Amber Tamblyn on Two and a Half Men: First Look!

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CBS has given us our first look at the Two and a Half Men Season 11 premiere.

Or, as it perhaps ought to be titled now: Two Men and a New Lesbian.

Yes, Amber Tamblyn will debut on the September 26th opener as Jenny, Charlie's long-lost gay daughter. Get your first look at the actress in this role now:

Amber Tamblyn as Jenny

The network has also released the title of the premiere (“Nangnangnangnang”), along with a synopsis that focuses on Jenny's unexpected arrival. It reads:

Alan is shocked when Charlie’s 25-year-old daughter shows up at Walden’s beach house to connect with what’s left of her family, and who happens to like everything her dad liked – including women – on the 11th season premiere of Two and a Half Men.

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I actually love the show now that she is on it. I couldn't stand Jake and as he got older it got worse, and never could stand Charlie Sheen so I never watched it, now I love it. We get all the drunk, women chansing cracks from Berta without having the annoyance of Charlie.


Put a fork in this's done implausible story line the girl.not only a lesbian but Slob on top(her character) and Walden, this billionaire.doesn't have the balls to throw them all out..please


Poor Producers, they are running out of ideas, i even like the 10th season, but this premiere shows that they want charlie harper without charlie sheen, trying spicing with lesbian fashion. The producers also make another several series, why they need to still making this???


Okay a girl shows up at my door, claims to be my brother's daughter and without any proof, I accept her claim and invite her to live with me. Hmmmm. Then my normally suspicious mother shows up and does the same. Hmmmm. It looks like the show not only got a new time slot, but a bunch of new writers as well. I have been a fan from the beginning. I have seen every episode of this series. I have even given Ashton the benefit of the doubt. But this? I think I am hearing taps off in the distance.

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