Dallas Review: I Do?!?

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That almost everyone in "Love and Family" doubted those they loved wasn't a surprise - but the final I Do was a shocker.

Trusting Pamela

Drew came clean to Elena and she was furious. He was pleading with her. If Ryland had him beaten in front of his own daughter it wasn't much of a stretch to believe he would have killed Elena and made Drew watch. Unfortunately, his sister wasn't very sympathetic as she snarled at her brother in this Dallas quote...

Drew: You take the job, it's don't ask, don't tell.
Elena: Spoken like a stupid mule. | permalink

The news put Elena in a horrible position. The bomb Drew delivered killed Christopher's unborn children. Suddenly the conversation Bobby had had with John Ross in "A Call to Arms" became relevant for Christopher and Elena. Would she chose her family or his?

In the end, she did a bit of both. She ran to Bobby and confessed her brothers sins, mostly in the hope that they could protect him. But later with her brother on the run she lied to Christopher, actively deceiving him in order to help Drew.

There's been an awful lot of lies between this pair on Dallas Season 2. If Christopher finds out about her deception, will it be the end of their romance?

For now, Christopher's got other concerns. Was that Pamela in that photo? Like Bobby said, it's been decades and she supposedly had plastic surgery. Toward the end of the original series a woman showed up claiming to be Pamela... but was that really her? 

Could Pamela be dead? Perhaps Cliff is paying someone to pretend to be his sister so those Barnes Global shares don't ever get handed down to Christopher. I wouldn't put it past him. Or maybe she's alive and well and enjoying the skiing in Switzerland. It really is anyone's guess.

When the news broke about Drew it didn't take Emma long to figure out her Daddy was behind it. Like any good abuser, Harris turned it all back on Emma. None of this would have happened if she'd only listened and done what she was told. Then he plied his daughter with more pills.  

I was actually kind of proud of Emma when she lashed out at her mother for leaving her alone in that stroller all those years ago. It may have been long ago but she's got the right to be angry as she told Ann…

You escaped. You did four years. I did 20. | permalink

But I was equally proud of Ann for finding her backbone and making her daughter spend the night in jail, something the girl obviously didn't see coming. The big question is, just how long can she keep Harris from finding out and riding to his little girl's rescue?

I found it interesting that Pamela had no idea that her Aunt Catherine willed her 33 and 1/3 percent of Barnes Global to Cliff. On some level Cliff must have felt truly guilty over the pain he's caused his daughter. That's the only reason I can come up with for him giving her those shares.

John Ross and Pamela certainly disprove the theory that opposites attract. They have a great deal in common and make one hot couple, not to mention the fact that they've actually grown to care about one another. 

Yet, when they ended up at the altar I was shocked. I never saw that one coming.  

John Ross: Are you doing this because you love me or because you hate your father?
Pamela: I do. | permalink

I can't imagine anything making Cliff more furious than his daughter marrying J.R.'s son. I cannot wait to see his face when he finds out. 

Bobby's smile as he handed Cliff the keys to Ewing Energies and walked away only made me more curious to find out about J.R.'s master plan. And as we head into next week's two-hour finale we're promised the big reveal of who killed J.R.

I don't know about you but I truly can't wait.


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this episode was fully of drama.... i love john ross and pamela together...
they have so much chemistry.. and i do hope that they can make it as a couple... they might even be the jr and sue ellen story where they are good together and are also mean to each other but deep down they love each other... but they also are blinded by the wrong that they do.,....
christopher storyline will elena is boring and the mummy story is getting trying to watch,,, get over it....
and bobby is now trying to be a bit more clever and ruthless...
dallas as a show is great..
enjoyed every twist and turn...


Jan, Where did you read this? I don't see any official word yet from TNT that's they've picked up the series for season 3. I've certainly got my fingers crossed that it happens. It would be great if they could give us even a partial season for late summer 2013. I'd hate to have to wait over a year for new episodes.




Soooo love this show. Can't believe we have another who shot J.R. Brilliant! Sure miss Larry Hagman, but think the cast is doing a great job moving this ship along without their captain. The writing is top notch. I always laugh, however, that J.R. was the only Ewing who had a Texas accent. The new cast members have stepped up their game and are really fleshing out their characters. Who says you can't go home again!


Part II - Pamela & John Ross will either be a treacherous couple or be an endearing one. All I know is that I.LOVE.THIS.SHOW - bring on the 2 hr. season finale on Monday. Time to reveal just who killed J.R. - I still wonder if it was Judith Ryland or was it Pamela Ewing, Christopher's mother? Thanks to the writers, producers, cast members (it was so fabulous seeing Bobby & SueEllen talking like friends towards the end of this episode - much like "old friends" would.) Huge applause to everyone associated with this show.


I am SO with you @V - omg, omg, OMG!!!! Another jaw dropping, delicious episode. The ending where Bobby hands Cliffie the keys to the Ewing kingdom & how Bobby walked away, smiling & agreeing he would love to see the look on J.R.'s face - I LOVE the "new" Bobby - he is now conflicted - he so wants to remain his own self but knowing that his older brother is no longer to do "what he did best" now Bobby has to assume that role. The look on his face as he walked out at normal speed & then when the film went into "slo-mo" as they used to call it - WOW, WOW, WO!!! I am happy that Ann left Emma to sit in jail overnight - what a brat. Enough of blaming her mother - now it's time to spin on a dime with "daddy dearest." I cannot wait to see ol' Cliff Barnes when he finds out his daughter married JR's son ... I like the pairing of Pamela & John Ross. He LOVES her ... I hope SHE loves him back, or learns to. No more "sharing" women between John Ross & Christopher - ICK!!! Being married will either make them a treacherous couple OR in the end, an endearing one. Time will tell ... all I know is that I.LOVE.THIS.SHOW!!!! Bring on the 2 hr season finale. YAH!!!! GREAT JOB to the writers, producers, cast members & anyone else associated with this show.


The Emma/Ann storyline has become uninteresting to me. I know Emma was raised by two controlling lunatics, however it didn't stop Emma from becoming a spoiled, self-pitying brat.
I can't believe that Drew was still pursuing her. Ryland would make good on his promise to kill him if he didn't leave her alone. Now, that's become a mute point with Drew in the wind.
I too like John Ross and Pamela together - they are sexy, sexy. On the other hand, the Christopher and Elena relationship is doomed.


I have my own theory as to how (and why) Cliff got a hold of Katherine's shares. Remember...back in the day, Katherine shot Bobby and VERY ARROGANTLY tried to frame Cliff for Bobby's shooting. Remember...Katherine was stone-cold N-U-T-S where her obsession with Bobby was concerned. Fast-forward to now: I think that Cliff stole Katherine's shares as the ultimate P-A-Y-B-A-C-K. Just an idea..........


Love this show, record so I can watch again!


awesome, awesome, awesome!!! I agree with everything Isabel said. I blame Metcalfe's bad acting for the lack of Christopher love. I think on paper Chris was suppose to be this young Bobby but in reality he just come of as cocky and just unlikeable person. I think Pamela and JR are wicked together, I love them as a pair, for me they are the power couple and no matter what they go thru I hope they always find their way back to each other. What a great episode.

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