Pretty Little Liars Review: The Secret Life of the Busy Bee Inn

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It looks like some of the liars still haven't learned their lesson: secrets don't make friends!

After a promising return in last week's Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 14, the show continues to build my hope that the remainder of the season will be much stronger.

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 15 was incredibly focused in a way past episodes haven't been. There weren't a lot of storylines competing for attention, and the different threads of the plot were mostly united around a common theme: secrets.

Granted, that theme isn't the most original for this show (it's in the opening song!), but it was good to see each character slowly learn from their past mistakes and start 'fessing up.

Things Become Intense

Except for Aria. Despite all the trouble of the last three seasons, Aria still hasn't figured out that secrets easily divide the group. She is back with Ezra, but continues to hide that fact from her friends, sometimes in the most convoluted ways. Riiight, you needed to return his pen. Oh sure, this is your uncle's cabin.

The fact that she's keeping it a secret seems to indicate that she knows she's making a mistake. Or maybe, as some of our Pretty Little Liars fanatics believe, she's in on it too!

She's probably not, but it's fun to think about it, right?

I still feel that the Ezra reveal is paying off big time. We'd all gotten so used to the shadowy figure secretly watching the girls that it hardly made any impact anymore. But watching Ezra's determined gaze following Emily with that diary was really chilling.

Then, we got to see how A operates. He finds an excuse to get into Hanna's house and search her room. When he doesn't find the diary, Ezra uses his computing skills to stop the girls from reaching the Busy Bee Inn and lead them right into his secret cabin lair.

And after all of that, he STILL finds the time to call Aria and play the loving boyfriend role. I can't wait to watch this new Ezra over the rest of the season!

Aria might have held her tongue on her big secret, but Hanna just couldn't keep it in any longer. She held on to that diary because it held a secret she wasn't ready to confess to Aria. In the end it turned out to be relatively mild (Mike? Really?), but in typical Hanna fashion, she panicked and made a little situation much worse.

The delay on the diary made the others distrust her, which actually annoyed me. The liars took it pretty easy on Spencer when she waited to tell them that Toby was A in  Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 21. And Spencer was especially hard on Hanna for holding back. I've said it before, but it bears repeating: Spencer is very hypocritical at times. It's frustrating to watch!

Hanna's storyline also involved her dealing with the big breakup. She held it together through most of the episode, but it was heartbreaking to watch her breakdown in front of Travis. Does anyone else think he's going to be her new romantic interest? All signs point to yes.

The rest of the show's plot threads seem to building toward the essential question of the season: Can Ali be trusted or not? Emily seems to be ready to let go of her idealized image of Ali, but it's too soon to tell. Clearly, they will continue to help Alison, especially since they accidentally put some major clues into A's hands. However, how much can they trust a friend with so many secrets?

In other things to consider, is there really something going on between Spencer's dad and Ali's mom? I'm sure there is some secret between them, but it's probably not what Spencer thinks it is. And apparently CeCe was paid to kill Wilden. At least that's the story this week.

So, is Ali evil or just misunderstood?


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i'm A and i killed Alison before i go you can't stop me and i'm everywhere don't forget it yep that's right you heard me

@ Katie

PS: you can't find me by the way


Good episode. I also don't get why they were all mad at Hannah for keeping the diary a secret when some of them have done much worse and no one was even mad at them for what they did and what Hannah did wasn't even that bad. I was surprised to find out that Hannah hooked up with Mike when they were younger and I was a little surprised that Aria wasn't more shocked she seemed it but didn't seem enough. Seeing Ezra as A is creepy and he's very good at everything he does he takes risks like going into Hannah's room with her mom there which makes me a little surprised he's never been caught. Can't wait till the next episode it looks good.


If Ezra had been A all along, wouldn't he know where Hannah's bedroom was. He walked down the hallway and started to pass it before realizing it was her room. I just feel like he'd have known exactly where to go if he was A the whole time. I believe he's somehow either trying to figure out what the girls are up to or it will be something similiar to Toby's storyline. Ezra is what keeps me watching the show though, I actually hope he does turn out to be the mastermind behind the whole thing.
I'm also not excited about Ali's return. Especially when she's supposedly in danger. If she is alive, I'd much prefer her to not be the victim. I'd also like her to have been tormenting the girls as well.

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