Shameless Season 4 Shocker: Who's Leaving?

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Shameless producer John Wells dropped a casting bombshell last night at a TV Academy Emmy panel: Justin Chatwin is leaving the Showtime series.

Last seen being walked toward the water by a drug lord-related thug, Wells also confirmed at the event (via a Tweet by TV Guide Magazine's Rob Moynihan) that Justin was, in fact, killed at the conclusion of Season 3.

Fiona Comforts Jimmy

Chatwin has portrayed Fiona's love interest since the pilot of this cable hit. Will he death make you more or less likely to tune in when Season 4 premiere?

No premiere date has been announced, but new episodes are expected to start airing in January.

UPDATE: Wells actually said it's possible Jimmy did NOT die in the aforementioned scene, something a Showtime statement echoes. The network says that Chatwin "will not be coming back as a series regular, but there is a possibility of him coming back in future episodes in some manner."

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冷静canis felem


Blah!! Shameless will lose its spark if they don't bring Jimmy back!! Really disapointing!!


...and thats me being nice


Really the guy is the worst actor ever if they used anyone else that part woulda been a good part but sense its him they should kill him!! kill him with a shotgun to the penis XD






Well that really blows. I really like their story line. Don't know if its worth watching now. : /


Its realli absurd that fiona'z guy aint kaming bac


Speaking of Who's leaving the show. did jasmine leave? what happen will her character is she gonna start stalking Fiona or something like that just wondering.


I am ok with that i think it could be very interesting to see how his character will leave and what will happen next on the show.

Shameless Quotes

Sean: You took your monitor off yourself.
Fiona: So?
Sean: So, you should have waited for the P.O. and you know it.
Fiona: That's a technicality. You're gonna judge me for that?
Sean: No, I'm not gonna judge you for that. I find it charming as fuck that you took a screwdriver to your monitor. And I find it sexy as hell that you had a bloody lip before lunch today.
Fiona: Are you making fun of me?
Sean: No. It's just you're a chaos junkie, Fiona. And I'm a junkie, junkie. So I love chaos. And when I get into chaos, bad shit follows.

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Mandy: Shut up.
Lip: Hey, hey, I mean it, okay? You're a good person Mandy.