Watch Family Guy Season 12 Episode 6 Online: Who Died?!?

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Did that really happen on Family Guy?

The animated series promised a significant death heading into Family Guy Season 12 Episode 6 and then it went right ahead and delivered... much to the chagrin of Brian fans.

Yup, Seth MacFarlane and company went there. They killed off Brian. And they broke Stewie's time machine so he can't go back and rescue his pal. AND they replaced Stewie with Vinnie. Yes, already.

Did you catch this shocking episode? Relive it in its entirety now. And have a box of tissues present when you do:

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dear seth mcfarlen
fuck you fuck your mom get your fucken ass to work to bring back brian asshole

@ giggity're being so hard/harsh on Seth MacFarlane. And, you know what...I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YA'!!!!! Killing off Brian is clearly the STUPIDEST thing that Seth has ever done!!!!! Seth had better correct this and bring Brian back...AND FAST!!!!! Bottom Line: Family Guy is NOTHING without Brian!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!


Rest in PEACEā™„


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"AND they replaced Stewie with Vinnie." Wait, what?


Family Guy Season 12 Episode 6 Quotes

Peter: Aren't you supposed to be running?
Chicken: Don't talk to me. You have a bad reputation in the chicken community.

Dammit Brian, you can't die! We were gonna do so many things together! We were gonna become windsurfers! I was gonna be a little better than you, but we were both gonna be good.