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The Mentalist Review: Being Hunted

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Thankfully, last week's ho-hum installment appears to have been an anomaly, as The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 12 proved that the show was as good as ever. 

As a matter of fact, several things about "The Golden Hammer" left me smiling.

Tea With the FBI

First off, even though they worked separate ends of the investigation for awhile, there were still enough scenes with Jane and Lisbon working together for me to enjoy their banter such as in this The Mentalist quote

Jane: I'm not your boss. Why would you say that?
Lisbon: Just sometimes now you act like you are.
Jane: We're equals. Partners.
Lisbon: Fine. Just remember that.

Lisbon's definitely a little off balance with their new dynamic but it was great to hear that Jane thinks of them as equals. I never truly doubted it but it was still good to actually use the word partner.

The case of the week was fun because Jane was in his element trying to crack the code, but still working as part of the team. I was also happy to see Agent Abbott back and fighting to get Jane the security clearance he needed. No matter how Abbott might feel about Jane personally, he obviously respects his abilities. 

How funny was Jane getting hit by Curtis? It was such a wimpy slap that I'd be embarrassed to arrest him. And I'm not even sure I want to know what Jane whispered in the man's ear. 

As for Avery, I picked her as the murderer right from the beginning. She was just too darn perky. 

Patrick was the one taken aback to hear that Teresa had a date. He certainly didn't seem thrilled to hear that Osvaldo was flying in on his private jet with his tasseled loafers to take Lisbon out to dinner no matter what his reason was. Even later while he and Lisbon chatted on the bench, he still questioned whether the man had contacted her for more personal reasons.

And how cute was Jane when he flirted with her about her hat?

But the truth of the matter was that Osvaldo was really scared and he needed to find someone he could trust. Then Lisbon sent him to Wayne and Grace.

Okay, what was up with Grace's hair? I don't want to be mean but those bangs made her look like a sheepdog.

Moving on…it was nice to see the the two of them looking so happy and their baby was just adorable. And Risby eating in the car was downright comforting. It's good to know that some things don't change.

But I spent each scene waiting for the other shoe to drop. Something felt off, as though something evil was lurking behind every door.

I found myself talking to my TV as Wayne entered that dark basement looking for Osvaldo. He's not in law enforcement anymore. He's probably not armed and can't call for backup other than dialing 911. 

When he found Osvaldo who had been tortured and killed, I couldn't tell if Wayne was reaching for his phone or his gun which was no longer on his hip.

Then Grace was sent the list: Osvaldo Ardiles, Salvador Palacios, Grace Van Pelt, Mike Riner, Kimball Cho, Mark Hochman, Claudia Chavez, Wayne Rigsby, Chris Kieffer, Teresa Lisbon, Deborah Chenier and Patrick Jane.

One small complaint. Jane's ID said Special Agent. Would he really have had such credentials as a consultant? I don't think so.

But what do all of these people have in common and why does it appear they're being hunted? It obviously links back to the CBI. Is it the Blake Association seeking retribution or is this something else entirely?

Whatever the answers, at this point I'm thrilled with the mystery and I can't wait to see more.

And I know it's snarky, but I have to know what you think, TV Fanatics. Tell me your thoughts on Grace's hair.



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Sometimes, I just cant believe how stupid I can be. Its taken this long...duh... to realise "Fischer" is phonetic. Fischer is actually "fissure" Definitions of fissure 1. A long, narrow opening or line of breakage made by cracking or splitting, especially in rock or earth 2. A long, narrow opening 3. A state of incompatibility or disagreement 4. Split or crack (something) to form a long, narrow opening Definitions above taken from http://www.oxforddictionaries....

@ Just Passing

I hadn't thought of this alliteration before. Very interesting, thanks for posting it. It fits very well in how she is a "very complicating factor" in Jane and Lisbon's relationship, somehow creating a break between them. You might want to move over to the page for the new episode now. Once it's put up, we start commenting there. Wouldn't want to miss your ideas! :)

@ Just Passing

So she is named after her task given to her by Heller. To split apart Jane and Lisbon


I liked this episode a lot. I watched as a non-fanatic viewer would and found it immensely entertaining. I also watched as a fanatic and noticed:
1. Jane invited Lisbon to come with him in the Airstream and she turned him down flat. Didn't like it. (She also never liked his Citroen; called it a "contraption.") So Jane said, "Fischer it is then" and rolled his eyes like he might as well put up with Kim.
2. Jane was in full manipulation mode, getting into everyone's mind with those gifts. He is mainly doing this to psyche out Kim. He watched with great satisfaction as she played with that fairy wand. He was close to figuring her out!
3. Why was Lisbon shown mostly behind things. Is Robin pregnant? Is the need to hide that why she wouldn't go in the Airstream? One shot from the front was too shadowed to see a bump if there was one.
4. Loved the Airstream. Doesn't make sense for long distance travel due to gas prices but no matter. On TM everything is just a short drive away.
5. The episode looked like it was trying to appeal to as many demographic groups as possible. Big action scene to open, lots of clever humor, even the Airstream for the old baby boomers.

@ rationalgal2

It sounds a fun episode. I wonder if Lisbon is angry with Jane as working in Texas is not what she thought it would be or if this is the start of her finding emotions difficult to cope with now she is back in contact with him, so she is starting to panic and run? Maybe Pike is who she will hide behind, as he means little to her? I wonder if Jane is lining up Lisbon to put her in Fischers job - he makes Kim look a fool and Lisbon look good. Won't be the first time he has manipulated situations to get the team he wants... I still think its odd that we have a Fischer and a Pike. Surely that must mean something, even if its only an in joke with the writers.


Can anyone tell me what the gifts were Jane gave to Cho and the computer geek?

@ Just+Passing

He gave Cho some Mexican jumping beans and Wiley a Tamagotchi digital pet.

@ Christine Orlando

Thanks for that :-)


Well the optimism did not last long. Just read this morning that JJ returns in an episode and then, as far as people can tell, gets killed off. Great. They bring back familiar characters we like only for us to see them dead as soon as possible. At this rate there will be no one left by the end of the series that we like other than PJ. Presumably Kim will still be hanging on in there to the last, standing bewildered next to Jane, puzzled like us as to where all the cast have gone :-(

@ Just Passing

I don't think JJ is dead. Usually they show someone is dead by having their eyes open in a vacant stare. JJ had his eyes open but then closed them neatly. I think he is just wounded. Otherwise bringing him back just for this would be dumb and dumber. Getting him wounded will make him really want to help, not reluctantly as he was in this episode.

@ rationalgal2

So hope you are right. Thanks for the encouraging reply.


Just watched the episode that follows the island. Kim really is not very nice (and the actress playing her is doing the role brilliantly, well done to her). I enjoyed Lisbon smirking when Kim tried to lay down the law to Jane. I enjoyed a lot of the interplay between PJ, Lisbon and Kim, as Kim looked much to be the looser. Shame that is being lost if they are sidelining Lisbon at the moment. Feeling more optimistic after seeing it, that the series could play out well.


Just Passing and others who are noticing this: Yes, it's beginning to look like there will be more to the Kim character than we might think. Go back to where Jane was grilling her about possible past sessions with a shrink. He said, That's a lie, but we'll get back to that later, then went on to other aspects of what she was doing. So Jane is no doubt extremely intrigued about what Kim might be hiding and he is going to find out what it is because that's the way he is. That may have him interacting with her more often than we'd like but it's just him psyching her out. Heller did say Kim would interfere in some way with the Jane-Lisbon relationship and it may be all about Jane's determination to learn the truth of her past. It's like when he couldn't let go of the Erica murder case because "She thinks I'm not smart enough to catch her." Jane never drops a mental challenge and Kim has presented one. Then again, maybe she did it on purpose and it's all part of a new kind of cat and mouse game.


Does the save our show voting thing actually make any difference to which shows are cancelled? I have never heard of it before so I have no idea if its just publicity or if it has ever actually worked to save something from being cancelled. Anyone know?

@ Just+Passing

What it really does is raise the profile of the show a little as we compete well where we're not expected. Creates a little buzz. Also, the "belieber" community has been enlisted to vote for TM because it's that Bieber guy's favorite show. That's a large fandom that maybe didn't all know about that and now have heard of TM, maybe pick up a few new viewers that way. Who knows. But no direct effect on renewal probably.

@ Entwife

I watched the stats for the save show thing last night and TM was running at 2nd place of 4. It and Beauty & Beast were both trending up and Dracula and Revolution were both trending down slowly.

@ Just+Passing

Our newspaper has a weekly column about TV/film stuff. Someone occasionally asks about shows getting canceled. The answer always is that it's all about the bottom line. If the show doesn't have high enough ratings or is costing too much or isn't making as much money as some other show might, it's gone no matter how much the fans complain and beg.

@ rationalgal2

Its interesting to know how much ratings are publicised in the USA and the publics awareness of them. They are mentioned here but usually only around Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years or Easter Sunday as those were traditionally the day companies bought in big film releases - before there were so many channels and TV went downhill. Other than that you don't here much and you don't really hear of competitiveness between shows - you just sometimes get an announcement something is coming to an end, but usually you know that before the final series of something even runs so you get plenty of warning as a viewer and the plots tend to be more organised as the writers seem to have more awareness of how they need to pace things here. I think thats a good thing, as it improves plot lines and overall consistency for the viewers.


I think Jane said to Fischer something like
"Do you always cover up your guilt with anger" in some past episode. From the bits I have heard/seen she seems to be angry/hostile/tense a lot of the time. So is guilt causing her personality? Whats the big backstory going to be if so?


Just Passing I love your scenario about the FBI using Kim to separate Lisbon and Jane so they can get rid of Lisbon. It's perfect! Problem is, it's too perfect. We had a lot of perfect scenarios re Red John and look how that ended up, so if you're right it's an historical first! Now about Lisbon: I got to thinking more about what Simon said, in a serious way, on The Talk about the switchover in mid-season being "dangerous." Dangerous means a drop in ratings and no show wants that. So what would cause a drop in ratings and why would they take that chance? The show had to have been planning this all along because Pete mentioned the Airstream way back in S5. So it wasn't a sudden decision. It was well thought out. (Not as well as it should have been re RJ of course.) They had to be planning a Season 7 or they would never have bothered taking down CBI and building a whole new set just for half a season. Getting rid of all the old stuff suddenly was indeed "dangerous." So what did they get rid of in addition to the RJ story and the CBI set? Cast regulars Bertram, Stiles, Hafner, and Kirkland, plus Rigsby and Van Pelt (now on their way out). They don't even have CBI Ron any more. What was left? Only three cast members: Jane, Lisbon and Cho. That's all. Out of six years of episodes, only those three are left and none of the infrastructure. Not even Jane's Citroen. Not even that wonderful attic with it's metal barn door and bed on sawhorses. Even Jane's Malibu house is unlikely to ever be seen again. If the show saw the sudden total changeover as "dangerous" in terms of ratings, they would not dump Lisbon. They assured viewers she would stay by having Jane insist on her joining him as his top demand for returning - and making it non-negotiable. So Lisbon is not going to be phased out, just possibly have a different role to play. After all, she's not Jane's boss any more. Right now, someone has to stay at FBI to find out who is tracking and killing former CBI people. Who better than Lisbon to work with RigsPelt on this major crime problem. Kim and Abbott would not know where to start. Jane is needed to work with Kim on the week's procedural while Lisbon tracks down the new killer. So, bottom line, I don't see Lisbon being dumped because it seems clear that CBS and Warners want the show to survive at least one more season. They aren't going to make the massive dangerous changeover even more dangerous by dumping Lisbon. Ain't gonna happen.

@ rationalgal2

I hope not. I wish they had not dumped some of the other stuff though - I would have liked to see something big happen with Visualize. They may be creeping some stuff back in over time - it looks like JJ will be back, which is great as I loved the role and the actor played it to perfection. I must admit that I like shows and books where more minor characters reappear and cross paths, just like happens in real life.

@ rationalgal2

I definitely see the sense of your argument that there is no intent to phase Lisbon out. It sounds very like the way TM would do things. Never just tell us, but show us in some way if we're just clever enough to catch it and make the connection(s). Of course, they've had us making connections all along until we've driven ourselves crazy. But that was about RJ which was growing of its own volition, poorly supervised. Or Jisbon, which had to bend to the will they/ won't they formula and the required obstacles for it. But Jisbon is much simpler and your solution actually makes sense. Getting rid of Lisbon absolutely does not make sense, even though the apparent long scarcity of seeing her and especially Jane and her, coupled with the general unreliability of TM's "clues," is enough to easily shake my anxious little soul to its foundations. And it doesn't mean it won't happen. But I can see your reasoning it is not happening and they may have tried to telegraph it.


When I think of Jane and Kim getting together, I immediately think of the word YUCK!

@ anitraward1

He seems to know something about her with an absolute certainty and keeps hinting. We might need to look out for him leading her on at times, like he did with Loralei? Its important to remember how much he uses attraction and sex to manipulate.

@ Just Passing

I totally agree with you and I'm hoping he is turned off by her. I find it extremely interesting that Jane uses his sexuality the same way as a female does. I don't know if that is clever or just strange.

@ anitraward1

Men do it too. At my workplace we had a guy on placement for 2 weeks. After he left it turned out everyone thought he fancied them as individuals, he just played sex and flirting with everyone to get what he wanted. On top of that, turned out he was married too. It even worked on the couple of gay guys at our place. Mr Placement played everyone to get advancement in even that short time. One long term male employee used charm and 'innocence' (little boy) to get away with all sorts of things Use of sexuality for advancement is more common in men than most people realise, as they do not look for it. They expect it to be from women so overlook the same sort of behaviour in men or misfile it as being for non exploitive reasons because it does not fit in with what they believe to be 'male' behaviour.