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Supernatural Photo Preview: Castiel Captured!

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Uh-oh. Trouble is ahead on Supernatural.

On Supernatural Season 9 Episode 14, Bartholomew takes Castiel hostage, while Sam and Deal face their own predicament:

Demons are holding a prized possession in a storage locker, something they discover after investigating the haunting of the Men of Letters bunker.

They say pictures are worth one thousand words... but that isn't necessarily the case here, as there's one guest star you won't find here that will "shorely" shock you!

Consider that teaser and click through images below from the February 25 return episode of Supernatural:

Supernatural Photos from "Captives"
Bartholomew confronts Castiel and then captures him on "Captives."
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What Do You Want Bartholomew?

1. What Do You Want Bartholomew?

Bartholomew confronts Castiel and then captures him on "Captives."

Cas Doesn't Think So

2. Cas Doesn't Think So

It doesn't look like Cas want's to go willingly with Bartholomew, but he's captured by him on "Captives."

Castiel and Bartholomew Walking

3. Castiel and Bartholomew Walking

Cas and Bartholomew, seemingly after Bartholomew captures Cas on "Captives."

Castiel and Batholomew Talk

4. Castiel and Batholomew Talk

Cas and Bartholomew talk earnestly on the upcoming episode of Supernatural titled "Captives."

Bartholomew Smiles

5. Bartholomew Smiles

Bartholomew smiles at Castiel, but it seems a little condescending in the upcoming episode of Supernatural titled "Captives."

Castiel's Angel Eye

6. Castiel's Angel Eye

Castiel gives Bartholomew the Angel Eye during a discussion after he is captured in "Captives."

Bartholomew Takes an Item

7. Bartholomew Takes an Item

Someone hands an interesting looking item to Bartholomew as Castiel looks on in "Captive," Season 9 Episode 14.

Sam is Attacked!

8. Sam is Attacked!

A dude named Del attacks's Sam on the upcoming episode of Supernatural titled "Captives."

Del Takes Dean

9. Del Takes Dean

Del takes a knife to Dean on the February 26 episode of Supernatural, "Captives."

Tables are Turned

10. Tables are Turned

Sam has the knife on Del in this photo. Has the tide turned in favor of the Winchesters in this photo from "Captives?"

If you've missed any episodes and need to catch up before watching this installment, watch Supernatural online right here!

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