leave shows after a while, and that forces writers to change story lines. All of this is to be seen, depending on how long the show runs. This is not about Karen being likable or not. Who is on this show? Would you even want them living next to you? Would you trust them. The name of the show is "Shameless" for a reason, and that is why I watch it. Emmy Rossum is the most overlooked actor in this country. When will she get the recognition she needs. She, more than anyone else, holds this fascinating show together.


It's DCFS - Department of Children and Family Services. Also once Lip and Ian both become adults with stable jobs Fiona could easily petition to have guardianship of the younger kids transferred to one of them. I doubt she would ever do that but legally it is an option.

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