Castle Season Finale Promo: A Closed Caskett?

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She wouldn't... would she?

They can't... can they?

After 23 episodes, Castle Season 5 has driven home the point that long-time viewers have known since this show's inception: Kate and Rick are perfect for each other!

But last night's "The Human Factor" brought up the possibility that Beckett's professional future may in Washington D.C., as she received a job offer that will play a pivotal role on next Monday's finale.

Would she actually move? Could Caskett actually split? Or is all this leading to the Proposal of the Spring? Watch the official ABC teaser now and prepare for an emotional conclusion either way:

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I think castle gave her a choice because he was very upset that she didn't say anything about it when he asked her what was the meeting about. I think he cools off and tells her if that is what she wants he will be happy for her.


Umm, isn't Castle a wealthy writer??? Couldn't he pick up and move with Kate to DC? Alexis is in college, Martha has her acting school, there are these things called planes that make travel easy, and he has a laptop?!?! I honestly don't see the problem myself... Except no Ryan or Espo!


I look at the job offer as a smoke screen put forth by the show producer for a possible Castle proposal, but the viewers might be looking at a repeat of the season2 finale where there is a sad separation between the couple for the summer. This time Castle is the broken hearted one. So unnecessary to the series storyline. The one thing I don’t like after watching this season5 is the lying by Beckett to Castle on different occasions. It is unrealistic behavior in any kind of true love relationship between mature adults.


It's getting scary, she really wants the change, he's wealthy and could follow her - isn't DC right next door to NY? We do like the bears, go into hibernation until fall - waiting for the new season. I wished they had waited to get together but mute point now. Some say this will be final series, it would be very painful for our house, this show and Good Wife are the only ones we watch - turn off television after each show.


The job interview could be a prelude for some kind of future liaison with the DOJ in fighting certain criminal scenarios which is realistic. On its own, Beckett taking the job and moving to DC makes little sense unless this is the last season for Castle. In the last few episodes, except for 'Still', both Castle and Beckett have displayed odd behavior which presents as forced in order to cause fake tension. A person would think they were just friends rather than lovers. True love relationships don't take this long to develop even on TV. The job offer presents for me as a smoke screen for a possible Castle proposal. IMHO.


I can't believe Castle would give her an ultimatum like that either stay there with him or go take the job in DC and there over. If anything he should be happy for her and should tell her to do whatever she want and what would make her happy. I understand why he would be upset and acting like that because he doesn't want to loose her but he should still think about what is right for her. I don't want Kate to take the job either because There can't be a show with out her she's to important to it. Can't wait till this episode.

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