The Mentalist Preview: Who Is Red John?

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I just watched The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 8, aptly titled "Red John." Sorry... but don't you wish you were me right now?

Seriously, though, I'm still catching my breath. And although I can't reveal Red John's identity or disclose his fate, I can tease you with a few bits of information.

Of course if you truly want to be completely spoiler free, please stop reading now!

Jane's On His Knees

Here's what you can expect to find out this Sunday night...

  • Red John will be revealed.
  • Patrick Jane will come face to face with his nemesis.
  • More than one Red John suspect will die.
  • More than one member of the (former?) CBI team will end up in cuffs.
  • Jane's sofa isn't the only thing missing at the CBI offices.
  • Who lost a foot in the explosion at Jane's home is still a mystery.
  • Someone utters the line, "Sometimes I think you like being helpless." Who says it and to whom might surprise you.
  • A member of the team walks away. Will it be for good?

Are you excited for the biggest Mentalist Season 6 episode to date? Heck, the biggest Mentalist episode of all-time?

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The Mentalist Season 6 airs Sundays at 10/9c on CBS.

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If the leaked episode is real and not fake.....I stand by my words saying that TM was never a great work of art or intelligence. Just good entertainment. We will know the truth Sunday.


I don't care what the haters say this show is a great work of art and intelligence for those of us that have intelligence

@ Michael

He is right. You won't be saying that after Sunday

@ Michael

Let's see if you're singing the same tune after Sunday. I saw the leaked episode and it was a stinker. Hopefully, it was a fake episode meant as a gag by Heller to throw people off the big reveal. I'm going to re-watch Sunday on the off chance it was. However, if it was the real reveal, you will be shocked ... but only by the bad acting, cheesy dialogue and massive plot holes. Bad to bone bad. Did I say bad? Baaaaaaaad !!!! You've been warned. :-|


If there's one thing I can't tolerate,it's cheap imitation of RJ' work .

@ jarosedlak

LOL! The best review this leaked episode can get! :)


Yes, I have heard about the leak. So wish it didn't happen but it did. I still plan to watch Sunday, but will reserve all of my comments until then. I will say, I was not too hopeful from the beginning that this would be a good, satisfying ep, so I will not be as let down as others. I never thought that TM was this great mystery, or well written show as a lot of people did. Entertaining, yes....a great "work of art and intelligence" NO.


I think Rigsby and Grace end up in handcuffs and Cho walks away. Lisbon takes another job. I don't know why Jane goes on the run but he does. I hope after Red John is killed and the dust settles that the team gets back together and works together again. I can't wait to find out who Red John is. I loved the Red John story line. I love the Mentalist.


Also think that one of the former member of the CBI will be in cuffs is those that followed Red John! FBI will recognize their mistakes and let the CBI good agents like Cho in.


Do you all think that they pull the guns on Agent Abbott before or suppose that they are in handcuffs or after? As the FBI and former CBI are going to have to come to a truce. And work together.


not very good. watched the leak. really hope it's a decoy. huge let down.


It already leaked ad people have watched it and they are really disappointed not so much in the RED JOHN himself in the lack of explaining at all and the wasted time they send on the new character at the CBI. Heller messed up. Too rushed too little preparation. I won't spoil it for anyone though


I took think Rigsby and Grace are handcuffs and Cho walks away As for Jane I believe he will go on the run and Lisbon will become 2nd in command at the new FBI place

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