Shameless Review: Sobering Situations

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The end of Shameless Season 4 Episode 5 was a frightening and awful situation that left Liam in the ICU and Fiona in handcuffs.

Shameless Season 4 Episode 6 only solidified the fact that Fiona is never going to forget that she almost let her baby brother die.

And if she weren't punishing herself enough, Lip is next in line to remind her just what she did.

Jeremy Allen White as Lip Gallagher

The thing is, Lip didn't actually say anything to Fiona to make her feel more awful than she already did. It was his somber silence that let her know just how badly she let the family down.

It may have been an accident, a careless mistake that young people make, but Fiona can't afford those mistakes when she is the legal guardian of four children, one who is still a helpless toddler. (Side note: she doesn't even know where the eldest of the four is.)

In the hospital when the doctor kept telling everyone she needed to speak to a legal guardian and wouldn't tell them anything, I could feel Lip's frustration mounting with every second that passed.

Just because someone is a parent or technically in charge does not by any means make them the most responsible person in the family.

Look my mom's a bipolar drug addict who split years ago, my dad's a drunk, and the cops just hauled Fiona off to jail, okay? Look I'm the only thing that passes for a responsible adult that you're gonna find. Now how's Liam?


Lip's rant really said it all. I'm just glad he's over 18 and was able to get to see Liam and figure out the legal issues that needed to be handled.

It's sad that Frank is more trustworthy on paper than Lip. Also great for Frank that he's bonding with his new daughter Sammi, but he has completely neglected his other children. No wonder Carl ran away from him before the sweat-lodge.

Frank doesn't care about people who can't do anything for him. And you know what? His time is almost up.

Maybe Frank should think about making amends because with the way he's looking and feeling, he's gonna bite the bullet really soon. Don't take my word for it, listen to the doctor who told him his death was so imminent that the funeral arrangements should be made yesterday.

Do you feel bad for Frank?

I was completely shocked that Fiona made bail. Kudos to Carl on thinking of Mike to help them out. Anyone else out there really wish it could've been Jimmy/Steve coming back to the rescue. I know Justin Chatwin left the show, but I can't help but hold out hope! 

One of the readers in the comments posted that after seeing Ian last week, perhaps he ended up developing bi-polar disorder like his mother Monica. I think that could make a lot of sense, given how all over the place Ian's behavior was.

It was strange and out of character for a kid so disciplined he snuck his way into military school. I'm interested to see how that might play out.

Can somebody tell me what the hell Sheila is doing taking up half of the episode? Nobody cares about her boyfriend and his nephews who made up names like "one eyed snake." We get it, it means penis... can we move on?

Sheila kept looking at Karen's old bed and you know she felt lonely. That's the part where I hope she can come in and help out as a guardian for the Gallagher kids.

We sure as heck all know that they could use the help right now. I wouldn't be surprised if Fiona lost custody after this incident. Then, if Frank gets killed off, who will they have?

Even if Frank doesn't get killed off that social services woman was not happy with the situation she saw. So what's it going to be?

Do you think Frank will live to see the end of Shameless season 4? Vote below and then sound off in the comments.


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I wouldn't mind Frank gone, I am fed up with his character in any case... yes, Fiona messed up pretty badly this time, nonetheless I felt so sad for her when Mike treated her as a pariah saying he does not want to see her anymore. I like Lip being at home.


I don't think Frank's going to make it. It would be really unrealistic if they had him live now. They were running out of scams for him to pull. And he has little to no interaction with the family so what's left for him? Sobering him up makes him boring. The show probably only has one or two seasons left. There is plenty of story without Frank although without him the show is much more of a drama then a comedy. which is the direction they are going in anyway with the kids. glad the Ian gay storyline hasn't been involved in this season. It was becoming uncomfterable to watch

@ Rick

Totally agree. I don't care too much for the Ian character (or Mickey either). Good actors, though. I think Jeremy White, who plays Lip, has lots of potential to be great. The Philip character, I get the sense is limiting with the storyline, unless of he becomes the shows main focal point, and could, if Frank dies and Fiona ends up doing some time in prison. Saw a few clips for episode 7, and it looks like Lip is taking charge of Liam's life now. I do like the emergence of Sammi, although have never heard of the actress who plays her. She's been good. I like the idea of Kev & V struggling with the Alibi bar, but they have to realize they are putting themselves at a huge risk of renting out the above apartment to prostitution and risk losing the entire thing?
But yeah, the seeds have been planted for Frank's demise. The writers/producers may not show his actual death at the end, perhaps keeping the audience in suspense, but hope not. Perhaps Frank dies and Jimmy/Steve returns? Be cool with that. But what about Fiona? If she doesn't do time, definitely house arrest and probation.


OMG I am so glad that I wasn't the only one who was hoping and praying that when Fiona walked out of the jail it would be Steve. I know that they said in interviews that he is dead but they have never actually said it on the show and until they say it on the show I think that there is a chance for him to come back. Plus they said that maybe he would be in this season for 1 or 2 episodes in some capacity (which I didn't understand if he was going to be dead) so maybe they are trying to see if there is more they can do with his story and just waiting it out before they officially kill him off in the shows world (aka until a body is officially found and Fiona is notified).


Frank is the main character he can't be a goner, the show would not survive without him, Frank is the show along and the other best character, well Sheila of course, love her character and she plays it so well. I hope to see many more seasons of Shameless, I look forward to Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. Showtime!


Sorry, meant Season 1, where William H. Macy played his twin brother.


I really do think Frank is gone, but it will not be till the end of the season 4. Unless if that sweat lodge deal miraculously cured him and its effect delayed and his liver is healed but doubt it. Honestly, the show has to evolve and I think it is time to see Frank go. I mean, what else can you do with this character? Continue to make him drink more and be despicable? No, I think we've see it all with Frank Gallagher. Sad, and even sadder is that there are real people out there exactly like Frank. Will add that William H. Macy could still be a part of the show; there is that twin brother that he played in episode 1. Writers could go there, maybe. As for Fiona, man, she missed up big time. She knows better than that. Sad that she was getting her life on the right track and one split second cost her it. Good luck, Fiona! And you could see and feel her pain being violated when having to undress for the guard before being transported to the women's jail.
Writers could tighten the tension, and in the final episode of Season 4, send Fiona off to prison; leave Lip and Sammi part-custody of Liam, Debbie, Carl, and I guess Ian. Good season so far. Love it!


Yet another great episode. Lip was the man last nite.He has come along way. Found myself tearing up with the rapidly declining Frank. Felt the whole Shelia thing was just to help bring some smiles to a mainly sad episode. I think her empty home may become a plot line. Fiona,Fiona,Fiona. This is clearly the biggest moment of her life. Was holding my breath,then happy when we seen who posted her bail.Mike was there for her yet again but wish it hadn't been so final."I never want to see you again"
Did anyone else catch her covering for Mike's brother?Think that could come back to hurt her.

@ reality addict

Totally caught her covering for Mikes brother, but I wonder if she will continue to do so now that Mike bailed her out. The scene with her alone in the house was eerie, almost foreshadowing what is to come of her being set aside in the family. Although chilling to watch-the jail scenes really showed the consequences of even one "bad night" (since Frank rarely pays any). Maybe this will save someone one day from making a bad choice. Looks as though she gets house arrest so will be interesting to see where they go from here. Love love seeing Lip look at this whole situation and trying to rise above it, and not just accept. Very happy to see him keeping up with schoolwork, too!

@ 3dhouseofmagic

I'm going suggest at the end of this season Fiona is hauled off to prison and Frank dies. Lip & Sammi are on the fringe of getting custody and move into the house (although I still think Lip stays in college), and Frank's twin brother makes an appearance at the end (Bill Macy as well). I'd be fine with that. What I wouldn't be fine with is Frank living another season and scamming, drinking...same old crap by Frank. If he lives it will be that he gets his liver transplant somehow. But that wouldn't be very realistic. At this point, I think the writers have committed on doing away with the Frank character and I don't blame them. It's possible (early to tell) but we might see a shift in focus of the main characters on the show next season if it returns. The British version did just that. Different storylines, of course (except the Season 1 and the British version really close in story). I don't know, Fiona off to prison ... enter Sammi, V and Kev's new kiddos, Lip, Debs, and of course Carl and Liam will still be around. Maybe Ian, too. Speaking of... WTH?! I say let him be. He wants to act all weird and pretend his family doesn't exist...
But I do think we may see a POV shift for Season 5.

@ JT

JT-good call all around--I could not say it better or with less words. I think Lip and Carl, in totally different ways, will become bigger players in the story line--along with kev's new family. Frank will die and leave a legacy for the next generation to overcome....I just can't figure out where Fiona ends up yet....

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Sammi wait, it wasn't candles and Barry White on the stereo, who cares? Something incredibly special and beautiful came out of it. You?


Look my mom's a bipolar drug addict who split years ago, my dad's a drunk, and the cops just hauled Fiona off to jail, okay? Look I'm the only thing that passes for a responsible adult that you're gonna find. Now how's Liam?