Grey's Anatomy Sneak Preview: Lights Out

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If nothing else, Meredith Grey's childbirth/delivery story will be memorable.

In one of three Grey's Anatomy sneak peeks released yesterday, we saw Meredith having full-on labor pains. Now things are going to get even more complicated for our very pregnant girl.

A new scene from "Perfect Storm" shows what happens when the weather continues raging outside, the power goes off at Grey Sloan M.H. and the baby has to come out one way or another.

Yes, that means a c-section in the dark. Can the doctors pull this off?

Check out the extended scene from tomorrow night's show below ...

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Occasionally, (in about 1 in every 500, 0.2% of births) the baby's head extends right back, so that the back of their head is resting on the baby's upper back, (or looking away from its own body). When this happens, (and the baby is head down inside the uterus) it is called a 'face presentation', because the baby's face is leading the way. A face presentation is more common for women having their second, or subsequent baby, and is usually something that occurs by chance. In rare cases, it may be due to the baby having an abnormality of the head or spine, affecting the position of their head. - woah, does this means their baby's gonna be sick? another challenge then..

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