The Mentalist Preview: Who Is Red John?

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I just watched The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 8, aptly titled "Red John." Sorry... but don't you wish you were me right now?

Seriously, though, I'm still catching my breath. And although I can't reveal Red John's identity or disclose his fate, I can tease you with a few bits of information.

Of course if you truly want to be completely spoiler free, please stop reading now!

Jane's On His Knees

Here's what you can expect to find out this Sunday night...

  • Red John will be revealed.
  • Patrick Jane will come face to face with his nemesis.
  • More than one Red John suspect will die.
  • More than one member of the (former?) CBI team will end up in cuffs.
  • Jane's sofa isn't the only thing missing at the CBI offices.
  • Who lost a foot in the explosion at Jane's home is still a mystery.
  • Someone utters the line, "Sometimes I think you like being helpless." Who says it and to whom might surprise you.
  • A member of the team walks away. Will it be for good?

Are you excited for the biggest Mentalist Season 6 episode to date? Heck, the biggest Mentalist episode of all-time?

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The Mentalist Season 6 airs Sundays at 10/9c on CBS.

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Just watched it as well, still thinking over stuff, can't believe the hunt is over... Still hard to realize...


OMG!!! I read this post yesterday and got reallllllyyyy curious about how did you get the episode before everyone else, so.... I started to google the episodes link and... TODAY I FINALLY FOUND IT!! I just watched the episode and I can garantee you that is EPIC!!! I want to shout out loud who red john is, but I'm going to respect the users that really want to expect til the right time to get the revelation! The episode was intense, deep, and exciting! The revelation moment is such a blast with a great twist!! You will be really surprised! :)))
Totally worth the waiting time! OMG OMG OMG OMG I am impressed til now! :O
I have to confess: It was such a great time, really fun and entertaining when we were all together trying to find out who red john is, making such creative and intelligent theories about that, discuting and collecting evidences, putting the pieces together and concluding things, making descoveries... I guess that it was he best part of the hunt! Now that the discovery was made I'm gonna miss this... I'm not sorry or sad that the hunt is over and red john finally got what he deserves, but I'm sad that maybe we have no longer conspiracy or theories to made... :( I hope that heller continue the series exploring the blake association and other stuff like this so we can continue exploring the our mentalist sides! LOL
But I'm glad that FINALLY the day was come and Patrick could shut down this chapter of his life! Now, I expect that his revenge was set him free, but I suspect that It won't be like that... I don't know..

@ iarant

It's seem you have seen other version of the episode than a lot of people, which are speaking about it in web...


I have wanted Red John to the Sheriff McAllister so I really hope he is. I hope this show is great, I think The Mentalist is the best show and I love all the characters. I also think it will be very interesting to see where the show goes from here.


I come to this site often and read the comments but rarely post. Most of the posters here are polite to one another even when they disagree but over this weekend commenters I've never seen before feel the need to come and voice their hate of an episode most of us haven't seen. To those who dare voice an opposing opinion they ridicule or call names. They've even gone so far as to insult the reviewers both here and on other sites and try to post spoilers and links to the unaired show. It's very sad that some supposed "fans" have to tear down the show or viewers who disagree with their opinion. Hopefully after Sunday night they'll disappear as quickly as they popped up and the rest of us can go back to reading about discussing our show.


Well, I haven't seen the episode yet, but if Patrick "defeats" RJ with "what everyone" says he does.....I am going to be rolling on the floor laughing at the stupidity of the writer and his conclusion of this story plot. I am hoping it plays better on screen then what I have heard....but I doubt it. LOL


So the leaked episode was real after all. What a let down. The members of the press who have watched and reviewed this episode have lost all credibility; how come no one who wasn't a press member liked the episode? Not one person, yet Americ, Christine, and Justyna all liked it. First, CBS revealed the identity of Red John in that stupid promo, and now they have bribed these reviewers to lie about the quality of the episode that we have been waiting for; what a shame!


I have a question to Kirkland .... why did the kill the guy in 5x18 in the hospital when he could identify RJ? He asked the guy if he had seen him before and he said no ... was this the conformation for Kirkland that he had not seen his twin brother ... and this was all he wanted to know from him?


Surely this can't be the real deal. None of it makes a damned bit of real sense and none of it has the intelligence of a "Three's Company" rerun. One hundred clues that were supposed to be adding up to something then a list of seven ransoms, a bunch of freaking pigeons and a whole steaming load of b.s. This show will be canceled faster than you can say "epic fail"


I stopped watching this thing long ago, after the mentalist became a depressing amoral buffoon. However, I thought I could go back for an evening just know who Red John is. Thanks for the alert.


Are the actors of Rigsby/Van Pelt staying until the season is over or are they out after "Red John"?

@ Nicole

Surely it would be too expensive to shoot more than 1 ending?

@ Nicole

They are leaving. It will be explained, as per spoilers in TV Guide, but they are leaving the series.

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