Castle Round Table: "The Way of the Ninja"

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It takes a ninja to catch a ninja…or maybe just an overly exuberant Rick Castle who couldn't be happier that there were ninja look-a-likes flying about. 

Below, TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Chandel Charles, and Robin Harry are joined by Angie from the Castle Fan Forum the 12th to give their take on Castle's solution for boredom and to choose the funniest moment of Castle Season 6 Episode 18.

Castle RT - depreciated -

What was the funniest moment of the episode?

Jim: The very end when Rick pulled the shuriken out of his phone and it slipped and hit Gates off camera. I literally did a spit take. 

Chandel: I was Castle trying to explain to Kate what happened with the Geisha. Telling me a ninja attacked would not have worked either!

Robin:  Ryan's karaoke!!  He was having a little too much fun with "What I Like About You", and the look on Esposito's face was priceless.

Angie: "Bec-kettttt .... Ninja ... stole the murder weapon." Does it get any more classic Castle than that? Love it!

Did you think the killer was actually a ninja?

Jim: Did I think the killer was dressed in all black, face covered and good at martial arts? Yes. Was he a "real" ninja following the ancient code? No.

Chandel: No, just an extremely talented martial artist. I am sure they have skills on par with the ninjas of the past!

Robin: I'll admit, I did. I think the comic book nerd in me really wanted it to be a ninja. I mean, come on, they were throwing shuriken!

Angie: Maybe I'm just woefully uneducated about Japanese culture, but I honestly don't know what differentiates a "real" Ninja from the black-clad, stealthy, sword-and-star-weilding, martial arts experts in the episode. If it's just that the title is now relegated to history and folklore, then no, I was not expecting the resurrection of a centuries-old mythological figure.

What did you think of Castle's solution for avoiding boredom once they're married?

Jim: Many of Kate's examples were about being "comfortable," not "bored." My wife and I have been together for 14 years and we're not bored, take this conversation. We like to joke about juniper bushes and George Bushes. Good times.

Chandel: I tend to agree with Jim on this one. While I am not married, I imagine that as long as we're comfortable and ourselves we won't be "boring" because my boyfriend and I seem to really enjoy the relationship we have right now. Besides, we all can't be engrossed in compelling crime fighting like Rick and Kate!

Robin: I'm very single, so my opinion isn't as informed as everyone else's. However, I'm a bit more practical than romantic, and I would hope that my future husband has a better answer to that than "just put it in our vows." 

Angie: Having been married for 10 years, I firmly believe boredom is a very preventable problem that happens when couples forget to tend to their relationship. So yes, I applaud Castle for being proactive and committing to keeping the fun and romance alive. But like he said, I doubt boredom will be a problem for them!

Do you prefer the light hearted Castle episodes of the more dramatic episodes?

Jim: Yes, without one the other doesn't have the same impact. I'm glad they do light-hearted episodes like this to balance the show.

Chandel: I appreciate a good mix of both. We know what the cast is capable of in both respects and it's nice to see them play in both worlds.

Robin: I do prefer the light-hearted episodes, but I like there to be a balance between the two, and the cast is great at both. 

Angie: I'll take my Castle any way I can get it. For me, the genius of the show is it's flawless ability to blend both types of episodes. I have favorites in both categories.

What was your favorite scene or quote from this Castle Season 6 episode?

Jim: See answer one. Spit take, people!

Chandel: Again, I am with Jim on this one, where Castle is messing around and gets scolded by Gates. Classic.

Robin: I'm with everyone else on this - the final scene where Castle pulls the shuriken out of his phone and gets yelled at by Gates. Hilarious.

Angie:  It was such a classically entertaining Castle episode all around, but if I have to choose, it's hard to pass up range of emotion on display at the loft after their respective night out. The way that entire scene was dealt with was honest, sincere, and so very real.

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Hey Sharon, I can't rate the shows either. Thought it was just me. Maybe Christine Orlando can look into the problem.


Funniest moment: Its a tie between Ryan trying to sing and Stana mimicing Castle saying"Thats what partners do"
Looks like Becketts insecurities are coming out again.Why would she ever feel that Castle would get bored with her? Castle should worry about Beckett getting bored with him and his silly ways. He needs to step up to the plate and explain why this marriage wont lead to failure like his previous two. And start showing Beckett as much attention as he shows his daughter.
This episode was lots of laughs but I enjoy the dramatic better because they have more surprises, suspense and greater conflict. Love the show!


I thought there were still ninja's too. Loved this show and all the others. I don't no why this site is not letting me rate the shows. I'd give them 5 stars. Keep up the good work.


1 - I agree with Jim about the spit-take at the end but I also had a couple of other LOL moments. As Castle was leaving the tea company and Ryan pointed out he had lipstick on his shirt, he muttered that Beckett would kill him, but 2 seconds later, when he remembered that he'd never called her, his gasp and wide eyed fearful expression that Beckett would KILL him, were precious! I also think that this episode showcased Stana's ability to pull off the comedy and not just be the straight man to Castle's humor. I loved how she imitated her friend, Carly, and the goddess in her hoo-ha. She also had a great moment when she was confronting Castle and she mocked, "That's what partners do." and when Castle asked her if she was still mad about him breaking the cup. 2 - I chalked it up to martial arts. 3 - I thought it was a bit weird to put something like that in your vows. 4 - The light hearted are always the ones I enjoy watching over and over again but the dramatic episodes really offer the actors a chance to shine and that's fun to see. As Angie said, what makes this show so unique is the way they can seamlessly pull off both. 5 - I'd have to say that my favorite scene was the confrontation at the loft that night. Stana and Nathan hit it out of the park with their comical reactions and then fell into a beautifully romantic way to end the scene. Sometimes I just have to marvel at how easily they play off of each other.


"Do you prefer the light hearted Castle episodes of the more dramatic episodes?" Why do you keep asking this question of the panel? They've already answered it at least two or three times over the past couple of seasons.


When Kate asked if they will go to the same 2 restaurants and only have sex on National Holidays if they become bored as a couple. I LOL! The way Beckett delivered that line really struck my funny one.


1- funniest moment- That look on Castle's face right after the "ninja" took the dagger out of his hand was hysterical!
2- No. But really didn't give it much thought. Too busy laughing.
3- Thought it was kind of lame suggesting they put that in their vows but since it turned into a Caskett kissing scene don't care.
4- Love the show, love both the dramatic & funny ep's.
5- Funniest line for me was just 2 words; "Ninja attack!!" Right after the shuriken stuck in his phone. Jim, I too literally spit out the beer I was drinking! NF's facial expressions are something else!!
Loved this ep!

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Castle Season 6 Episode 18 Quotes

Castle: Our killer is a ninja.
Beckett: Or he is just an athletic person with a hooded track suit.

This place is seriously creepy for a cookie factory.


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