Supernatural Review: Down to Earth

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Ezekiel’s ultimatum in Supernatural Season 9 Episode 3 kicked Castiel to the curb for fear of putting everyone at risk in the bunker.

I still don’t quite understand the logic, especially if Sam and Dean want to help protect their friend. It makes sense to have Castiel in close proximity rather than running out and coincidentally being able to save him from killer angels.

It’s not like the angels are going to stop, and the revelation that the spell of casting them out of Heaven is irreversible means those feathered soldiers of God are going to have plenty of time to take out their anger on the graceless Castiel. It’s going to be tough to fight back when you’ve got no powers and Sam and Dean aren’t around.

I wonder how long he can stay away before it becomes necessary to bring him back into the fold.

Castiel with a Job

Supernatural Season 9 Episode 6 followed up from Castiel's banishment from the Men of Letters lair and established his employment, his new name Steve (in the purple striped shirt, he could have worked on Blue’s Clues) and a continuation of his adaptation as a human.

Unfortunately, he’s stuck cleaning “accidents” in the bathroom and babysitting. Being human is tough work, but his resilience and good natured personality does ring true even at his worst of times.

And that includes trying to fight off a special kind of angel who helps those in pain by obliterating them into a pink nothing. He was a rather creepy character, but one taken care of really easily.

He definitely reiterated how human Castiel is and fighting angels becomes a lot more complicated.

Thank goodness Dean was in town to slide that angel blade across the floor so Castiel could take out the pink angel.

And I’m glad Dean was the one who went to see Castiel, especially since it was his decision to send him packing. That said, I was a little surprised at how the whole matter wasn’t really discussed besides a “sorry” and “good job adapting.” It just felt too simple in a matter that’s way more complicated.

Sure, the scene where Dean was helping Castiel prepare for his date was humorous and sweet, and I liked how he recruited his old pal into helping try and solve the case. But after it all, to send him back right into the store because he’s human and the angels aren’t really his problem anymore?

So what happens when another angel shows up and Dean and Sam aren’t around? As much as the learning to be human story line is interesting, it’s still hard to understand why he can’t do that with the Winchester brothers.

Back at the lair, Sam and Kevin were left to bargain with the King of Hell to translate portions of the tablet even the prophet couldn’t read.

Of course, any scene with Crowley will have its fun sarcastic wit, and the bloody phone call was perfect for that, including getting put on hold and transferred. I wonder if demon calls get 4G?

And yet... Abaddon has quickly been scooping up souls and taking command. Crowley seems already to be a thing of the past, and all tied up in the bunker isn’t looking to change anytime soon. But what the heck was he doing when Sam was spying on him? And is he the same Crowley he used to be or did the humanity that began to show in Supernatural Season 8 Episode 23 really change him more than anyone realized?

At least Sam and Kevin learned the angel spell is irreversible. Maybe there’s some other way to fix the problem? It's not a good revelation for the Winchesters but I'm sure they'll figure something out, right?

As much as this was a return back to the main storyline not much really changed or moved forward except for a few bits and pieces. The angels are still everywhere, Castiel is by himself as a human, Sam has no idea about Ezekiel, Crowley is still locked up, and the brothers are nowhere near closer to finding a solution amidst all their problems.

It was an OK hour, but I wasn't wowed or engrossed throughout. I'm just hoping the series kicks itself back into gear and gives us more like Supernatural Season 9 Episode 1 and less Supernatural Season 9 Episode 5.

There's just so much potential in all the current elements laid out for this season that I'd hate for it to be squandered and end up a meandering mess.


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Dean didn't send Cas away, Ezekiel did. So don't bash Dean for tryin' to save his brother's life.
Jenson's expression when the lil' girl explained kind of bummed meaning was priceless.
Crowley was awesome as per ush. Hopefully he will be more utilized in this season than happening now.


Why does it not make sense for Cas to be as far away from the bunker as possible? It makes perfect sense to me. He has a price on his head and having him there is way too big of a security risk. It sucks that Dean didn't at least give him a few bucks before he sent him packing though. And he was rather rude to Cas the entire time he was there working on the case. I expected more from you, Dean Winchester. Anyway, human Cas storyline was OK but the really good stuff was the Crowley bits for me. Mark Sheppard is just brilliant, and Jared Padalecki really shines when the two of them have scenes together. It's always a treat to see these two play against one another. Sheppard is so good at making you sympathize with Crowley that you almost forget what a prick he is. Sam discovering Crowley injecting Kevin's blood was a huge moment. He now knows he has Crowley exactly where he wants him, that his humanity is still there and I'm really looking forward to seeing how he exploits that knowledge.


This was a decent enough episode. I do have certain issues though. I really don't like that Cas has been sent off to fend for himself. I imagine the Winchesters have protection from Angels finding them. Can't Cas get another protection tattoo or carry a hex bag or something. I think Dean was kind of a douche about sending Cas out.
I am a bit confused as to what Crowley was doing, but I admit I am interested. I also can't stand Abaddon. I'd much rather Crowley be the King of Hell. And if Crowley ever does get set free, who do you think he's going to go after first?
My husband made a good point in asking how Cas was able to get a job without any real credentials. He'd have had to apply for that position and show actual ID. Also, did Sam have an actual license in his name that he was able to wed Becky as Sam Winchester?
I suppose these are things we aren't supposed to pay attention to. And what did happen to Cas's host Jimmy?


Sorry, not a bad show lastnight. Didn't watch until after midnight on DVR.


How long is Crowly going to be kept locked up in that room? I guess demons don't have to use the bathroom. Not a bad show tonight.


Well it makes sense that the Angel can't return back to Heaven. I guess there taking note from the Book of Revelations. Earth as the battle ground. God is on earth along with the Angels and Demons. I think they are going to reroute to season 5 when Lucifer told Dean that is wear he was going to end up. Zeke could be Lucifer or a supporter of Lucifer. That is probably the reason why he doesn't want Cas around because he probably can sense something is off. I missed the old Crowely and I wish this show would get to the point. It's dragging!


Was Crowley injecting himself with Kevin's blood or Sam's? Is he trying to get his humanity back....did he like that feeling and wants more of it? Why else would he want human blood? Sam didn't seem concerned enough to run in and stop him.


This sucks! I want Castiel back at the bunker! What kind of crappy friend is Dean by saying, oh sorry and nice to see you adapting. Was that Sam's blood Crowley was injecting himself with?


I loved every scene with Crowley in it. And yes, I do think we're being given hints that the brush with humanity has changed him. Can't wait to see how that plays out. Now, don't get me wrong, I adore Mischa and can't get enough Castiel, but I too am getting seriously puzzled over where this plot line is going. They need to bring it to some kind of head soon. Angels going after a very human Cass is not really much of an attention grabber. And just out of interest, what is Cass's human host doing? He had a life and a family, if I recall? With Cass being human now, has he taken over completely or has the real human just disappeared?


Someone pointed out in the last episode that all the Rogue Reapers have been sent to watch the Winchesters in order to find Cass. So if Cass is with them, then it'd be easy for Bartholomew to get to him, hence Ezekiel's concern. Although yeah, that didn't seem like much of a problem in this episode.

@ Blue Sunflower

I too wondered about Cass's human host Jimmy. Has he just disappeared? Is he no longer in existence?

@ Shannon

In season 4x ep 20.. He died and gave his body to Castiel so he wouldn't take his daughter Claire. So now Jimmy's body is all Castiel's.I believe that episode is on reruns tomorrow on TNT.. But I might be off by one day.
Hope this helps

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I am pretty sure she's not a reaper intent on killing me. And she's asked asked me out. Going on dates, that's something that humans do, right?


Do you have any idea how hard it was when I fell to Earth? I didn't just lose my powers. I lost everything.