Awkward Review: Jenna and The Jenna-mies

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Jenna’s spiral continued on Awkward Season 3 Episode 14, as she alienated everyone around her.

Post Breakup Fallout

By the end, Jenna was able to screw over just about any goodwill she’s ever had from anyone aside from Val, and, sadly, the only person she’s going to be able to turn to in the future is Collin. Which is pretty scary considering how much we’ve seen of Collin now.

The guy is a bad seed. He’s pulling all the tried and true moves on Jenna, he always gives her an out, but he knows the position he stands in. He’s the shiny new boyfriend, and Jenna – who is now completely isolated – is much more willing to go along with him now.

We can no longer expect Jenna to make good decisions. Much like Lacey, she has broken my trust. She’s learning a hard lesson in keeping trust and trying to earn it back, but the sad reality is that Jenna still isn’t truly seeing herself. She’s deciding to accept this new path in life and go with it instead of realizing that her destructive behavior was quickly escalating.

Most of why Lacey put so much trust in Jenna comes back to what she said to her at the end of Awkward Season 1:

Jenna, you are the best part of me, because you're not me. You're better.


Lacey believed that Jenna, unlike her, could make the right choice. It’s why she cut her a break and it’s why she gave Jenna her phone back. When Lacey waited for Jenna to come, she knew instinctively that Jenna was making the same mistakes she did and it’s the final confirmation we need that Jenna has taken a turn for the worst: when even Lacey isn’t liking Jenna’s behavior.

Sadie’s quick wit and cutting words were a welcome haven as Jenna continued heading to the bad place and I found Sadie even more relatable and likeable because she’s the only one who’s ready to say the things Jenna wants to hear.

There’s a key difference between the two characters, though, as Jenna is cutting everyone away Sadie is finding herself just wanting someone to grab onto.

Sadie’s mother is a complete train wreck, so much so that Ally looks like a parenting miracle. Ally, at least, is packing a terrible lunch for Sadie, dropping her off at school and providing a roof over her head. Sadie’s mother is off doing her own thing and only pulling her along when it’s convenient.

Finally, there was Matty’s priceless reaction to Jenna:

Jenna: No, this is me. They should mind their own business, and, frankly, so should you. So go back to slumming it with your rebound skank.
Matty: And get your facts straight Jenna, I was slumming it with you.

It’s about time he finally stood up for himself. He’s allowed Jenna to play with his heart all season and he’s done more than his share to win her back.

What are your thoughts? How far is Jenna going to spiral? Are Matty and Devon heading towards being a couple?


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Collin is so annoying and gross. That scene where he tries to come on to Jenna at school was cringeworthy. At least they used a cool song then ("Who Knows" by Beginners). Obviously Collin is bringing out the worst in Jenna and that's probably going to make for some more interesting story lines i just wish they had a character that wasn't so douchey to play this role


I just wanna.say shes.mad.because.matty got over her so fast yet she was making.out.with the guy she.cheated.on him with tsk tsk tsk hypocrite


While I'm no wild child like Jenna is, if I came home to my mom crying like that she'd at least hear me out and lecture me to death. It was a wasted opportunity, imo (just like the person said below me). Overall, the episode was okay. Jenna had no right to call Matty's new girl a sl*t after what she did. And has no right to tell him that he was fast to move on, when she was already dating someone else.


Lets cut Colin some slack. He's a self-absorbed 16 year old, and for all his sexual and intellectual appeal, Jenna and he haven't really connected on an emotional level. It's understandable that he finds himself out of his depth when it comes to dealing with Jenna's 'fixation' with her friends, specially as he doesn't really know them. It's Jenna who hasn't had life experience enough to realize what an amazing support system she had, and what she's really throwing away.
What I do agree was missing is knowing what she was really thinking after having sex with Colin that way. I don't know. I think I could postpone any censure for my teenage daughter for breaking rules if she came to me with a tear stricken face and needed to talk. This was a great opportunity wasted. Just fed Jenna's rebellion many-fold.


I have been in Jenna's position and it was brutal. I lost my parents trust and had to work really hard to gain it all back. That being said I'm glad they are showing the rebellious side of her because almost everyone goes through it.

@ tallyWIZ

I agree that rebellion is a common thing in high school but am disappointed that the writers took the Colin an Jenna sex act to the point they did. (Repeating myself). Jenna giving in just to hold on to her Colin so soon after breakup sends bad message. Just wish we could have heard what she felt after fact. This show was # 1 rated for tween crowd and know it seems to be sending rough messageDissatisfaction with writing but can't wait till next week. Close your legs Jenna!


Enjoyed this episode.Thought we saw a brief glimpse of the old Jenna after Matty encounter.She can't figure out how Matty could be seeing someone so soon? Sex scene with Colin was bad yet telling.Colin goes right to texting when Jenna first thinks they shouldn't . But even worst Jenna tells her self that if she wants to keep him then she has to give him what he wants. Bad message writers. Colin will not last but Iam afriad she has ruined any chance of fixing things with Matty. More Sadie.


Great episode 10/10 one of the best of the whole show


OMG this episode was amazing I loved that Jenna basically lost everyone's trust in this ep and she has to prove to them that she can be trusted I mean she did everything that someone rebellious does drugs stealing sneaking out ditching school and now the only person she has left is Collin who may I say is a bad influence on her I loved the scene with her mom losing her trust I mean it's a side of Lacey that we have never seen before and I think the performance from her in that scene was amazing also Sadie believe it or not in her own way is trying to help Jenna but I think she's so annoyed at her and wants to help her but she knows she can't and I'm very happy Tamara and Jake did not break up would've been unnecessary. And the return of Aunt Ally was great and we actually saw that she can In some way be a responsible parent

@ Kevin Falk

I too enjoy a little rebellious behavior but think the writers took things to far. Still wondering if her tears after sex with Colin were because she felt forced into to hold on to Colin or her luv of Matty. Realy wanted to hear what she would have said to Mom had she not sent her to see dad. And what was dads reaction. Must not have been to bad because we see her back with Colin and the smoke in car.Still want Matty to save her once she sees what Colin really is. Humble Matty is good.

Spindae 2o

a really strong episode. Was really surprised by the developments. This season is really strong. Can't wait for next weeks episode.

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Awkward Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Sadie: Collin is gonna leave you high and dry just like you did with Matty. What goes around comes around, and karma’s a bitch.
Jenna: Is that why you’re broke and homeless?

Honestly, I’m shocked and thrilled that you’re transferring.