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Castle Season Finale Promo: A Closed Caskett?

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She wouldn't... would she?

They can't... can they?

After 23 episodes, Castle Season 5 has driven home the point that long-time viewers have known since this show's inception: Kate and Rick are perfect for each other!

But last night's "The Human Factor" brought up the possibility that Beckett's professional future may in Washington D.C., as she received a job offer that will play a pivotal role on next Monday's finale.

Would she actually move? Could Caskett actually split? Or is all this leading to the Proposal of the Spring? Watch the official ABC teaser now and prepare for an emotional conclusion either way:

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Castle isn't Castle without both Beckett and Castle(all agreed). That being said, it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility for Beckett to leave temporarily, say accept the job(if offered) then very late in the day, realize Royce was right and do 180 u-turn. Or, does Castle do some soul searching and possibly pop the question as Beckett is about to board the plane? Does Beckett give Castle an ultimatum? Where is Andrew going with all this?


Great promo; it looks like things are going to get really rocky for Castle and Beckett in this finale. I hope everything works out. Unfortunately I won't be find out how everything goes right away because I work at DISH on Monday nights, but I'll see the finale on my DVR. I set my DISH Hopper to always record Castle and everything else on ABC during primetime, so I won't even have to set a timer for it.


srm. Totally agree with your idea about the Sen. Bracken link to job offer if you consider how Beckett,while working for DOJ, would put this bad boy right in her sights in her new job as a criminal investigator. Recall from ep13 'Recoil' at the end of Beckett confrontation with Bracken at the hotel, he suggested to her that he might be able to do something for her in the future. The DC job offer on its own makes little sense for the storyline as Daren mentioned. The whole idea that Beckett would throw away her relationship with Castle at the first opportunity for a career change is such an unrealistic scenario presented by the writers given the events of the last four seasons.


Good idea srm. I had forgot about the Sen.Brackett. That sounds like something he would start up getting her closier to him. He may come back to ruin her again. But on the whole idea that she would move without castle just doesn't make since. Maybe they need a summer to reflect on what they want from each other. Castle could ask her to marry him to make her stay.


I think the whole DC job offer is some sort of ploy by Sen. Brackett. I don't think we've seen the last of him. Agree with Vince that there has been some recent uncharactistic behavior, on both their parts. That's what killed "Moonlighting"; that the characters we liked were suddenly not themselves, It had little to do with the fact that David & Maddie got together. AM needs to have the writers spend the summer re-connecting with who these people are.


Agree Cgtrav. The success of the show hinges on the four core characters (Castle, Beckett, Espo and Ryan)interacting together in the workplace. IMO. As far as the job offer,recall from Season3, Ep.22 ‘To Love and Die in L.A.’. On the plane ride back to New York, Kate reads from a letter from her first training officer, Michael Royce, “Trust me, putting the job ahead of your heart is a mistake�.


Let's be realistic here Beckett taking a job in DC would change the show's whole dynamic. It's not just Castle but Espo, Ryan, Lanie and the rest of the team. From the producer's standpoint they would end up with a whole new set of sets and a lot of new cast. It's a great story but who in thier right mind would break up this team.


Castle needs to open his heart to Kate and tell her how much he loves her and wants her to stay. He has some abandonment issues and needs to be able to communicate with Kate his feelings. All Kate needs is some reassurance from Castle that he is in the relationship forever and things will be fine.


The has a twist incase the show gets cancelled they could create a show with Beckett in her new job. Do I believe that no because if there was for sure the last season they would have hooked up. If not why have them chasing each other for so long.


Hey folks no need to worry. Although the show is called Castle - Beckett is just as important to the series as Castle. She is going nowhere - well not for long. I don't think breaking them up would be helpful to the series in any way.