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Listen, I try to be a dignified winner/recapper, I really do, but: I KNEW IT! I knew there was no way Cece was getting married! No! WAY! NONE!

Okay, thank you for letting me get that out of my system. Let's all proceed in an orderly fashion to the review below.

CeCe's Wedding Guest

"Elaine's Big Day" wasn't the best episode of New Girl Season 2, but it was an appropriate note to end the year on: this is now a fully realized, confident and consistently hilarious show that knows exactly what it is.

It stands in stark contrast to New Girl Season 1's season finale, which explored similar issues (choosing the right mate, making enormous life decisions, Nick's near-bottomless inner well of self-loathing) in a profoundly less satisfying way (coyote mind-meld? Really, Season 1 Jess??).

What a difference a year makes, huh? New Girl Season 2 has finally figured out what its real strengths and weaknesses are, and I feel the kind of zeal for this show that only a convert can truly have.

So, it was only fitting that a season marked by the visionary marriage of over-the-top physical comedy and mundanely relatable romantic issues conclude with both Jess and Nick trying to over-think their way out of their relationship AND a wild badger running loose at a wedding. Hey, we're modern women! We can have it all! Lean in (to badger jokes)!

Speaking of Jess and Nick: nothing shows the distance that this show has come better than their relationship. While New Girl Season 1 probably would have accepted their attempted break-up and shuffled off, New Girl Season 2 treated it at the fearful but ultimately harmless nonsense (and source of great New Girl quotes) that it was.

Taylor Swift as the titular Elaine was an inspired piece of stunt casting, as her character (and the entire episode) calls back to that whole "tortured lovelorn ex-girlfriend" thing that's kind of her thing. Was she particularly, you know, good at acting? Ah, not quite. But her presence as Shivrang's ex was a thousand times funnier than anything she could have said.

A lot of our greatest television comedies took a while to find their footing (and if you don't believe me, please, go re-watch the first season of Seinfeld). But in today's brutal TV ratings market, shows are rarely given that kind of time to develop and mature - if they're not killer straight out of the gate, they go the way of the dodo.

I'm thankful that New Girl was given that rare chance. New Girl Season 1, with its random jumps in logic and indulgent acceptance of Jess's weird behavior, sometimes seemed like it was actually written by Jess and Nick themselves ( a 29-year-old woman who can't say "penis" isn't cute, it is insane!). New Girl Season 2, like its characters, has shaped up, brushed itself off and kind of learned to deal with adult life--and is so much the better for it.

Who do you think Schmidt will choose? Will Nick and Jess last? How many weddings have you, personally, ruined via badger?


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DianeB: Hopefully now that nick and jess finally seem to be on the same page season 3 will be able to focus on the other characters, especially winston. really want to see more character development for him. also hope elizabeth sticks around a while cuz schmidt much more relaxed with her. cece needs to be by herself for a while to figure out what she wants and to realize how good she had it with schmidt!


Better not piss off Elaine, Shrivrang. She might make a song about you, lol.


Yes!!!!!!!!Nick and Jess 4 ever!!!!!!!!!!!!love them


Ok, I realize I'm probably the only person in America who is not rooting for Nick & Jess, but my problem is that it has taken over the show. I loved the dynamic of ALL the characters before, but now it seems all episodes are monopolized by the Nick/Jess relationship - the awkwardness between them, the 'will they, won't they' and the 'should we, shouldn't we'. I was really disappointed that even this episode, which I was hoping would put the focus back onto CeCe and Schmidt, spent a lot of time on the back & forth of Nick/Jess. I just hope that the issue is settled and next season they can just be together and the story lines will become more diverse. Buuut that being said, the ep was hilarious and yes, Winston was awesome!

Drea xoxo

THANK GOODNESS!!! i was gonna stop watching had they done a ross/rachel, tv shows aren't like that anymore either they do or forever hold their tension. Schmidt running, wouldn't picture anything else. winston hilar had to try n contain laughter because it was too much. nick ahhh he actually does like her more than she does, whic is good but in tv land it means bad sigh!!. don't think schmidt and ceecee should happen yet tbh to soon i like elisabeth and we see the real schmidt here


@Eddie: Ignoring the ever-annoying DISH shill, I sincerely hope you are not actually watching TV on your phone while driving to work! Now, to the show: I also really liked this finale. Jess looked gorgeous in that sari, didn't she? I'm happy that Nick went after her. I'm rooting for them next season. Poor Schmidt is in a spot. I know he'll ultimately end up with CeCe, but I really like Elizabeth, and I like Schmidt when he's with her, so I hope she sticks around for a little while, at least.


I agree Amy, this was just an amazing finale, and you are 100% about Winston; just EVERYTHING he said killed me! I’m also definitely looking forward to Jess and Nick being together, and I hope this show doesn’t make them go through a bunch of false starts and break-ups. They’re great together; just let them be happy! I’ve already watched the finale twice; once when it aired, and then again this morning on the light rail, during my commute to my job at DISH. I was able to just sit back and relax and watch it on my iPad, using the DISH Anywhere app. The app allows me to watch live or recorded TV off my home receiver, no matter where I am. It really makes my commute something enjoyable, instead of the boring chore it used to be.


I loved the finale :) even most of the things Winston said tonight were funny! Schmidt running away from choosing? I wouldn't expect anything less! The show really has come along way. I hope we get to see nick and Jess have a real relationship next year. They have the best chemistry ever. And I'm confident they can still make the show just as hilarious with them dating. And on the other side, I'm betting Schmidt will pick cece. It's always been her. If he doesn't, he'll change his mind sooner than later. Can't wait for next season!

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