Scandal Review: Can You Handle This?

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Is it just me or is Scandal the hottest show anywhere right now? It doesn't matter what time of day it is, someone somewhere seems to be watching Scandal reruns, talking about Scandal reruns, Tweeting about Scandal or buying the latest Scandal fashions at their local Saks store. 

All Scandal, all the time. And now that it's returned - and what a return that was - we have a brand new season to obsess over. Best Thursday night ever!

David and Harrison

"It's Handled" had absolutely everyone, even Daddy Dearest, trying to control the situation after Olivia was outed as being the President's mistress. Her father tried to put her on a plane with a new identity. Cyrus prepared to burn her. The team scrambled behind the scenes to figure out something - anything - that would save her.

David advised her to get out in front of the story and save herself in whatever little way she might be able. She pulled the fire alarm and arranged a super top secret meeting with Fitz and Mellie where they agreed to go with the truth. Or at least she thought they decided to go with the truth. 

Mellie, ever working her own agenda, opted to burn a White House press corps staffer instead. Because that's what Mellie does. 

But the truth - Olivia Pope's name being out there - set Olivia free anyway. Which is what Fitz planned when he dropped her name to the press. Oh, yes, that's right. Fitz leaked Olivia's name.

It. Was. Brilliant!

It will probably never work quite like he thinks it will work, but wow. He leaked her name so that Mellie couldn't. The look on Mellie's face when she realized she'd been bested was priceless. There's nothing quite like watching Fitz and Mellie go tit-for-tat in an all-out war. Nothing at all. 

That weak groveling we thought he did on Scandal Season 2? That was part of his master plan to make Mellie think he was apologetic and remorseful for his affair. And it worked! 

Or did it? With Mellie we can never be too sure, you know? She's wily, and like she said, she has a lot of time on her hands to sit around and think. She's smart and bored and Fitz better watch out. 

Everything about this episode was masterfully done. 

Every word of this show is quotable and if I could, I'd just transcribe the entire thing for the Scandal quotes page. Cyrus' verbal smackdowns of Sally Langston will never, ever, ever get old. Quinn's one-liner about killing another intern to shift the focus off of Olivia was excellent. First, it was funny, however inappropriately so, and second, it shows just how far down the Huck-carved rabbit hole Quinn's gone. She's going to be an interesting team member this season.

Joe Morton as Rowan Pope is amazing. (Also, sort of evil and scary.) It's incredibly interesting to learn more about Olivia's life because she (and Harrison) are two characters about whom we know the least. Now we know that Olivia's mom died when she was 12 and she was sent to school all over the world with the rumor of a sweet, old dad at home. But really she was sent to school all over the world because her real dad was busy commanding an army of highly trained assassins who protected the country. It's not like he could come and speak on career day. 

So now the question is, does Cyrus know that this man is Olivia's father? In the kill-folder session, he seemed not to know much about her background, which makes sense because she's tight-lipped about her life. But Cyrus knows Rowan Pope personally and is now being looped into something big regarding Fitz and Jake Ballard.

(Poor Jake! We hope you get out of the box soon!)

Ah, Scandal! I'm glad to have you back.

What did you think of "It's Handled?" On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you that Scandal is back? What's inside the folder?


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Rowan Pope says he did not give the order to shoot the plane down??? when questioned over the phone. So why did Firz do what he did... Scoop people please. Cannot wait.


dumbest show on tv
love the terrorist mom one with terror ties would have ANY access to the President.


Why does Columbus Short always have the same blue checkered shirt on in every episode? Am I the ONLY one who has noticed this?


Ok, present storyline aside, I just have to say, between all the break up to make up drama between Olivia and Fitz, I love them together, there is undeniable heat and chemistry between them. BUT...when the two aren't interacting physically, I emphatically hate how cold and businesslike Olivia is towards Fitz. He looks at her with love and longing whenever she's around, yet she rarely gives him so much as a smile, a touch, a caress, a flirtatious remark, a hug, a kiss, a wink. Can't she just say, "I miss you, I love you, I'm thinking about you" sometimes?? I get it, she doesn't like the position she's in with their relationship, but it rankles me that Olivia supposedly loves this man, and yet the only warmth or affection she ever display towards him is in the heat of the moment. It's no wonder Fitz so desperately craves that whenever and however he can get it from her. I mean, if the emotions are there, but are being neither expressed nor nurtured, then this really is just an affair, just another lay. Maybe this is Olivia's strategy for reining in her feelings, or to discourage the progression of the affair, but outside of the passionate realm of their stolen moments, she's pretty much another Mellie.

@ eelixir9

I agree with eelixir9's comment. She needs to show more love. She shows immaturity and the on/ off attitude is getting old. Fitz genuinely loves her and she is cold, calculating. She bullies Fitz and her Dad. She needs to calm down bad recognize the love she has for both her Dad and Fitz. She has told him
twice that she loves him. Her steaming demands are getting old--makes her a bully. She needs to invest mire in these two relationships.

@ Rav

Screaming demands .. Not steaming.


Congratulations, to all those who figured out that the assassin was there to kill Jake and not Olivia and to those who figured out that Fitz was the one who leaked Olivia's name. If you are one of these people then you are out of the box and if you are not then you are in the box with me. There is a love and hate relationship with this show, the love stems from the plot twists and political machinations of shadow governments that ALL of us love. The hate is garnered by the base gropings of Olivia Pope by the commander-and-chief. Well, this is a Shonda Rhimes show so the gropings won't stop but if we complain enough she might regulate it to every now and then. Question, what's in the folder? I have to keep watching, I want out of the box.


Fitz has to be my favorite character on Scandal, the premiere was amazing. Although I am worried that the writing will suffer , especially with a contrived triangle. I don't think Jake presence was needed or missed, had he been there I think the episode would not have been as good, as it was. I also love Mellie She is brilliant, but she should let Fitz go, there is nothing left in that marriage.


I seriously don't think this is one of the best shows. It's crazy drama. BUT I do like watching it quite a bit. It's my guilty pleasure show. And it DOES THE BEST at shocking the audience constantly. So I give it the highest marks out there for that feat.


Still a huge Scandal fan, last nights episode gave me that weekly high that I long for! Mellie is still my favorite though, that woman is a beast!

Drea xoxo

i'm a gladiator mitches and i am gobsmacked!! i just want more!!! so glad i got into this show! TGW, this and Revenge came out of the blocks running like yohan and usain! i love shonda just when you think it's solved BOOM! we're taken another turn! charlie going back to rowan makes me wonder if he knows that huck is with liv!!! what's going to happen during that showdown!!! and fitz! that guy is some piece of work and you could even argue that it's poetic justice that he did it all with the hope that they can soon be together in the future, husband and wife


Mellie is her own worst enemy. She sanctioned the original liaison between Fitz and Olivia and is only mad because the relationship became something she can't control. And now...with Fitz causing the leak and Mellie trying, with Cyrus' help, to "fix" it; Mellie has no leverage. Nobody knows that Rowan is Olivia's father other than Olivia. My guess is that, in B613 tradition, Rowan's real name is something else besides Pope. Don't forget what Olivia said about her mother--so we know that Olivia knows more than she's telling her father. Anyway...I thought The Good Wife was gonna be hoppin' this year (and it will), but Scandal is gonna be even more hoppin'. And I didn't think that was possible.

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Olivia: You shouldn't be here?
David: Why? Because I'm the US Attorney for the District of Columbia and may be asked to investigate the President's affair with you? I left that hat at the door.

[to Olivia] I am a monster, but honey, I am your monster.