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So you’re watching television about not watching television. That’s really smart.


Sadie: I don’t know what’s worse: living with a budget or living with a bitch.
Lissa: I’d say the budget, you live with yourself every day.

Jenna: No, this is me. They should mind their own business, and, frankly, so should you. So go back to slumming it with your rebound skank.
Matty: And get your facts straight Jenna, I was slumming it with you.

Ally: And you, little bitch, are the best argument for abortion.
Sadie: Agreed!

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I’m gonna smother her with a pillow tonight.


Sadie: Collin is gonna leave you high and dry just like you did with Matty. What goes around comes around, and karma’s a bitch.
Jenna: Is that why you’re broke and homeless?

Honestly, I’m shocked and thrilled that you’re transferring.

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