Hawaii Five-0 Review: Personal Safety Waiver

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Mockumentaries have been around for a long time (at least since 1964's A Hard Day's Night) and though they became prominent in film in the 1980s, the 2000s have truly belonged to the this type of TV show.

McGarrett In the Spotlight

From full-tilt shows like The Office, to one-off mockumentary episodes of more traditional shows (like this recent episode of Castle), the faux-doc format lets us view a well-known situation with fresh eyes, drawing attention to quirks that get lost to us during long-time fandom, allowing us to see favorite characters in a whole new light.

In the case of "Imi loko ka 'uhane (Seek Within One's Soul)," those fresh eyes belonged to Savannah Walker, a half-sweet, half-calculating talk show host expertly portrayed by Aisha Tyler.

Tyler's Walker was at the center of this week's episode, grabbing most of the best Hawaii Five-0 quotes and taking up the bulk of the screen time.

Tyler did a knock-out job with the role, crafting Walker into just the right kind of annoyingly intrepid reporter - the mutant offspring of Oprah Winfrey and Gale Weathers from Scream. Her energetic performance and (mostly failed) machinations to get info from the team were at least as captivating for me as the episode's gory crime (ewww, skinned arm!) or complex motivations (3-D printers have the potential for great evil, people!).

So what did we learn from looking at the world through Savannah's eyes? We discovered that Bergman has just been waiting for the right opportunity to whip out the hair gel and...was that a cravat? We learned that Kona is awesome at Xbox. We learned that you can say "son of a bitch" on TV.

But most interestingly, we learned that there really is no room for outsiders in the 5-0. Often, mockumentary episode will end with a member of the core cast eventually warming up to and/or breaking down in front of the crew members, letting us see an aspect of their personality they keep closed off from the other characters (yes, it took The Office nine seasons, but it did happen!).

But there was no such last second opening-up here. The 5-0 are a self-contained unit, all of whom would rather do their job in relative anonymity than receive any media glory (well, except for maybe Bergman and that cravat). The greatest insight that this mockumentary yielded is that Chin played the trumpet; but really, its true lesson was that the 5-0 only spill their secrets to each other.

In a season marked by experiments (like viewer-selected endings and retro re-makes), this episode stands out as one of Hawaii Five-0 Season 3's most interesting innovations.

And then, of course, there was Wo Fat. When we last saw him, things looked fairly dire (and bloody) for the ol' super-villain. Is this the end for Wo Fat?? Just kidding, it is never the end for Wo Fat. But I will be very intrigued to see how a hospital-bound Wo Fat plays out for the rest of the season (and whether Doris will show up to seal his fate one way or the other).

What do you think will become of Wo Fat? What's your favorite TV mockumentary episode? Was anyone else reminded of Waterworld when they explained that the tattoo was also a map (what do you mean, I'm the only one who's seen Waterworld?)?


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sorry, steve: but we ALL have the RIGHT to OUR OPINIONS....and NOT EVERYONE IS A FAN OF CATHERINE ROLLINS OR OF MCROLL....and she add NOTHING....she was better as a recurring character....and the FACT, that even she CAN'T label herself as steve's GIRLFRIEND, should say something....steve even calls what they have a "thing"....the woman LIED to him, about something IMPORTANT....and the fact, that he seems to FORGIVE her so quickly...didn't look good. they NEED to wrap up the WO FAT storyline....it's getting OLD. and HOW do you know, that scott caan HAS a 7 year contract?....alex did another series for CBS....so, he might be different....HOWEVER, most NEW SHOWS have a 5 year contract, as far as i understand. once again: DON'T SPEAK FOR ALL H50 FANS......i for 1, am a McDanno/O'Caan FAN....and feel, they are what MAKES the show....we've had VERY LITTLE core 4 this season...and too MUCH catherine. alisa


Scott Caan has a 7 year contract, just like Alex, so Mike you need to check your facts first. None of the main 4 characters are going anywhere, neither is Catherine, Max, Kamekono, Grace, or Charlie. I like Catherine, I think people who constantly complain about the show and say there is nothing to watch, keep threatening to leave, and then say the same about the next episode, are hurting themselves more than anyone else. I thought it was a good idea, I would not want it again, but I think Aisha did a great job. Loved seeing Wofat captured again, I'm sure he will get it out of it at some point. He's too good of a villian. Looking forward to the next 3 episodes.


I usually don't care about ratings, but I want this show to stay on and the ratings are very troubling. I did some research and season 1, high 19.34 low 9.45 and only 3 under 10. Season 2. high 12.19 low 9.31 5 under 10. This season high 13.03 low 7.53 10 eps under 10. and 5 under 8. the first 2 seasons no eps under 9. Like I said I don't care about ratings, I like what I like, but I fear the show will not make it to season 5 at this rate. They need to find a way to get that season 1 feeling back, hope it's not to late.


Please do not EVER repeat this inane, boring, stupid ploy.


It was a silly show and I had to turn it off!


AWFUL IDEA. I was pained watching this episode and it's one of my favorite shows. CBS - Please stop trying to be creative. It's not working for you.


Dvr'd good thing i have delete as an option. Had this been tbe first five o i had watched i would never watch again. Show sucked!


I will be embarrased to know that me beign Steve gf do favors in exchange for helping cases asked for Steve liek Catherine revealed to the lady. Even herself know that she help Steve only in exchange of favors like dinner etc and the Savannah lady wondered if that was anti-ethical. Wo fat cant say good bye he is as important as Steve is for the show, without him there is no H50. He is sneaky he comes and goes. For sure Wo fat was a victim of sensationalist journalism something he was not expecting it will happen if it was not for the lady the team never would have known he was still out there, but I guess that was part of the plot. In the last episode of the season the BTS photos show once again Wo Fat behind bars but I dont want Season 4 1st episode to be how Wo Fat escapes again like the first episode of this sesason. The first episode has to be different, a winner (like the first episode of S2, the one who really had high ratings)


I finally watched the episode. The story as a TV documentary I did not enjoy it much, I thought it was cheesy and lame. I did like certain things that in all 3 seasons so far we never seen on screen, like Charlies real name, Kono explaining how the tech equipment work for the team in solving cases. Also we knew that the interrogation room is downstairs not upstairs and Chin had to use an elevator to go down, I never really knew where the Int room was it until now. Also we found out that Steve and Danny hang out together after work and they watch TV together occasionally and they reveal some personal things of the 2 of them as friends, like Steve always is in charge of the remote control. We knew some tiny aspects of each of the members personal life that we never knew. Cont.


Thoroughly enjoyed this episode. The format was jarring enough to throw me out of my comfort zone with this show and made me think about the characters a little more. Instead of me feeling like an invisible member of the team this week, I had to look at them and their actions from the outside. It's a good think to have to do once in awhile. Seems a strange way to bring about the recapture of Wo Fat, but really kind of cool, when you think about it. Wo Fat has been the master at blending into the background and being virtually invisible. If it wasn't for Savannah Walker's desire to get the details about the murder scene by physically grabbing hold of the cop walking away (who just happened to be Wo Fat), would McGarrett and team have even realized Wo Fat was involved? Although the mockumentary was awkward and jarring, it did it's part to advance the Wo Fat/Steve storyline along in a convincing way! Wo Fat was the victim of opportunistic journalism!

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

Chin Ho Kelly: Better call your insurance agent from the car.
Kono Kalakaua: Tell him you want full coverage.
Savannah Walker: You're kidding, right? They're kidding, right?

Savannah Walker: If you weren't a cop, what would you be?
Chin Ho Kelly: Jazz trumpet.
Savannah Walker: Really? Like Miles Davis?
Chin Ho Kelly: Well, there's only one Miles Davis. Maybe that's why I became a cop.