Almost Human Review: Mr. Friendly

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Where Fringe began its run with technology that was clearly the brainchild of the show's creators - like encasing an entire bus in amber or birthing rapidly aging humans - Almost Human has come up with technology that seems almost too close to reality for comfort.

Tonight's case of the self-guided tracking bullet felt like it could be something very real and very deadly. That's one of the aspects about this series which is appealing. And frightening.

Almost Human Season 1 Episode 8 was the LAST of the out-of-order episodes. Finally. 

The Self-Guided Bullet

Originally, tonight's episode was slated to appear as the second outing of the Almost Human season 1. Having seen it now, I can make a case for its inclusion here as the eighth episode but ultimately still feel it should've remained in its original place. 

For starters, there was excellent character introduction and background in the beginning of the episode. Kennex at the anger management class and his interaction with Dorian following the meeting were nice glimpses into what and who John Kennex might be.

As was his shooting of the MX who wouldn't stop talking.

That's on par with the Kennex we met in episode 1. The Kennex we've seen over the past few weeks has softened somewhat toward both the synthetics, or at least regarding Dorian, and his job as a cop. 

Tonight's Kennex didn't see the machines as officers and seemed too arrogant and brash and newly returned to the force following the ambush that cost him his partner. 

He shot the MX with no hesitation and then called the machines "bullet catchers" instead of cops. For weeks now, we've seen him take a different tack with Dorian and we've watched as Dorian has repeatedly referred to himself as a cop. 

Then, in both the second shot of the self-guided bullet and in the shoot-out with the arms dealers, Dorian takes the bullets. He is a bullet catcher. But his sacrifice causes John to look differently at his synthetic partner. 

You know, kind of like the way he's been looking at Dorian for weeks now. 

Part of me understands why the producers waited to mention the ambush again if the plan is to end the season with that as the overarching story. But this wasn't the way to do it.

It's been what, weeks? months?, since Kennex and Dorian started working together. Why Maldonado would suddenly become concerned enough about the evidence locker Insyndicate was trying to break into to do something now is just silly.

She would've wanted to pursue finding whatever it was they were looking for when the raid first happened. So while it makes sense to renew the focus and bring everything back around to the ambush, this was a clunky way to do it.

Even Rudy's simple mention of the sexbots served as foreshadowing for something we'd already seen after the point at which we 1) know the character makes use of sexbots and 2) after the character has become more than just a mad scientist in a lab. 

So much about this has worked so poorly that if Almost Human fails, the producers will have no one to blame but themselves.

But not everything about tonight was awkward.

What did work about the placement of this episode was the budding relationship between Valerie and Kennex.

The two were a little too giddy and flirty for only the second episode in, so that placement actually made sense. 

Okay, so that was the only thing that really made sense. 

Having circled back around to the story presented in the first episode, I understand why the decision was made to shuffle the episodes, but I still wish the order hadn't been messed with quite so drastically. The flow of the season has been incredibly uneven because of the asynchronous storytelling.

But now we're done with all of that and in three weeks we'll come back to dig deeper into what happened during that ambush and how Kennex' girlfriend, Anna, was involved. Hopefully the resolution to season 1 makes the frustrations worth it.

What did you think of Almost Human Season 1 Episode 18? Are you ready to get back to the ambush and Insyndicate story lines?

Do you think tonight's episode worked as the eighth in the series or should it have been the second episode as it was originally intended?


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That tracking bullet is ridiculous and not even remotely possible (at least not anytime soon) Maybe you could get the bullet to alter its path slightly, but going around corners lolwut?

@ Tyler

While not possible ATM or in the near future, maybe at the highest levels by 2045, or shortly after. It likely wouldn't be much like a bullet, being propelled by an included, enclosed one shot burst; maybe more like a mini- guided missile, it can speed up and slow down to a small extent, and turns are possible to quite a few angles. Although it's propellant system would be a huge issue ATM, but maybe not in the future. The computer tracking system could easily be small with it connecting to a different source and using its resources to do the locating, controlling, etc meaning the projectile itself would simply need to contain its own controls, a communication system (with camera, and gps of course), and the propellant system. All of these other than the propellant system are already amazingly small ATM, and only getting smaller, especially as we break into new levels of nanometer and smaller scales. Sorry for poor grammar, punctuation, and spelling, typed quickly, one handed (no stand/table/etc) and from a tablet.


You are wrong. Episodes 4 and 9 (in production order) have yet to air. I am writing reviews for as of late and i did some digging in posting this last review.


Good episode. Loved the part where Kennex shot the MX. I liked the flirting between Kennex and Stahl and I agree that if this was shown when it was supposed to be then it would of been moving to fast but because of when they showed it it actually made since. When Dorian was shot and it made him speak Korian or whatever that language was was funny and him singing the pop song while Rudy was working on him was even funnier. Can't wait till the next episode.


Love the season so far, especially because of Karl Urban, Michael Ealy and Mackenzie Crook. They really make their characters work, their growing friendship is great. I didn't mind the mixed up episodes much, actually. Yes, several things seemed out of place, but I can forgive that. Love the setting, the background, so there were more things on the plus side. But the one thing I can't stomach is the romance. I can't even say why. Maybe Valerie Stahl is a bit too slick for my taste, maybe it's the fact she reminds me - in appearance - of TVD's Elena Gilbert. Or maybe because she looks so young in comparison with Urban (who's actually just eight years older than Minka Kelly).
I just don't see any chemistry there! None at all! So that romantic part is quite weird for me.


Good show, but going out of order does make this show flow less easy and make it not cohesive. However, the main problem I see is having a 3 week break before the next episode. Just when this series was gaining speed and an audience, it takes a break. It seems like FOX doesn't want this to succeed and it is the only show I watch on FOX. Again, I like this show and want a season 2, but come on FOX help your show out a little. lol


I hope they haven't botched this series by showing the episodes out of order like this. John has mellowed considerably towards Dorian but this episode puts their relationship almost back to square one. S01E09 better be "knock 'em out of the ball park" good, otherwise I feel the powers that be could cut this series before it's had a PROPER chance to get on its' feet.


So the key witness in a murder investigation just walks out of protective custody. Right past multiple MX units no less. How very ninja of her.. The episode being out of order is painfully obvious. Especially the off-hand comments. Was the flirty stuff too much for an early episode? Yes. cut that and add the "I have something for you" scene back in an episode later. Call it continuity. No one will know..

@ yama1291

I agree here, the whole ep, minus the romance seemed far out of place. I'd have rather the romance seem to early than this other stuff too late, but it would have been easy, and much better IMO, if they had cut and moved the scene as you said. It would gave also helped the pacing and overall feel of the show as a whole so far feel a bit 'better' or more 'natural' if you know what I mean. Again excuse errors, from a tablet,etc.

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Almost Human Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Dorian: Hey, Mr. Friendly! How was Angry Class 101?
Kennex: Call me that again and I swear I'll stick my boot right in your face.

Maldonado: John, thanks for not destroying any MXs today.
John: Yeah, well. The night is young.