2 Broke Girls Review: Feeling Like A Million Bucks

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I’ve been saying for weeks that Deke and Max were made for each other.

However, after learning on 2 Broke Girls Season 3 Episode 15 that Deke was rich, I wasn’t sure if Max was going to be able to see past his money and into the guy she fell for.

I should have known that Deke would not go down without a fight - and what better what to prove his point that money doesn’t define him than to give Max some so she could see she's the same person?

Can anyone really blame Max for having trouble believing that she and Deke could be together? Thankfully for us, 2 Broke Girls Season 3 Episode 16 showed her that witches and smurfs can be together, while being hilarious in the process.

I forget how physical Beth Behrs can be. Between her dive through a dumpster window and struggle to pry off her waitress uniform, I was reminded how well she steps up when the story calls for it. 

Did anyone else giggle at the futility of Max spending spree at CVS to prove a point to Deke? Even with the lowest interest rate available, the million dollars would make more in interest in one day than she spent (assuming her bank account actually pays interest).  

Max, if you want go on a spending spree, ask Caroline; she can tell you where to buy gifts that will put a dent in that million bucks.

The crowning moment of hilarity goes to Deke as he walked into the diner wearing clown shoes, dressed as Uncle Pennybags. Only way that could have been funnier was if he had pulled an over-sized shoe, dog or hat player piece from Monopoly from his pockets. 

In conclusion, it was another great episode. I really hope they consider making Deke a fully time cast member. The addition of Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge) helped the show, Deke could have the same effect. I’m giving the episode 4.8 smurfy-witches in honor of Deke and Max. 

Would you have given back the million dollars?


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I hope Deke becomes a series regular because he and Max are perfect for each other and he makes the show even funnier than it already is. Deke giving Max a million dollars and her spending some of it but giving the rest back is completely insane I would have totally kept that money I can only image what I would buy I'd have like 7 cars. Caroline giving Deke a key if he bought her shoes was funny and so Caroline. Can't wait till the next episode.


I really like Sophie, I thought she was a much needed addition for the show. I personally thought the first half of Season 3 wasn't as great as the second season, but the second half of this season is turning out to be just as good, or even better. Caroline is getting more appropriately funnier moments for her character and Max is shining as always, plus the stories have been better, since the show seemed to be going nowhere for the first 13 episodes. 2 Broke Girls could really do well if they keep it up!


Well I agree that Deke is a huge asset to the show because his relationship with Max is fun to watch. I just can't agree about Sophie, I've never really been behind her on the show though. I think she's the least compelling character on the show. I usually enjoy watching Max way more than Caroline, but you were definitely right about Beth Behrs's acting skills in this one! She's great at the physical acting, and seems like she's willing to do almost anything they tell her to. It makes her quite a big more likeable! I'm glad this show has experienced some growth this season!


Deke in Max's outfit? So good!

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2 Broke Girls Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Han: Be careful, you’re the very first.
Max: We know how long you've been waiting to say that to a woman.

Deke, you can’t be my boyfriend. From now on, I’m like Welfare. You have to be broke to get some.