Modern Family Review: Today's a New Beginning

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Sometimes you don't realize how much you miss Phil Dunphy. Luckily, America's favorite family returned to our TV sets this week, fresh off of yet another Emmy win.

And Modern Family gave us back to back episodes to boot, starting with a long awaited engagement in "Suddenly, Last Summer."

Ever since the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in California, people have been speculating about whether or not Mitch and Cam would tie the knot on Modern Family. In the first part of the season premiere, we finally got our answer. 

Alex's Worst Nightmare

Yes! Since the answer to that question was so obvious, the episode became about something else: who exactly was going to propose and how? In typical MoFy fashion, the solution was something that brought the entire family together. As both men prepared to pop the question, they enlisted different sides of the family to help with the set up. As they raced around trying to create the perfect moment, they realized that, alas, the perfect moment can sometimes come out of nowhere. 

On the side of the road changing the tire, Mitch and Cam - both in good moods due to the impending engagement - started laughing around, both got down on one knee for the tire, simultaneously had the same thought and blurted out "yes." Congratulations! It just goes to show that it's not always about mood lighting or recreating a romantic memory; sometimes it's just being in the right place at the right time with the person you love.

However, when you have three kids, finding the right time with the person you love can be challenging. I loved watching Claire work her witchcraft magic to rearrange the kids' schedules while Phil looked on in adoration...wearing jorts. The following conversation was the first big laugh of my night:

Claire: Do you remember when summer meant fireflies, cut off shorts, and ice cream trucks?

Phil: Well we got one out of three! | permalink

A summer with a kid free week, Manny in Columbia, and a new engagement flew by and the second half of the hour was dedicated to "First Days." Claire went to work for Jay's company, Lily attempted to start first grade, Cam took a job at the high school and Luke and Manny had their first day of freshman year. Naturally, Gloria and Phil were both emotional as their respective sons walked into high school and didn't want to be seen with them. Phil expected it with his daughters, but never with Luke. Don't you remember that first day bundle of nerves you got when starting high school? Manny certainly will.

He was up at 5 in the morning ironing, but he also does that when he’s depressed so I don’t know. | permalink

Haley had me cracking up whether she was poking fun at Alex or flirting with Mitchell's boss. She's finally get her wits about her this season. That girl knows just how to milk things to get what she wants and it is very entertaining to watch. I cringed when Claire made that Christopher Walken joke because you could feel just how painfully awkward she felt in that know, until she shut down the company's computers by telling the tech guy he was getting fired. That's what I love about this show, you can always find some part of it to relate to. 

Both of Modern Family's returning episodes were strong and made me excited for Modern Family season 5. I laughed out loud a few times, got a little misty eyed at moments and did a combination of the two when Jay started crying at Manny's letter and wanted to mail him his second robe. Only the best shows can bring out that kind of dual reaction! I'm looking forward to more as well as looking forward to your thoughts on the episodes. 


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Quick geography check -- the country is called Colombia. "Columbia" is a District where the White House is.


How come nobody is talking about the fact they just revealed Luke is gay? In the second episode when his dad is walking him into school he responds to something he says by saying what am I supposed to do go up and hug that big guy there? At the end they show him hanging out with the guy and he makes a comment about his smile. On top of that, Phil's voice over mentions seeing a lot of things that didn't make sense then but made perfect sense now. Maybe it was all a red herring but if it was too obvious to be real, I'm surprised nobody seemed to notice.


WHAT? Was I watching the same premiere? My favorite show was boring, very few real Laughs! The writers are either losing it or they have new writers!
The YES was the most wonderful moment and it was lackluster without an kiss or embrace!
3 out of 10 for the season premiere, they better get back on the funny train or they will lose their spot at the Emmy's!

Drea xoxo

I missed this show soooooo much and these two episodes showed why!!
the funniest part had to be when clare's mum called during their moment, my mum and i couldnt stop laughing!! we realised that phil had done to clare what she had to him. second running had to be the commercial part PMSL!!!! how no one on set didn't bol i will never know. overall they proved also why they deserve the emmys they have won and why this show will remain timeless! well done ModFy

Sarah silva

Leigh: I totally agree that I laughed, got misty eyed and a little of both too.

Sarah silva

I am so glad we got 2 back to back episodes of Modern Family to start this season! Both episodes were great. I laughed a lot during the hour and it episode 2 there were so many great and funny lines, I could not possibly remember them all. So glad this show is back as I need my weekly dose of comedy and this is one of the best shows on tv!
So happy the show won the Emmy Sunday as well.
I really noticed a big change in Nolan Gould, he is a lot taller and looks way more mature.

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