Castle Photo Preview: Be Very "Still"

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Castle is about to go all Grey's Anatomy on viewers, placing its main female character in a precarious position. By having her get way too up close and personal with a bomb.

On the aptly-titled "Still," scheduled to air April 29, Kate Beckett will step on a pressure sensitive explosive.

And while the team looks for way to disarm the weapon, Castle will attempt to disarm his girlfriend, arguing with her over who fell for whom first. Combining humor with danger and suspense? Sounds like classic Castle, huh?

Get an early look at this Castle Season 5 episode now:

Beckett in Major Danger
Cute Castle
Very Concerned Castle
Did You Hear the One About...
One False Step
Calming Influence
An Explosive Situation
Bomb Squad Photo

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Can not wait. Sounds like a really good episode. Season 5 has been the best season of the series yet. Roll on season 6.


So is this a bottle episode or a clip episode? :-)


Sounds to me like this is the episode in which Gates finds out about them...


Sounds like a pretty scary and funny episode sounds great I can't wait to watch it

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