Almost Human Review: Batteries Not Included

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Almost Human had serious competition tonight, going up against both The Bachelor premiere and the BCS National Championship game.

In light of both of those, it's honestly a wonder Fox decided to run with a new episode. Though I guess the argument could be made that there isn't much overlap among the three audiences, but still. It's interesting. 

Almost Human Season 1 Episode 7 was a solid, stand-alone episode for the series. It focused on Dorian and actually made me forget about the out-of-sequence airing which has plagued the freshman drama.

Is Kennex a Target?

One of the intriguing facets of the show is the question of what happens when the world's technology gets to the point where it's so easily used for crime. That was, not consequently, also one of the early draws to Fringe

Tonight centered on a rip-from-the-10-year-ago-headlines story of a police academy flunkie who targeted those who had rejected him by placing bomb collars around their necks and giving them tasks to complete in hopes that they might receive codes to deactivate their bombs. He also broadcasted their final moments on the Dark Net, an unmonitored Internet used specifically for the seedier side of online life. 

As viewers cheered him on, bad guy of the week Simon Lynch became more gleeful in his attempts to take the lives of those who'd wronged him.

Maybe his downfall was reading the comments? (That's a joke, you guys. I love your comments. Please feel free to leave them always and forever.)

The story was actually quite intriguing, but the writers killed a little bit of the drama by having Kennex and Dorian be successful at saving the second victim. 

Don't get me wrong. I'm not cheering for the death of innocent TV characters. But if the final act of an episode involves the lead character becoming a potential victim, the suspense needs to be there in order for viewers to buy in, and that suspense was lessened by the fact that Kennex and Dorian had already diffused one of the bombs. 

There was never any chance that Kennex was going to die. Exactly how he would be saved was questionable, but he was never in any real danger because we'd already seen them save one person. 

Simon did help give us a little insight into John Kennex, though. 

He's a man who is wrestling with his demons. Somewhere inside his joking exterior is a man who lost a partner and a team while his girlfriend Anna led the attack which cost him those lives. And no one around him seems willing to let him live that down, least of all Paul, who waits for any and every opportunity to bring up Kennex's shortcomings.

One of Kennex perceived shortcomings, at least to Paul, is his relationship with Dorian. 

To Paul, Dorian has been nothing more than a machine. When power outages threaten to shut down the city and require electricity rationing, Dorian is lower on the list than the standard issue MX-83s. The incomplete charge causes Dorian's personality to go a little haywire, which made for some pretty funny moments.

When Kennex was in trouble, Dorian's one objective was to save his partner. There wasn't a risk-analysis or self-preservation like the MX-83s displayed. 

There was simply "my partner is in trouble and here's how I can help." Despite the risk to himself, Dorian scaled the building with a low battery warning and bought Kennex at least a few seconds to diffuse the bomb around his neck by insuring that the trigger in Simon Lynch's hand wouldn't go off.

As a reward he was finally given the one thing he wanted: a place of his own. Sort of.

Instead of charging with the other synthetics, Dorian's home is now Rudy's lab. It isn't John's trophy room, but it'll have to do. And it'll give us more of the quirky doctor, so that's a bonus.

What did you think of Almost Human Season 1 Episode 7? Did you find the suspense surrounding Kennex' capture believable? What do you hope to see from the series in the remaining episodes?

Should Dorian get a place of his own?


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I wish they had included a part where malicious commenters of viewers of Simon would get a warning or something from the cops. I mean, yeah it's all words and all but saying "Bomb" on an airplane could get you kicked out so how's this that much different? Calling for blood can be perceived as a threat or at least a psychological imbalance.


As for Dorian, we've seen him flip a van, so we should certainly admire his restraint when he punched Paul since Paul still has his head attached to his body and his jaw isn't wired shut. More's the pity! Gotta love Paul picking at his MX about not getting his back and inability to climb the tower. Of course, with Ken-doll legs, the MX couldn't possibly make such a climb without one of them popping off.


I figured out why Kennex's ex-girlfriend Anna tried to nuke him! This episode provided the essential clues. See, Anna obviously wanted to get serious with Kennex, lovely fellow that he is, so she asked if maybe she could put a few clothes in his back room closet. Yep, the trophy room closet! Which he promptly dismissed as impossible, then began his never-ending discourse on his "white cheetah" glory days until she nodded off ala Dorian, causing Kennex to wake her up and start all over again. Argh! So, after listening to all of that and still being turned down on the closet space, she decided the man simply wasn't worth having and needed to go away. Now, was it necessary to blow him up? Not sure. I haven't had the misery of listening to the whole spiel, so can't judge. But I suspect it might have been legally justified as a matter of self-preservation.


Great episode! I can't believe its only 7 eps in! I love the show so much already. Dorian is outshining even the handsome Kennex :)


Good episode so glad the shows back. I loved the moments when Dorians emotions went haywire they were always funny. I didn't think they would save the second victim until they saved her. When Dorian was talking to Rudy about a place of his own I knew that Dorian was going to move in with him and not Kennex. Can't wait till the next episode it looks good.

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Almost Human Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

[to Dorian] You, uh, you get a little cranky when you don't get enough sleep, huh?


[to Dorian] Look, having your own space isn't all it's cracked up to be. Sure, you can build robotic butterflies to your heart's content, but it can get lonely. Really lonely.