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"The Women; Heroine" was hands down, the best episode of Elementary Season 1, if not the best finale I have seen this season on television. It featured all of the twists and endings that season enders should possess.

If there was a way I could rate this a 10 out 5, I would. I am just so completely satisfied with this finale and with this whole season. What a joy it has been to have been apart of it and to share it all with TV Fanatic.

Moriarty's Crosshairs

Last week, we were taken aback by the the major plot twist that Irene Adler is indeed alive. How could the possibly top such a reveal? Easy:

Irene Adler is indeed Moriarty.

My jaw is still in pain from hitting the floor so hard. The fact that Moriarty used Irene Adler against Sherlock to break his heart, put him into a drug stint, force him to relocate and basically break him to his very core it blows my mind!

When it was announced that Arnold Vosloo was guest starring I figured that he was going to be Moriarty. Absolutely not. He was just some patsy, a pawn in Moriarty's game.

When Moriarty was confessing to Sherlock that he was a game she was always going to win, I knew that in my heart the person that was going to beat her at her own game was Watson. Man, did I love being right. If Joan had business cards the title would read, "Joan Watson, Heroine" - I'm so overjoyed at the payoff of her character in this finale. This whole season we've been building up with Watson, she's slowly been learning and finding the necessary tools. Lo and behold she was the key component to bring Moriarty to justice.

The best part for me tonight was the fact that Sherlock confessed that Watson was the one who solved Moriarty. The one who hatched a plan to fake an overdose so that she would fall for it. I am such a Joan Watson fangirl.

Then Sherlock named a bee after her! I am dead. Seriously, I cannot wait for season two.

It seems inevitable that Moriarty will return because, let's all take a moment to be real honest, she was a badass and incredibly terrifying. She is intelligent and has the resources to find a way out. I think I like the character of Moriarty more because she does indeed love Sherlock, not the normal kind of love, but the kind that fascinates you.

Lastly, I just want to say that Johnny Lee Miller is the perfect Holmes and Lucy Liu is the ideal Watson. Until next season...


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Did no one hear what Sherlock said to Moriarty near the end? That Watson diagnosed her, and that's how Watson persuaded Holmes to let her win? I was taking that literally--as in Moriarty is dying, and Holmes could let her win, because she wouldn't be around too much longer...


@aspertame..too funny! I loved this season and the finale for the twists and turns, the creepiness, the reveal of Moriarty as female and the brilliant plot to her capture. It was fitting that Joan could figure out the thought process of a women with an obsession for the "work of art" that is Sherlock and set the trap. I totally expected a cliff hanger and that it was NOT, was totally unexpected and appreciated. A most satisfying end to an awesome season. Bravo to the writers, cast, producers and everyone that brought this series to life with a truly modern slant.


Such a great finale. Loved the twist at the end with Watson. Just a side annoyance though... was it really necessary to explain to viewers what pi is when Sherlock (one of the "best detectives the world has ever seen") made a witty reply to Watson (a Doctor, so you gather she's aware of basic mathematics) about his pain factor being "pi"? It was just such a great, witty, Sherlock line destroyed because the writers felt the viewers wouldn't understand it. :/


Phenomenal finale to a show that has been getting better and better all season. Miller is a brilliant actor, and his moments of quietness, introspection, and (dare I say it?) more of a 'real' connection with Watson balance out his manic, everything-at-warp-speed personality. Great, also, to end the season without a cliffhanger! Wonderful scene with the two unique bees producing a new species and Sherlock naming it after Watson. Interesting twist to having Irene be Moriarty (not sure if she'll escape--probably--and whether she was really Moriarty). In any case, one of the best shows on television this season, with a mind-blowing and unique finale. Hope the writers up their skill (especially w/det. Gregson et al.) for next season. Well done, Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu!


I LOVE the fact that for once a season was wrapped up at the end of the season finale-- the arc was completed beautifully. I don't need a cliff-hanger to eagerly await season 2 (and yes I am aware that Moriarty will probably return next year). I felt that writers trusted my intelligence and I appreciated that. Favourite show on tv hands down.


An extremely enjoyable first season and a great twist for who the characters are and are not in this modernization. Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu genuinely impressed me, as did Natalie Dormer...who very much reminded me of Katheryn Winnick in this role.


Wonderful show, great ep, and they didn't leave us hanging for 5 months with some type of cliffhanger dramatics. Luv it!


Irene Adler being Moriarty reminded me a bit too much of Nicole Wallace being the intellectual foil to Det Robert Goren on Law & Order: CI. I guess the similarity can't be helped since Goren was patterned after Sherlock. Still, great ending! LOVED how Sherlock said "mascot" when he revealed how Moriarty was beaten. Due to my commitment to another finale on a different network, I only saw the second hour but will watch the first online today.


Excellent first season - never expected it to be this good. I have been a sherlock fan since reading the books as a kid, and liked almost all of the various movie and TV iterations; but this one is really special. the acting and dialogue and sets and lighting and everything is just so well done. the costuming is outstanding - JLM has this "dressed-in-the-dark and you never know what he's gonna look like" look; LL in her tights and short skirts is always just right, and I loved how they made Irene-arty into this pert little Nazi with her brown suit and black belt and armbands


Fantastic season finale! Loved that Joan Watson was the heroine and saved the day, and got a bee named after her...excellent job, Lucy Lu! And poor Holmes, being manipulated by a woman who is so cruel and brilliant that she repeatedly wants to be with him, if only to wreak havoc on his heart.
Jonny Lee Miller is such an amazing actor, he manages to put some serious pathos into Holmes, making him more contemporary and yet still, at heart, a cypher. Natalie Dormer is also amazing, she always plays these sexy women who are aggressive, brilliant but doomed. She was in the most amazing episode of House that I've ever seen, and then she was great in the Tudors, too. Now she brings Moriarty to live in such a slick way, you could hardly notice her transition from scared victim to serial killer/criminal mastermind.

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You named a bee after me?


[To Sherlock] You see people like puzzles, I see them as games. You're a game that I will always win.