Revenge Review: Best Kept Secrets

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With Emily and Daniel's wedding rapidly approaching on Revenge - and the deadline for her revengenda to be complete - things are getting a little more difficult for Ms. Thorne.

Considering all the stumbling blocks in her way, I'm beginning to wonder if Emily's going to be able to pull this off. Seriously, Revenge is even bringing people back from the dead to thwart this mission.

Surprise, surprise! Lydia Davis lives! And that wasn't even the biggest reveal of Revenge Season 3 Episode 8.

Hard to Forget

Mother dearest, Victoria Grayson, is pulling out all the stops to see that this wedding doesn't take place. While she does have a sixth sense about Emily's motives for marrying Daniel, the levels to which she's stooping to stop this ceremony are becoming more and more desperate by the week. 

Tonight she all but begged Sara to go against her morals and pursue a relationship with Daniel. Sara seemed to be trying not to be a homewrecker despite Daniel's repeated texts and Victoria's urgings all because of an Emotional-Emily moment at the Farmer's Market. 

As a backup plan to prove to Sara that Emily's a gold-digger, which is not a direction that makes sense since Emily clearly has enough of her own money to be keeping Daniel afloat right now, Victoria dug up Emily's first husband and brought him into the bridal shower as a surprise "This Is Your Life" guest to show Daniel that there's much he does not know about his intended.

Rohan, however, is an old friend of Emily's. The two of them studied at the Takeda School of Revenging together and as such were prepared to handle whatever Victoria tossed out. Once again, Emily handled herself in such a way that only served to make Victoria look bad.

Two points to Emily!

Victoria, however, was, once again, three steps ahead of everyone. As always.

Earlier in the week, Conrad took Daniel into the city to show him the Grayson mancave shag pad and hand over the keys to that kingdom. He boasted that none of the Grayson women had any idea the apartment existed and that the butler would behave with utmost discretion. He bragged about the many secretaries with whom he'd had dalliances and completely telegraphed Lydia's return by name-dropping her as one of his mistresses.

Then he gave Daniel some Grayson-esque marriage advice.

Contrary to what they say, the secret to staying happily married is secrecy.


Conrad, however, forgot that Victoria had been the other woman and that she's not stupid enough to believe that he would have sold the place. So when she presented Emily with the phone number to the house and the butler confirmed that Daniel was at the apartment with Sara, Emily knew she had to move forward with plan I'm-not-even-sure-there-are-that-many-letters. 

Seriously. Haven't we run through the entire alphabet by now? And then started over with double letters?

When Daniel returned home after his moment with Sara, Emily handed over a tiny blue box and announced that she's pregnant!

She's probably not pregnant. (Right? Right. She cannot be pregnant. We would've seen that coming in some way other than this one.)

The baby, however, will make Daniel stick around at least long enough for Emily and Aiden to fake Emily's death, frame Victoria and escape to the Maldives. 

Sidenote: Remember when Aiden was reading a book about the Maldives and Victoria told him to stop reading about the Maldives and do the job she was paying him to do a few weeks ago? I feel like that's a clue of some sort telling us that even if Emily and Aiden do make it to the Maldives, it won't be long before someone finds them there. That's my theory anyway.

In other baby and Aiden news, Charlotte needed Aiden's help dealing with a creep who was trying to blackmail her and Aiden used the moment as an opportunity to strut his proud peacock feathers in front of Jack by beating the daylights out of the guy outside the Stowaway. A move which prompted Jack to pay Emily a visit because the writers are clearly trying to steer Jack and Emily back in each other's direction. 

After Jack learned that Aiden would be leaving with Emily, the jealousy flared up within him and it was visible. Emily's desire to prove to herself and to Nolan, and thereby to Jack, that she is in love with Aiden was also visible in that awkward and forced kiss she planted on him in Nolan's kitchen. 

At this point, the only person who is really all in on Emily and Aiden is Aiden. While Emily tried to convey to Jack that yes, she does know what she's doing with Aiden, it was clear that she was trying to convince herself as well as him.

She doesn't love Aiden. She has and will always love Jack, no matter how preposterous his comparing 8-year old Amanda who wouldn't tell him her shooting star wishes to present-day, grown woman EManda who won't let him in might have been. And that was definitely preposterous.

Emily just doesn't think Jack wants her and doesn't see a way for the two of them to be together. Yet. His "I could never hate you, and not for lack of trying" is going a long way to fix that, though.

But Margaux's still in the picture. And apparently she can resurrect the dead.

How - HOW - is Lydia Davis still alive? HOW? Of all the crazy and preposterous things we've seen on this show, this might take the cake as the most soap opera of them all. I can't wait to see how they explain her return.  

Lydia is an excellent source to dish on all things Grayson, and Margaux definitely wants the dirt. I can't wait to see the look on Victoria's face when Lydia walks into Grayson Manor once again.

What did you think of Revenge Season 3 Episode 8? Do you get the feeling that Emily and Jack are coming back together? What do you think of Lydia Davis' return from the dead?


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Nolan should be dressed better than he already is.Wearing a Dior homme summer beige jacket from Hedi Slimane's 2005 collection is okay but there's better stuff to wear in actual collection;-)


I still don't want Jack and Ems together. Loved how Aiden called what they have "puppy love". Jack finding out about Emily's plans with Aiden was sooo awesome. Jealous much ? Victoria is getting more desperate. Ems, a gold digger ? REALLY ? Sarah, go before you get killed lol ! Conrad is as despicable as always ! Were the Grayson men so oblivious and stupid ? Of course the wives knew ! It takes a lot to be married to a Grayson ! The look on Victoria's face when she gave that card to Ems... and then Ems telling Daniel she's preggers. Now Victoria is going to see right through that ! I usually don't like that pregnant card, and hoped she wouldn't use it, but she did, and that might be the only thing keeping Daniel close. Sarah and him should be together. But that will not be happening any time soon.
Charlotte's Grayson side has finally bloomed !
Nolan, still fabulous.
Lydia is back ? WTF !!!! She was "dead" ! Margaux... bad move.


clearly Nolan ..gets better and better at fashion ...n damn I almost believed Emily has let go of Jack n is in for aiden now.
as for Charlotte ..she's starting to.prove that she is a real #greyson.
after all she brought Sara in the picture...good game Charlotte!!


Treadwell got conned into making a phony confession on the promise he could tell the real story if anyone would believe him after a phony confession!


I have to say I like the confrontation Jack and Emily had towards the end of the episode... where he questioned if Aiden was good enough for her and where she told Jack he didn't really know her anymore. Whatever they had as kids was a long time ago. So I like that the writers tried to keep it real. However, it's obvious that they've also had chemistry since Day 1 of being bcd i each others lives as adults--even way before Jack knew who Emily really was. So their attraction is obviously more than just puppy love! Oh but it was so fun to watch Aiden make that jab about it only being puppy love! Every scene so far with Jack and Aiden have been electric! Great acting, guys!!! :)


Now that Jack knows Emily's secret AND that all the men in Emily's life (except Daniel) are hanging out and interacting with each other.... boy oh boy it's soooooo good! Nolan is fabulous always (natch).


I must say, this was one of my favorite episodes of season 3 thus far! I love all the sparks flying between Aiden and Jack, both fighting over Emily. How delicious! And Jack finally learning Emily was with Aiden and being jealous about them running off together made me giddy. I don't even see Margaux as competition. Please!


I think Victoria already knows that Lydia is alive. Just like Victoria survived the crash, so did Lydia. The crash was probably just some ploy to make people THINK they had died so they could safely be in Witness Protection or something. Only.... Lydia did a better job at staying hidden and pretending to be dead this whole time--Victoria could only last so long in the Catskills!


What happened to last weeks roundtable for Revenge? I hope its not going to be skipped AGAIN this week, because this episode was stellar!


I think Emily really does get shot (don't know by whom), and Emily will use that emergency beacon on her watch to summon help. Emily could then still disappear as planned, but won't because Charlotte will get framed (gun bought with her laptop). Emily will not want Charlotte to go down for murder, so Emily will have to stick around. Emily will be mad at Aiden when she finds out he used Charlotte's laptop to buy the gun, and that is how that relationship will end. I don't want them to end, but I am seriously worried the writers are going to make Jemily the end game.

@ Sophia

I demand that she wind up with Jack...sorry if that upsets you.Aiden sees nothing wrong with sacrificing Jack or Nolan or Charlotte and that should be his downfall.

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