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Chicago PD Review: A New York State of Mind

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The crossovers don’t just stop at just Chicago, as Law & Order: SVU mad an appearance on Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 6.

(Full Disclosure: I did not watch the SVU portion of the crossover.)

Much like Chicago Fire crossovers, Rollins and Fin were there to add some substance and dimension to the world and the case. Rollins’ brief talk with Erin about not letting payback consume her lent the kind weight and experience that Erin was looking for.

Erin’s talk with Jay near the end, after forgoing her sudden desire to go to her high school reunion, added some credence to Rollins’ advice.

When Erin first ran into her old high school friend in the airport, she was ready to jump back into that world that caused her so much pain after the truth of her past came out, to serve some payback, yet when she saw them again from a distance, any desire for payback is gone.

All she sees are the same teenage girls who tormented her – only in adult form now.

Erin is very much caught in the past world at times. She’s working hard to make Voight proud and she’s turned her life around completely.

Yet there are times when she’s caught in cycles of her past, where she’s only looking for payback for those who wrong her and she reverts back to the girl she once was. The cover story with Jay was a good example of this.

Nonetheless, she is beginning to imagine a future for herself.

I’m all for them getting together, but, for now the tension is good enough for me.

The case itself is one of the more engaging stories Chicago PD Season 1 has told; mostly because the core of the story: Vanessa’s descriptions of what happens. It’s a powerful scene; watching her describe how she’s attacked with as much detail as she can and later describing how she fights him off.

Her situation is tragic, but the courage she shows in fighting him off is remarkable. When she tells Erin that she wants him to know that he didn’t break her, it sends chills down your spine.

Kyle is beginning to take to heart all of the advice and wisdom Olinksy is giving him and it’s really paying off. Going in hot and loud is one thing, but there comes a point when a gentler touch gets more done. He’s willing to be slow and methodical at the pier when there’s another potential victim in the killer’s arms.

Finally, there was the ending with Justin. This kid really needs a reality check. No matter what Voight or Erin say, he’s very much in this mindset that he’s continually being disrespected or he deserves more in life than the hand he was dealt.

There’s no amount of humility or ethics with him yet, and him showing up with blood on his hands at Erin’s apartment only means he’s gone too far; not only that, it’s going to send more people breathing downs Voight’s neck.

What did you think of the Law & Order crossover?



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Great episode, this show keeps getting better. Love the tension between Erin and Jay. Hope to see it continue building up before anything happens !!


I watched this episode only because it was a crossover. I also watched the first episode. This show is so bad. Voight beating the crap out of a suspect. Sorry, that's crossing the line for me. What if the suspect had been innocent? Feels like they are trying to be like The Shield. The actor playing Voight is such a bad actor too. I like Sophia Bush. Won't be watching again.

@ Hege

Well he was already revealed as an accomplice thus it sort of justifies Voight's torture of the poor guy.


I thought Rollins looked a little like the late Jules Willhite. Gotta start watching SVU again.


Just couldn't get into it, even with SVU input. The show is disjointed, the acting heavy-handed and overblown, and even the percussive music is obnoxious and manipulative. I feel like this show wants to drive every point home hard, and doesn't credit me as an intelligent viewer.


I enjoy this show more and more each week. I love the tension between Jay and Erin. Eventually I would like to see them hook up but I am happy right now. :) I would like to see a hookup between Erin and Severide to satisfy me for the time being. Lol. I can not wait to see what Voight is going to do with Justin and how The rest of the team will feel about the decision. All I all this show is great. It can stand alone but with the crossovers it adds something else to the story.


I do not know how this could be consider a real crossover. Credits rolled on SVU and no Sophia Bush. Then comes time for Chicago PD and they have the scene with Sophia and Mariska but jus the tail end. So to me I would not really call it a crossover, I do not watch SVU but did as I was expecting her to be one the whole show!
On to Chiacgo PD.
This was another stellar episode. I love this show.
I still do not like Burgess, however we all now she will be a member of team Voight one day. She better go buy a black leather jacket.
I love Jay! I also like
Justin just can not keep out of trouble, time for him to go back to jail for good.
I really like Kyle a lot too, he is just as hot as Jay! It was great at the end when they were at Molly's and Olinsky said he did good.
Kyle thinking Rollins was hot was great too! I am with Archie and Antonio when they say Kyle's marriage will not last.
Looking forward to next week.

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