Castle Review: Not Another a Ninja Movie

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"The Way of the Ninja" was a not a ninja movie, but Castle Season 6 Episode 18 did its best to replicate one. 

To be honest, I've never even seen a ninja movie, so if the killer had been the circus knife thrower the Great Throwdini, I still would have been entertained.

But nothing beat the look the Castle's face when a ninja appeared out of nowhere, took the murder weapon from his hand and disappeared in a puff of smoke. 

Castle and the Ninja

Coming off of the highly dramatic Castle Season 6 Episode 17 from two weeks ago, this episode was about as light hearted as they come - and I'm not complaining a bit. There was plenty to smile about here, starting with Perlmutter's snide remarks about Castle's lack of post-mortem knowledge filling several books to Beckett debunking Rick's ninja theory.

Rick's glee quickly turned to abject disappointment when he thought he might be wrong…

Castle: The killer can't be a ballet dancer because it'd just be such a huge let down.
Beckett: Of course, we can't let facts get in the way of a good story.

What fun would that be?

It was great to see the boys get their own adventure as they entered the hostess bar. Ryan was hysterical as he jumped when the girl sat on his lap and couldn't move her off fast enough. Let's not even talk about his karaoke. 

Even Castle's indignation at being charged $6,000 after being kicked out of the club was comical but, hey, that's what happens when you want to play big shot with your black card. Eventually the bill comes due.

But that price was nothing compared to what he was going to pay for not calling Kate. 

I really expected to enjoy that part of the story more than I did. Maybe it was because we never saw Carly or any of her visit with Kate but the whole segment fell flat for me.

Castle's suggestion to have a promise to not become boring written into their wedding vows was kind of lame. He's had two failed marriages. I was hoping for a little bit better insight.

At least Beckett appeared happy with his response and there was kissing afterwards... so I'll be happy with that. 

Jade's murder was actually quite sad. She and her sister escaped the murder of their entire family to start a new life, only to have it cut short when Jade couldn't let go of the past. Was this foreshadowing for Beckett's handling of Senator Bracken in the future?  

In the end, the ninjas may not have been "real ninjas" but they were close enough in my book to make sure things never got boring.

Your turn, Castle fans. Were you happy with Rick's response about avoiding boredom once they're married?

Here is your first look at Castle Season 6 Episode 19:


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Glad to see Beckett wearing her engagement ring. It was only one scene ,when she was mad a Castle for not calling her. Was about 37 minutes into the episode. Stana must of had her flats on in that scene. I love it when she has to look up at him!


After watching the promos and sneak peeks, I was not looking forward to this episode because of the writer (Christine Roum), but I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed the episode because the comedic level was just right for all of characters. The cast displayed a lot of energy in this episode. I felt that everyone had fun with the ninja theme especially Castle. He has been lobbying for the theme for awhile. I loved the humor and Caskett discussing their future. However, in the club scene, Castle behavior presented much like he acted in 4x8 “Heartbreak Hotel” (one the worst Castle episodes). He regressed into his playboy days in Season 1 which should be out of character for him now and no longer necessary. He acted too excited leading the Ryan and Esposito interaction with the geisha. I wish he would have shown that same excitement later in the loft with Kate during the missed phone call banter. That was a missed opportunity there to do a serious makeup scene, but they did cute instead. After all this time, I don’t think it’s a writing issue in terms of the individual writers, nor is it an ABC problem. This is a network known for doing hot romance. This is an internal production issue. I’m not sure why the choice is being made, but it’s really becoming a problem. Why is the show runner in a 10PM time slot more comfortable with depicting water torture than with Castle and Beckett seriously making out?

@ Vince

yeah Our Roy Montgomery. it is very strange. Personally I don't think Marlowe can do it.
We stlil do not know why Beckett has changed so radically from around episode 3-4.
We have her a 15 minute model at 17 and then 19. We have her going to the prom and then not going. At least we had the letter showing Always has become a more enriched word! Wasn't Maddie supposed to be in this episode?

@ nottrampis

I like the present loving Beckett much better rather than the bitchy Beckett of seasons past. That Beckett wore out the 1st two seasons and thank God started changing in Season 3. Keep the long hair classic looks also! Stana Is a knockout!


I wasn't very fond of the over the top ninja action, a ninja cannot jump however high Bedford did by the bridge and the CGI wasn't even that good for that scene. The speed-up during the office fight scene looked like something out of a Sean Connery James Bond movie and was pretty lame for our eras fight choreography accessibility. In any case I did like a lot else about the episode but only feel like sharing what I didn't.


First time poster here, but longtime Castle watcher. I disagree with the comments that mention that Kate & Rick haven't talked about his divorces. She knows that Meridith cheated on him (and wasn't around much for Alexis) and why his marriage with Gina ended. We've seen considerable evolution of Kate's personality over time and I believe the scene was meant to show that she's talking about her concerns and not hiding them. I think this was a very real reaction. I think we've all had moments or conversations with people where we look back and wonder if that could happen to us. That being said, I felt the comment about adding it to their vows was a bit lame. In general, I enjoyed the lightness of this episode and know that as time goes on and this season ends up in syndication, it will be come a fav.

@ rdkc62112

There has been no discussion on screen between Castle and Kate that confirms she knows that Meredith cheated on him. The same for the reason Castle finally breaks up with Gina. The viewers were told, but not Kate directly. In 3x12, "Poof! You're Dead", Kate finds out in the precinct hallway by accident when she overhears Castle on phone with Gina that things are over between them, but not why. He tells Alexis and Martha on screen, but Kate not given those details.

@ Vince

Our Roy Montgomery is correct. Kate has no idea of why Castle's two marriages failed. For a gal that is a 'one and done' gal that is simply unbelievable. I think the only reason it hasn't been brought up is that the writers have forgotten about it.


Stana is a beautiful woman. She looks thin but she still looks fantastic. Nathan looks like he's gained weight, but funny and handsome still! Last night's episode with the comical ninjas was fun and light hearted which was nice after the previous week's suspense. Boy, this show better NOT be's always a show we look forward to on Monday nights!!! Those other shows mentioned in the comments don't even hold a candle to Castle!!! Love this SHOW!!!

@ Hobo bear

Easily the best show on the teeve by the length of the straight even with its problems.


I enjoyed this episode but I agree they really missed an opportunity with her meeting her friend. I wanted to see that.


I really enjoyed this episode after the complete garbage we got in the belly of the beast ( both Captains should have been sacked for one!).
Nathan made this episode his own and wowed them.
it was fluffy, silly and fun.
I think the writers realise they have made an error in not having Beckett talk to Castle about his two divorces. It would be essential for a 'one and done' gal but I think the writers have forgotten about that as well. Afterall it was only in Nanny McDead! Enjoyable and somewhat lighthearted. This series has been quite up and down. It started out terribly but then picked up only to give us another Watershed claptrap last episode. This episode has taken some of that bad taste away.

@ nottrampis

I was surprised with Kate's comments about the marriage becoming boring and Kate’s brief sense of insecurity about it. Kate mentions to Castle that he has done marriage before as if having messed up twice, Kate's got some kind of reassurance from him that Castle knows what he's doing but she has seemingly zero interest in talking to him about what went wrong. This was the off note for me in that loft scene when they were talking about the missed phone call. I would have thought one of Beckett's main insecurities would have been that Castle would get bored of her, of them, like she may believe he may have done in his past marriages, but I feel this has never been addressed seriously. It's now presented as something Beckett's not concerned about. I feel like they haven't had Castle differentiating this marriage with Beckett from his previous ones, and him emphasizing how different and special this third one would be for him. Instead, they seem to like to have Beckett remind us that he's done it all before.

@ Vince

Nailed in one our Roy Montgomery


I thought this was an average episode, and a pretty unlikely story. Personally, I think the writers missed a great opportunity for some great Castle words to Beckett, over her worry about a boring marriage, and all we got was we will put something in our wedding vows, seriously!! Let's hope things improve quickly before the end of S6.


I would rate this episode as average. I enjoyed watching but, was disappointed by the ratings numbers it received. Big drop off from dancing. And for a change I didn't know who the killer would be.


I was actually a little bored with this episode. I liked the Castle/Becket scenes and Captain Gates grows on me more each week but I found it very easy to be distracted by other things going on around me. I would give more details but I lost focus so many times that I can't. I would have enjoyed seeing some of Kate at her dinner -- at least that would have been a diversion from an otherwise boring story.

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Castle Season 6 Episode 18 Quotes

Castle: Our killer is a ninja.
Beckett: Or he is just an athletic person with a hooded track suit.

This place is seriously creepy for a cookie factory.


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