Chicago PD Review: Partners in Crime Fighting

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Voight likes to think he’s earned the autonomy he needs to run Intelligence the way he sees fit.

But, as Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 5 laid out, you’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with.

And sometimes those same people are gunning for you.

Voight’s plans for his unit are still mostly under wraps. There’s this continual back and forth of wondering if Voight is still dirty or playing up his bad cop image in order to get what he wants. I tend to side with the latter.

As Chicago PD Season 1 progresses, and more information  about Voight that comes to light, the clearer his goals become.

He’s playing the waiting game.

Erica from Internal Affairs, along with The State Attorney, are breathing down his neck. They probably want him to burn whatever contacts he has and bring in some big heads to make them look good. Voight, on the other hand, is stalling, only willing to tip his hand if it means he can truly get back to the autonomy he wants.

Bigger problems arise if Erica can successfully bring Antonio over to her side. Antonio wants to look the other way and focus on the work, but Voight tends to bring everyone around him into his drama. One wrong decision on the job or move against Erica and Voight could be handing over an informant.

Adam and Olinsky have an interesting relationship.The two work great together, yet I’m not convinced Adam has figured out what he wants to do with his life. He might love his job and he wants to learn and be a friend to Olinsky, but he can’t separate his personal and professional life. Couple that with his desire to go in and be a hero and not necessarily thinking the situation through and the strain is guaranteed.

Olinksy is trying to tell him that his behavior, while noble and heroic, has the chance for death. It’s wonderful they were able to save that girl, but without backup they were heading in there blind and with the potential for the numbers to not be on their side.

Erin and Jay aren’t really moving past their friendship stage yet, but Voight is already seeing what their next step is. He sees they have chemistry together and the last thing he wants is either of them distracted on the job. Not that I much care what Voight thinks of the situation; Erin and Jay have great chemistry together, and I’m all in for wherever they go.

Finally, it’s great to see Atwater and Burgess get a bit more story. They really are developing a great partnership: it's fun, it's playful and it's protective.

Should Erin and Jay explore something more?


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I fell in love with this show since the first episode . I have always loved Sophia bush as an actress. Erin and Jay chemistry is great. Love them


Just started watching the show today and I love it. There's action, amazing character stories, and it has it's funny moments. I loved Atwater and Burgess getting the new squad car then damaging it and paying for it to get fixed in a day and it happens only for a cinderblock to fall on it later I just knew something was going to happen to the car because they said be careful don't get any scratches so you knew of course something's going to happen to it. Erin and Jay have great chemistry and I saw something between them when I watched the first episode and I hope something does happen with them but I kind of want them to take it slow but if they don't that's ok to. I can't wait to watch the next episode.




First question, we have at the top of this page what looks to be the original Sargent (an African male far right), we have never seen him. The captain is the on the left side, so I don't think I'm confusing characters. The woman that was killed first episode still in the picture, and I don't think that is Burgess on the right, the two cops on the far right look like the ones from Chicago Fire, but haven't seen them on PO yet. Now for the episode;
I liked it, fast paced, nice mix of action.
Adam and Olinsky I believe has something going on that Olinsky doesn't want him making the same mistake he did, getting married. He loves his daughter, but we can see he loves the job too and it ruined his marriage and he doesn't want Adam going down that road.
No need for the inter-team relationships, she is a good match for Kelly, keep that going.
Next week's crossover with SVU will be interesting.

@ bustson

Next week? The next episode is on February 26.

Sarah silva

Voight: "Keep it in your pants".
Jay: "I did not know it was ".
I loved what Jay said above!
I am glad that Erin told Voight he has not right to tell her what to do with her personal time. Of course Voight had to use the whole "My unit, my rules" line but that only goes so far. They are adults and what the do on their personal time is that, personal. Yes Voight is worried that a relationship may interfere with their work but they are adults and he should trust them.
Jay ends up going to Erin's house anyways. Erin seems to like him even though she said earlier that episode that they would get together
in his dreams.
I really like Jay, he is pretty cute.
I also liked the start when he was with Antonio and asked him if Voight was bad or good.
I wonder why Olinsky is so hard on Adam, was Olinsky once Adam, young and in love and then now he is living in his garage so he can be close to his daughter. Yes they were on a stake out but there was 2 of them and if Adam had to call his fiancée for 2 minutes to tell her he may not make dinner, is just common sense. Then Olinsky looks at his phone when Archie sends the photo, so the whole do not take your eyes off the job for 2 seconds that Olinsky said was bull.
Yes Adam was not smart to go and get those girls without back up, but lots of police officers would have done the same thing.
Still not a huge fan of Atwater and Burgess, do not want to see them join the unit.
I do not think Antonio will turn on Voight.
They need another female on the unit. ME! LOL


Loved this Episode - I really like Atwater & Burgess and love that Voight gives them their earned Props!!
I really, really, really like Voight - I think he has a big picture plan and you can tell he really loves his city and the people in it!!!
I think Antonio will work with Erica but only as far as he gets an in with her!


I love Jay and the chemistry is obvious but I don t want them together so quickly. I want to see them grow much more as friends first and then something more.
Can t believe how invested I am in this show.


Another great episode. Really enjoy all the characters. Erin and Jay's chemistry is off the charts. Love all of their scenes and hope something happens soon.

@ sophia

Me too :)

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