Supernatural Season 9 Scoop: Who's Returning?

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Supernatural may be moving to a new night this fall - Tuesdays at 9 after The Originals, starting October 15 - but fans will be treated the sight of a familiar face at some point on Season 9:

Jim Beaver has confirmed his impending, unexpected return as Bobby Singer.

Bobby is Back

"Try not to get excited, but I'm coming back to SUPERNATURAL. For real," the veteran actor Tweeted last night, adding quite the teaser in a follow-up message:

"Read the script. Didn't see this one coming. Whatever you think it is -- it ain't. #Bobbysback"

Bobby was last seen being brought to heaven by Sam, of course, though all angels were expelled to Earth on the Supernatural Season 8 finale. So weigh in now on how he'll get wrapped back up in the lives of the Winchester brothers.

Beaver, meanwhile, has recently appeared on episodes of Mike & Molly, Justified and Dexter.

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why did they make such a big deal about Jim Beaver was coming back to supernatural in season 9 when all it was was a backflash. he really never returned at all meant a lot of people think that he was coming back with some episodes or was that the idea I've seen Jim Beaver in other shows but he belonged in Supernatural he was one of the major cast members. it just seems like the shows getting kinda old same old stuff all the time will Jim be there be any more episodes this year or is he done for good


I think that bobby may be returning like some kind of vessel for GOD to be on show... i think god will choose bobby as his vessel to come in front of the bobby has been through thick and thin with the winchesters


It will be great to see Bobby pay the guys a visit, but I highly doubt he has been turned into an Angel.


hi love supernartural movie i watch it all the time my best movie and best actors


I remember watching the part were Sam and Dean find out they should be Men of Letters and all that knowledge and all and I was like "Man Bobby would have loved that place...."


Give us more Joshua (Roger Aaron Brown). He's a good angel who is on the boys' side! Something has to happen to bring him back in season 9 as he is one of the few angels who talks to God!


Cool I love the Bobby Character he so going to be angel. Cuz at the end all the Angels fall


Loved the character of Bobby. BUT, Jim Beaver is now Sheriff Shelby Parlow to me always.


All the angels came down to Earth. I guess Bobby is among them. Great News.


So damn happy they're bringing him back. He is a great actor in any show he is on but he will always be Bobby to me. Him being a angel would be awesome.

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