New Girl Review: Frogetaboutit

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It was a fluffy confection, for sure, but "Winston's Birthday" continued New Girl Season 2's winning streak.

Jess' Father

Though this episode was full of comedic delights of all sorts - Rob Reiner! Schmidt doing the running man! - I was most struck by, well, how well Jess and Nick's relationship is going.

After their 1.5 seasons worth of confusion and ambivalence and aquarium-damaging make-out sessions, I thought their relationship would be just as sloppy and full of indecision as the flirting that proceeded it.

But this week, both Nick and Jess spoke quite highly of their potential for a serious relationship together - and made it clear that they planned on moving forward with things.

I had anticipated one (or both!) or them freaking out/ getting weird in the aftermath of the Boning Heard Round the (TV) World, so their ability to deal with sleeping together like mature adults who dig each other was a sweet and unexpected surprise.

Of course, all of this begs the question: didn't they put off getting together for almost two whole seasons because they thought their relationship would be a train-wreck? Why isn't their relationship a train-wreck? Did something change? Did Nick's self-improvement plan take him that far, that quickly?

Or is this the first time in recorded human history that having sex actually helped people decide to commit to each other romantically? I want answers!

Okay, I don't really want answers; I just surprised myself by realizing that I have kind of a lot invested in their relationship (yes, I have friends in real life, too!)(okay, I have a friend in real life)(okay, that one friend is actually a dog)(and that dog is imaginary).

Rob Reiner once again killed as the senior Day--aside from tossing out one of the night's choicest New Girl quotes, Reiner's appearance helped cement the show in the pantheon of smart-but-tender romantic comedies.

Reiner, the director behind When Harry Met Sally... and The Princess Bride, has probably had a hand in forming the romantic ideals of about 90% of us (including you, reading this, right now!). So his guest appearances always have the feeling of a kind of blessing of the show as the next generation in intelligent romantic comedies.

I've always been a Cece fan, and a fan of Schmidt and Cece together, but can we all admit that Elizabeth is kind of the best?  I know she is most likely a device to ratchet up tension in the Schmidt/ Cece subplot, but I wish she'd stick around. The loft could use someone who's not afraid to punch a little penis when people get out of line.

Over the course of a handful of episodes, we've gone from all of the loft-dwellers being pretty miserable, to everyone being pretty happy and satisfied (Winston even got that golden telescope!). are they going to wreck all that in the season's one remaining episode? I don't know, but I am so desperate to see what role Her Royal Swiftness plays in the proceedings, I can hardly bear it.

What do you think of Nick and Jess's blossoming relationship? Do you think Elizabeth will make Schmidt forget about Cece? There is just no way Cece is actually getting married, right? Right??


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Jess and Nick are adorable together. I


Loved the episode especially cuz neither looked freaked out in the morning! my only confusion was at the end when everyone ended up on the roof: why did nick look so disappointed at the very end? could it be that he is upset he and jess didn't get a chance to talk or could he be more invested emotionally than she is? i saw a promo vid for the finale and nick runs after jess and she looks upset and shaking her head "no". she better not let this relationship go without a fight!


do you write me sponcer letter?


oh my fricken lord! this show literally gets me sobbing because of how good it is - wasn't even that bigger fan at the start, now i look foreward to it every week, and i love all the charachters :)
Also downloading that song at the end as i write!


Yeah, Elizabeth *is* great. So awful when Schmidt pretended he didn't know her. I'd even be ok with Schmidt ending up with her instead of Cece. That said - please, Cece had better not get married! Her fiance is nice, but they are NOT ready for marriage. I'd be very surprised, and unhappy, if they really get married.


Gabrielle Moss, did anyone tell you, you're reviews are awesome!!!! I simply adore the way you write. It comes out so free and humorous. :-)


I absolutely LOVE how this season has progressed and how Nick and Jess have developed their relationship. Next week Taylor Swift will blow in to break up the wedding as I'll bet that it's Shivran that calls off the wedding over Taylor. Schmidt will already be moving on with Elizabeth, Winston will be doing something to make him an even stronger character (writers have definitely hit a stride with him this season), and Nick and Jess will fall under the influence of a wedding and HOPEFULLY give us a great romantic moment that will give us great hopes for next season. NEW GIRL is by far my favorite show that's on right now. It's win, after win, after win with this show. LOVE IT SOMETHING AWFUL.


I know this will eventually turn back into a Ceci-Schmidt thing, but I'm totally loving Elizabeth for Schmidt right now. I'm rooting for her to stick around a long time.
Poor Winston was also hilarious in his red leather get-up! And Rob Reiner's sudden jump to attack Nick had me in hysterics! What a great take! But his comment to Nick and Jess that Nick is just like him and that neither one are good enough for Jess, well that was a little heartbreaking. But perhaps this is just the push Nick needs to straighten up a little more. In any case, Nick looked to be deflated by the episode's end, though he did seem to refuse to give up on Jess by surprising her with a 1am breakfast on the roof. Who could have guessed that Nick was such a softie and romantic????


I've become a broken record, but I'm gonna say it again, I LOVED THIS EPISODE! Right from the start, Nick's reaction in the morning to see Jess sleeping beside him was not only unexpected, but THRILLING. "Oh wow" then followed by "Fantastico!" What a complete shock to see Nick HAPPY to see Jess in his bed, NOT freaking out, and actually so excited that he gets up and makes her breakfast in bed! Had Bob not come in at that moment, that scene in Nick's bedroom would have been amazing I'm sure. Even Jess' immediate reaction in bed with Nick was a relief to see. They were genuinely happy and optimistic about what they were doing.
The rest of the episode was hilarious. The flashback of Elizabeth and Schmidt was hysterical and gave a great insight as to why they were together for 2 years. They're very compatible and Elizabeth is the perfect one to put him in his place when need be. I know this will eventually turn back into a Ceci-Schmidt thing, but I'm totally loving Elizabeth for Schmidt right now. I'm rooting for her to stick around a long time.


Poor Winston. Why was he dressed like Eddie Murphy tonight? In any case it was freaking hysterical. And yes Amy Lynn, the cake scene was priceless!
I like Elizabeth but I find myself wondering if she wants Schmidt to return to the type of guy he was when he was heavy or if she actually wants him to be heavy again? If so, that's not cool. I hope it's just that she wants him to be the 'sweet guy' again. But in the end, I want him with CeCe. And no, there is no way she's getting married.

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