Emily Wickersham Cast in Key NCIS Role

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Emily Wickersham has landed a major role on NCIS.

The actress - who has appeared on episodes of The Bridge and Gossip Girl, but is best known for portraying Rhinnanon on The Sopranons - will debut in November as Bishop.

As previously reported, the character will come on board as a quasi replacement for Ziva and has been described as an "athletic agent" who is brilliant and socially awkward and who has been around the world.

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According to TV Line, Wickersham is signed for three episodes, but has an option to become a series regular if all goes well.

NCIS Season 11 kicks off on September 24 with a farewell to Cote de Pablo, who will exit the series after eight years.

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I wish they would wait a few episodes before replacing her, I think they would quickly find out it isn't necessary. Too many people loved Ziva and I would hate for the series to go downhill fast if they picked the wrong replacement.


sounds like she be good


@rocky I agree. We should find out what happened to Bodnar's brother. Last we heard, the US Marshals had him.


Oddly enough I agree with both Michael and Yawn even though I thought it would never happen. I have experienced a profound sense of lose on two major series and I have no intention of doing it a third time. The first of the two turned out ok.But I think NCIS will kill off Ziva and I and I am not sticking around for that.Shame on you Alisa.We are getting Agents of Shield is starting here in the UK so I might give it a look.Two woman in that Alisa.


It will be interesting if Gibbs did kill Fornell.(Lt.Goldblum from Hill Street Blues) The combined agencies seemed to sort of work together. Killing off Ziva will be a let down for the viewers and she could figure in somewhere as the show winds down. What happened to Bodnar's brother and the diamonds. More epiosodes


I plan on giving the character a chance. I don't mind if she's a newbie or has a quirky personality. I'd much prefer that to an impossibly skilled know it all. I just hope that they don't turn her into a tragedy princess. I think that a probie who has skills to offer, but also things to learn might help shake the writers out of their formulaic writing stupor and lend itself to humor and interesting interpersonal moments.


Socially awkward. Autism is the condition du jour. How predictable.


I think that Giggs has a thing for red heads. Maybe something to it. Maybe Pam Dawber( Mark's wife)will be one of the episode. That would be so cool.


No, not another female that needs guidance! There must be stories you can do based on true life navy experiences. You have new writers, they need to think out of the box and give the series a shot in the arm. I love the characters they have now do we have to replace Ziva?


WHY can't we get an agent who KNOWS what they are doing, that won't need others to be toned down, to make them look good.....and WHY does there HAVE TO BE A FEMALE ON THE TEAM?.... alisa

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