Gossip Girl Rewatch: Seventeen Candles

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Man, it was hard to come off of Victor/Victrola and expect another five-star episode, but "Seventeen Candles" definitely put forth some great effort.

Gossip Girl season 1 Episode 8 featured Queen Blair's 17th birthday. There was sake, Guitar Hero, exes, metaphorical butterflies, and a priest. Let's break it down.

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As every person who ever watched Gossip Girl (and some who probably haven't) can recall, Blair Waldorf lost her virginity to Chuck Bass at the end of Gossip Girl season 1 episode 7. It was in a limo, it was to Sum 41's "With Me," and it was after a night of drinking and stripping at a burlesque club. It was awesome.

The next morning the emotional hangover set in...Blair just let her barely ex-boyfriend's best friend swipe her V-card. In Blair's eyes, and most other people's, Nate is the saint and Chuck his devilish counterpart. I really loved Blair's theatrics at confession and asking the priest if he granted birthday wishes.

Leave it to Blair to wear a funeral net headband to that confession only to replace it for big Audrey Hepburn glasses when she shrugged her guilty conscience.

Speak of the Devil and he doth appear - wearing his trademark scarf. Careful, B. Hell hath no fury like a Chuck Bass scorned.

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Chuck's limo rolls up, Blair expresses her distaste for him, and hell hath no fury like a Chuck Bass scorned. But there's one feeling that could overpower Chuck's rejection from Blair...his attraction to her. So alas, he ignored his dis-invitation to her party, picked up a very expensive necklace she wanted, and ended up the one being there at midnight when Nate wasn't.

As sad as Blair was, Nate did the right thing by not getting back together with her just because the Captain asked him to. It was a bold move for a 16-year-old kid to say "no parents, I will not give my ex girlfriend this huge ass ring even though she's totally in love with me and hot, because I'm not really in love with her. And PS dad you have a drug problem."

It just would've sucked a litlte less Blair and Nate communicated like a normal couple and Nate wasn't snapped hugging Jenny Humphrey outside the party. If Dan really truly was Gossip Girl that whole time, that was a nasty little midnight present he sent to Blair!

Dan was super busy for most of the episode juggling the women in his life. He and Serena had some pretty hardcore and sexy make-outs back in the day. Can someone crack a window in here? Damn! It's always awkward when the girlfriend and best female friend get to know each other. Each one is nervous and protective. I'm glad they made nice by the end, it's what was best for all parties.

So now Serena knows Blair made out with Chuck. Chuck admitted he had something resembling butterflies, and Nate blew off Blair's birthday. How will it all unfold? Check back in a few days for "Blair Waldorf Must Pie!"

Oh yeah, Rufus and Allison were there too. Does anyone care about that? Or about Allison mainly? No? Okay cool didn't think so. XOXO.


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I totally agree with you (I also loved your comment on 1x07, I could see that you are a real fan of the couple!).
In this episode you start to see a new aspect of Chuck's character. You see that under his "bold" and bastard cover he has a sweet heart. You watch him playing the part of a cold douche, but eventually you see his kindness. I absolutely adore when he admits he likes Blair. He's so cute when he tries with all his power to deny that feeling, because he's Chuck Bass, the ultimate womanizer, and he isn't supposed to feel that way.
Anyway, I loved this episode in general, and it's definitely one of my favorites of season 1, together with of course 1x07, 1x17 and 1x18...


Knowing that he hadn't even slept, and his sole mission was to find his flower to be with her showed Chuck as a romantic. His expressed jealousy during their talks and his generosity to give Blair what she wants, whatever that may be, just to be close to her is a sweetly seductive chase that was enjoyable to watch. It's unfortunate that you know that Blair feels love for both Nate and Chuck, but loving Chuck will be too scary to handle, and she will ultimately try to patch things up with Nate when given the opportunity and prompting, because I'm quite sure with Chuck's reputation, any girl would have reservations about falling so deeply in love with him, because you will ultimately be hurt and punished over and over again.

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Gossip Girl Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Yeah I'm sorry about that. But look, if you're done with Blair... be done. Don't cater to your parents wishes if they're not your desires.


Chuck: So, where is your head?
Nate: Spinning. I mean, my mom wants me to get back together with Blair so that Eleanor doesn't pull out of the business deal. It's because of my dad's whole trial thing, you know?

Gossip Girl Season 1 Episode 8 Music

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Song How Does It Feel Eskimo Joe
Song Radio Christiane The Virgins
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