How I Met Your Mother Review: What Rhymes With Canada?

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Marshall and little Marvin boarded a bus and got back on the road, to kick off the latest How I Met Your Mother episode.

To keep his son's temper from climbing, Marshall spent the entire half hour flashing back while rhyming.

Marshall's first tale was about Ted the professor who - when asked out by an attractive colleague - did his best to impress her. The writers may catch some heat for their softball player generalization, but Ted having to know which Yankee she dated was an accurate response to the situation.

Bedtime Stories Scene

It ended up Ted's dinner was on the right side of the meridian, but his bubble burst when he learned Barney had already been with the sexy Floridian.

So many great things about this girl. Her boobs, her rack, her chest.


James Van Der Beek made a surprise appearance on How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 11.

Watching Robin take a bite out of his wedding cake looked like buttercream heaven. As she finished off everything save for the little groom and bride in her gown, I couldn't believe she didn't have some milk to help her wash it all down.

Elsewhere, we learned about Barney and his League of Players and he accepted yet another challenge in the face of naysayers.

Barney was in usual form, his jokes numerous and witty. None were better than when he anointed himself the Player King of New York City. Ted took his advice and got over his gripe with King James. He did so in time to get the girl at the bar and beat Barney in one of hisown games.

The most impressive rhyme of the night came from the bus, when a pairing for Canada was thought up and delivered by the guy across the aisle named Gus. It was nice to get a break from the events at the Farhampton Inn; getting to see the gang together in their booth telling stories, was a definite win.

For some, tonight's rhyme-fest may have produced a yawn. But it reminded me of those beloved seasons that have already come and gone.

Was it a good episode for you or the chain's weakest link? Be sure to write in and share what you think.


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Loved the episode actually. Funniest one of the year.


I liked the flashbacks (really, how can one weekend fill an entire season? ). Seeing the gang all together at the bar reminds me why I like this show. Maybe it's just me, but I found the rhyming gimmick kind of annoying. I agree with other comments - less road trip, more mother, please!


Good episode. Glad we got away from the Farhampton Inn this episode. The whole rhyming was interesting and the guy sitting next to Marshall on the bus was funny. Can't wait till the next episode.


Good job with the rhymes, Chris! :)
good episode as well


We're 11 episodes into the FINAL season & Marshall still hasn't been reunited with the rest of the crew & we've barely seen the mother? Ridiculous. I realize this season (for whatever reason) is being told over the span of the weekend, but come on! An entire episode based on getting Marvin to fall asleep & Marvin's first memory? Who cares?!


as if the show hadn't jumped the shark this entire season, this just sent the definition of atrocious to an all new level. i really want to find out who i can voice my complaints to about what they have done with this show, but it has become UNWATCHABLE. it is so bad, i cant believe this is how the writers want to go out. i might be done watching the show after those antics Monday night. the only question i have is, do these 5 actors actually enjoy this work? i mean how can they have any self respect left at this point, acting in such a stupid sit-com, and this being the final season. We are now 11 episodes into the final season, and they still continue to waste the plot on this ridiculous story line from the wedding, and not focus on what everyone cares about: HOW TED MET THEIR MOTHER!!! I'm disgusted.

@ marc

that all said, nice job Chris, in bringing it all together with a rhyming recap!


The first good episode in the whole season! I loved the fact that Barney and Robin appeared as individual human beings and not as a stupid and cheesy couple. I loved that we got to see the gang sitting and talking relaxed in the bar. I loved that the whole farhampton inn didn't appear. I loved the rhyming thing.
And I loved When Marshall said: "What memories, our young happy hearts were hot as fire, feels like a lifetime since those days"
I miss them too. I hope next episodes will be like this one (not in the rhyming but in the content).


Writing this review in rhyme is commendable! I found this episode greatly enjoyable. This season, I've always enjoyed the flashbacks. The reason: whole wedding weekend thing kinda drags. Thanks for this awesome review. Next week I'll read from you.


I never really cared about how Ted met his wife. I think finding out what Barney job is more interesting


Great episode, getting whole script that rhymes is not an easy task and the reviewer doing the same is commendable. Also the actor that plays gus in this also played alvie in house m.d. He was the rapping room mate he had in the rehabilitation center.

@ Ahmed

Awesome! I'm glad someone else noticed that too!

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How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 11 Quotes

Barney: The international dateline, that's right new theory. What's that you ask?
Ted: Nobody did
Barney: I'll now address your query.

There is no girl too pretty. For I am Barney Stinson, Player King of New York City.