Chicago PD Review: Conflict Resolution

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Maybe Katie can stay in the van for a bit because Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 3 went after gun dealers and getting D’Anthony out of the gang.

The final few minutes when D’anthony and Voight talked and waited for his Aunt were almost sugary sweet for Voight as he reassured D’Anthony that he was going to make it and change his life around.

It was a great scene. D’Anthony was able to get out of a bad situation with a little rough justice from Voight and it featured the possibility of echoing what Voight has done with Erin and her history.

Voight is very much still straddling both sides of being good and bad. There are moments where he teeters: in one scene he’s shown taking money from his gang informant for information and later he’s giving that money to D’Anthony to help get him started.

He’s sweet and nice to D’Anthony, even offering his gang boss a more than generous deal until it’s refused (for a beatdown).

The mystery woman who is staying on top of Voight revealed at least what she’s looking for: Voight’s informant. This demand posed the biggest decision for Voight’s new unit yet.

The boss was good about telling Voight the information he needs, but it was an exchange for information. It’s a mutually destructive relationship and it’s a matter of who gets hurt first. Voight might have no rules in his unit, but the oversights begins and ends with this mystery woman.

Adam’s shooting brought out his very real denial. He may not believe he’s conflicted, and maybe he’s not, but he does have a lot of conflict. Every time he resolves one, there’s still another personal one that crops up.

He might have lifted a weight off of his own shoulders when he blabs about everything to his fiance, but she’s only beginning to process what he just told her. He can happily go back to the party, but she’s still left outside running all of his lies through her head with two bombshell developments about his life. If Adam is attempting to sabotage his relationship, he’s certainly going about it the right way so far.

Adam’s latest conflict had him wondering why he’s completely alright with shooting and killing of the drug dealer. Like his therapist told him, he can think rationally about what he did he did, but the experience is still traumatic.

His lack of any emotion is still a reaction and it’s still good to talk about these things. If not with the therapist, then with someone on the team.

Finally, Erin picking up Justin, who I assume is the same kid Casey helped get behind bars after drunk driving, was going so well until he tried to plant a kiss on her. It was just so weird.

What kind of thinking leads to trying to plant a face sucking kiss on your sister? Erin may not be blood, but come on, Jason, contain yourself. You’ve been out of jail for all of 15 minutes. I don’t think the gate was even shut yet.

Three More Thoughts:

  • What was up with Jay? Hoping to learn more about whatever it was that made him go off on that man.
  • Add Jin to the list of people that need more to do along with Atwater and Burgess.
  • I wondered why Antonio's wife was so adamant to meet his CI. She just wanted to thank her.

What do you think, TV Fanatics...will you continue to tune in to Chicago PD?


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I find the writing a bit heavy handed, trying to lead you in the direction they want without taking the time to do the real work. Shortcuts, no real evidence, then comes the bad cop violence. It's going to take a little bit more than a cameo and a walk thru from a familiar face to give this show legitimacy, especially when the lead actor was such a convincing villian such a short time ago.


I totally love this show from the first episode. Jay and Erin are like oozing chemistry. My favorite new show. I love the crossovers


Did anyone notice the pawn store they went to? I haven't seen anything official but Im very certain it was Hardcore Pawn Chicagos place. I think they changed the name & person working there for show but thats it. Inside shots were the same (which first got my attention). Than they do this one outside shot of the detective leaving. Exactly the same as Hardcore Pawn's Royal Jewelers & Loans (i think really only major change was the name maybe).


I also gotta say how great it is the two shows interacting with each other. Not a few mentions... Not special crossover episodes. Most new shows want to it seems to go on there own to be their own show. Not here. But every (i think im right there) episode of both shows since this show started has had characters appearing from the other show. And how this episode took what happened at the end of previous Chicago Fire episode and continued it here. My only fear is this won't last all season or next season. Doesn't have to be every episode (wouldnt hurt though). But having such a connected universe is great.

@ zaphod703

Expect a few more crossovers this season with CF and SVU.


I freaking love all the crossovers between Chicago Fire and PD!
Has it ever been done like that before?
multiple crossovers like that
I love it!

@ Didine34790

100% agreed!


Frankly I like this show a lot more than I thought I would. Of all of the new ones, this one seems to have staying power. One thought about Adam's nonchalance about the shooting: he truly seems to not be bothered at all about it. That's not normal. Either he's a master of keeping his emotions bottled (doubtful, given his outrage over being questioned again and again about seeing the doc for a debrief) …or….the man is a psychopath. The latter seems more likely. Which, if true, will ensure that he rises through the ranks quickly.


Who played the doctor?

@ PatrickC

If you mean the therapist Adam was seeing, that would be Rena Sofer. She's currently on the soap opera The Bold and The Beautiful playing a pretty good psycho. LOL! Her real life husband directed this episode and cast her in it as the therapist.

@ Lana

Thanks. I thought it was her, but wasn't sure.


Following Law & Order SUV is just too much Dick Wolfe in one evening. Maybe I'll try to watch one of them On Demand and see if that is any better.

Sarah silva

I know that Chicago PD is doing it's best to try and match up the time line with Chicago Fire and they are doing the best they can. However it bothered me that we had snow and cold weather on Chicago Fire and then we were supposed to ignore that when we saw Chicago PD and it was summer/fall out and it was supposed to be a couple days after the Chicago Fire episode. You can tell that show added the Voight/Lindsay talk about Katie and then Lindsay/Severide scene a not too long ago.
However back to the episode.
I really like Antonio's wife and the reason for wanting to meet the CI.
I want to know who that family Jay went to visit is to him. We know a child was killed and Jay knows who did it but looks like the guy was never arrested. I am looking forward to seeing more of this story.
I was so show that Adam was the one not invested in his relationship, however I was wrong and it looks like his fiancée will not be able to handle his new job and will break up with Adam.
I too think Voight continues to teeter on bad and good, he wanted to help D'Anthony but to do so he had to beat up a guy. He did like to the woman he answers too about the money and gave it to D'Anthony's aunt. I think Voight is trying to take steps to cut ties with that woman but it will be a long and dangerous road to do so,
I am looking forward to next week.


Amazing show. Love the plots and the characters. Hope to see more of Jay and Erin interacting. These two need to happen later on. The looks between the two are electric.

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