Scandal Round Table: "It's Handled"

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Scandal is back in all of its crazy, twisty goodness and Gladiators everywhere rejoiced after last Thursday night's premiere.

"It's Handled" picked up where the end of Scandal season 2 left off, almost immediately answering questions about Olivia's past and raising even more about where Season 3 might take us. 

Join our TV Fanatic panel of experts - Emily from ABC Scandal Fans and TVF staffers Miranda Wicker, Leigh Raines, Christine Orlando and Jim Garner - as we break down the Scandal Season 3 premiere. Check out what we thought and then sound off with your own answers in the comments!


Is Rowan Pope the worst dad on television?

Emily: I wouldn't say the worst, but WOW! I couldn't believe the first few lines out of his mouth to her! I would DIE if I had to have any conversation with my father that included the phrase "spread your legs". At the same time though, you can definitely see that Olivia is a lot like her dad. 

Miranda: I can't decide if he's the worst because of how he talked to her or the best because his first instinct was to protect her. But wow. That is NOT a dad I'd want to introduce to my boyfriend. 

Leigh: He's pretty damn bad. Can we get a family therapist up in here? That said, I can't WAIT to learn more about that family history. Cyrus' kill folder left me with a lot of questions. Did anyone else realize that Olivia's mom died in a plane crash and her dad's first instinct was to put her on a plane? Suspicious, party of one.

Christine:  He's not the worst but he's probably damn close. In speaking to her father, Olivia Pope went from being a strong, confident adult woman to a the equivalent of a scared, intimidated child barely able to speak. What more do we need to know....that said, I like your suspicions Leigh. I hadn't thought of that. 

Jim: He's not the worst dad on TV, but maybe the scariest. He taught his daughter well. It's going to be fun to see these two square off. 

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Should the team have gone behind Olivia's back to make her their client?

Emily: Definitely not. I know they were trying to protect Olivia, but regardless I don't think they should have done anything without talking to her first. No communication = trouble! 

Miranda: I vote yes, because she never would've let them help her if they hadn't just done it for her. And the truth, while noble, never would've played out quite like Fitz and Olivia hoped. 

Leigh: Yes. In the words of Harrison, there's nothing wrong with a little self-preservation. She would've been willing to sacrifice herself, but she forgets she has that team of gladiators depending on her. Gladiators, not bitches!

Christine:  No. She and Fitz had a plan. Perhaps not perfect but it was theirs and the Gladiators played right into Mellie's scheme to take it away from them. 

Jim: I don't think there was any other way to help her. She was drowning in freezing water and paddling further out to sea. All the while convincing herself she was warm and dry. 

How ready are you for Quinn's descent into madness?

Emily: Oh man is Baby Huck slipping!! The drill scene from last season STILL freaks me out. Quinn's definitely got the "crazy eye"! I'm really scared to see how far Quinn might go over a cliff before someone can reel her in! I think it's clear that Huck is really worried too. 

Miranda: As far as the team, if we can't get any backstory on Harrison, watching Quinn cross completely over to the dark side might be the most interesting thing to happen to OPA this season.  

Leigh: Sure Baby Huck let's just kill an intern, as long as it's a really bad one it's fine. Huck just doubled his workload to include babysitting. Quinn is going cray cray. It's gonna be fun to watch though!

Christine:  Wow! Somebody is off her meds. Talk about being blood thirsty. It's both hysterically funny and seriously scary all at the same time. I can't wait to see where this goes. 

Jim: After the "Can't we just kill another intern" comment, I don't think it's going to be a long fall. 

What's in the folder?

Emily: Not one freakin clue! But I cannot WAIT to find out!

Miranda: I think Fitz and Jake were involved in a mission that went very, very wrong and it's been covered up. Friendly fire, the death of innocent civilians, something big. 

Leigh: I agree with Miranda it involves a mission that was covered up probably including the death of civilians. Maybe Fitz lost his mind over there, who knows. But I liked the set up for the upcoming big mystery.

Christine:  It's got to be bad and the wrong people must have died. I'm guessing it's something worse than a friendly fire incident. This show does nothing half way. 

Jim: An unredacted account of Jake and Fitz's mission. What actually happen is another question entirely.  

Grade the Scandal premiere.

Emily: On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best, I give the premiere a 9! The actors and writers definitely came back strong! The only thing that would have been better was a two hour premiere!

Miranda: I'm going with a 10. It was on point in every sense of the phrase. 

Leigh: Probably a 9. It was really awesome but I had a feeling it was Fitz who leaked Olivia's name all along. Major props to Mellie for dealing with that fire. 

Christine:  I'm going with a 9, only because it bugged the heck out of me that Harrison went behind Olivia's back to call his own play and bully the rest of the team into following. Olivia should have had a say. But everyone else was at the top of their game and I can't wait to see where this war between Fitz and Mellie goes from here. 

Jim: I'm giving it a solid A-. I like Abby's new look, Mellie is not messing around, and I really like Fitz and the VP working together. The Gladiators fixing the issue behind Olivia's back was just icing on the cake. 

Miranda Wicker is a Staff Writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.


Well, I didn´t enjoy this episode that much, IMO it was overhyped. I don´t like this Olivia (actually I was never a great fan of her), she´s portrayed as strong woman but for me she looked like a puppet who would do whatever she was told - first her dad put her on the plane, then Cyrus ordered her to leave and she did, then she was going to tell the story as Mellie wanted - she could come as a lot of things, nut strong isn´t one of them:(
Anyway, my favourite carachter is Mellie - she isn´t a nice person, but she doesn´t act or pretend to be one, she does what she thinks is best for her, and that is a strong woman - and IMO it´s also the best acted caracther out there.
So, my favourite moments were every scene with Mellie, and the scenes between Fitz and Sally - the way I saw it, they both were themselves in those moments, he kind of told her his feelings and Sally kind of sayed her marriage wasn´t in a good phase - in those moments they left aside the politics and were just 2 human beings and that touched me.


Very true what some commentors said regarding what black parents stress to their kids. You always have to look out for those who so want to easily tear you down by making your accomplishments speak for themselves...and boy do you need to accomplish a lot! It's hard work, frustrating and sad bc in the end you have to sacrifice so much just to keep that top spot. I give the episode a 10 out of 10. Hey I may have had an inkling that Fitz leaked Liv's name I so loved how Mellie called him on it. And when Fitz commented about the reason his head was on Mellie's lap I was like YESSS! I'm going to love watching these two battle it out. Also looking forward to some more Olitz moments - it actually makes me hold my breath to see what happens next in a scene between these two. Love these actors off the chain chemistry!


What does being black have anything to do with what the father told Olivia? The staff members were right no father should talk in such a vulgar way to his daughter it's disturbing and awkward. Not all black parents talk to their children in such a grotesque way and saying that is just stereotyping them which is nothing new. The episode was a good start to hopefully a good season! Can't wait to see more of baby huck


1. He's not the worst but very poor all the same.
2. NO
3. I don't care. I don't like her.
5. C-


It's obvious that none of the roundtable participants are black...because a good deal of what Rowan said to Olivia was what black parents have been telling their children forever. What makes Rowan a bad father is NOT what he said to Olivia, but his use of intimidation to do it. Plus, he has manipulated situations in her life even more than Cyrus has--and that's going some. As one who had long ago figured out that Fitz leaked Liv's name, this episode rates a 10 because for a while it had me second-guessing myself. And while I hate that Fitz felt he had to do it, he was partly right; Mellie no longer can try to tarnish Liv's name without being seen as delusional. So in that way, Fitz was right to do it.

Drea xoxo

ahh this episode gave me life and then more!! i say 9.5, i agree i wanted more and perhaps even a snapshot inside the kill file and the fitz folder.
i saw on twitter some say that jake isn't who he says he is and thats the cover up..... i think they killed wrong people and even some from their unit and fitz dad cleared up or hollis. why this is important to rowan i say huck or charlie could have been involved maybe......... just a theory/hunch don't hold me to it.
worst dad has to be conrad and dan scott everytime shoot even chuck's dad (RIP OTH, GG).
you also forgot to say best line of the episode and how evil fitz has become, planning this reveal from last season, that you cannot say you say coming!!


Nobody is every black on these entertainment panels. I agree and I knew Shonda wrote that because she knows that is what every black parent who stresses accomplishment tells their child. The Emmy blackout was an excellent example of this. No WAY Clare Danes deserved that Emmy. Kerry Washington was robbed. We also have to instruct our sons in a different way than other ethnic group because they have targets on their backs. Otherwise the premiere was awesome and can't wait to see what going on for the rest of the season. I am a writer you can ask me to be on a next time about any show. I like Sleepy Hollow but I got the same problem black cast but the writers and the crew can't get it together. No way with all that money they put in that show that Nicole Beharie (who I love) hair should look so awful. That is the crime right there that the Headless Horseman has a great body and they nail A Horse's tail on Nicole's hair and its rarely even combed.


i give it a 10. the episode was everything i hoped for and more!


Obviously you guys are not black. Black parents keep it real with their kids. I can see a daddy saying all that to Olivia cause she is being the ultimate stupid and naive. Fits was the one that sold her down the river. And Cyrus was about to do the same. Her daddy put her in check. Loved it. Best line was the twice as good line. Every black person who has made any accomplishments have heard that line.

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