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  • Beckett steps on a bomb and is unable to move for hours.
  • Castle keeps her company as they debate over their past.
  • Within minutes of the timer running out, the two figure out the code to disarm.
  • Beckett goes to kiss Castle but is scared Gates will see.
  • Turns out she already knows and is ok with it. 
  • Beckett tells Castle she loves him. 
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I am just about to make some criticisms of this series at my blog however this is the Best series going round. Why the two two characters change so much after the very first episode? Why so many hairstyle changes ( and personas) for Beckett? how come she gets such an easy time. go back to the last episode of Series 2. She has lied to Castle about her relationship with Deming. Castle obviously thinks Beckett is in a committed relationship YET he is blamed when Beckett too late is about to express her true feelings for him. She obviously never leveled with josh as well.Castle tried to stop her yet he blames her. ( He did play the jealous guy well though). I haven't seem a lot of series 5 being downunder but will be dissappointed if a breakup is intimated in the last episode.
We know they will get back together! do not be so cliche


A number of us fans have had conversations, about Castle character growing up. He can still be charming and witty, but he has the love of his life, in Kate - he needs to be a man, not a little boy in this relationship. I love Caskett, but Beckett is going to rethink her options, at season 5's end, and they may not include Castle. Grow up Castle, please. More romantic, funny, and mature, but a man-after all people evolve, so should Castle. Love this show. I'm with Martha (castle's mother), give her the ring Castle if you love her that much, open up and share... Kate should have to guess what's next!


I just watched this episode (thanks to links provided by other users on the Castle FB page) and all I can say is WOW. I didn't think I'd like it as I usually don't appreciate episodes that are flash back heavy. However, this episode was completely awesome. I even cried at the end. Marvelous, you're going to LOVE it.

Castle Season 5 Episode 22 Quotes

Did you see the hearts? It took me like six minutes.


You're powerless to resist me, you always have been.