Castle Sneak Peek: Painful Memories

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Castle will air a heart-racing and heart-pounding episode on Monday, as Kate Beckett steps on an explosive and must remain perfectly still until it can be disabled.

And just how will Rick attempt to distract his partner in crime and in life? By having a heartfelt conversation about her feelings for him, of course, and how she clearly had some when these two first met.

Will Beckett own up to her intense first impression of Rick Castle? Yes she will. But maybe not in the way the writer is hoping.

Watch this great clip from Castle Season 5 now and prepare for "Still," another terrific installment of the ABC hit:

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The whole episode is already available online


I've seen a fair bit of this online and it is - wow - you will all love it!!! Can't wait to see the whole thing on iTunes on Tuesday morning (here in the UK we're still on the early episodes of season 5 on TV).


I hope this whole thing isn't a bottle show. But even if it is, the writers and Nathan & Stana are up to the challenge.


they are the best couple ever on a tv show,just hope the writers dont mess it up.happy birthday to stana xxx

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Did you see the hearts? It took me like six minutes.


You're powerless to resist me, you always have been.