Chicago PD Review: Broken on the Inside

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The Intelligence Unit went through another rallying cry on Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 7, as Justin found himself as the driver to a murderer.

This installment shined a spotlight on Antonio and his dealings with Erica. She tried to use Antonio's straight and narrow, good cop morals as best she can to get Voight under her thumb - and at one point it looked like she would succeed.

Antonio's trust in Voight is slowly breaking and he's beginning to make plans for a time when Voight isn't going to be around anymore. 

Voight attemped to use Diego as leverage to get Antonio to rally around their cause, but it was not until Olinksi refused to pick sides that Antonio began to put together the pieces.

It's not all about following the law to the letter in Voight's unit, and it's not about trying to serve justice in conventional ways. It's about getting results. 

Antonio can argue with the methods, but he can't argue with the results. Rallying to find Diego, and Olinski willing to keep his neck out for Voight, speaks volumes; plus, Erica is no saint either.

She ended up destroying one of Antonio's partners a few years back as she climbed the ladder. She too is not as clean as she likes to believe, and, just like Voight, her actions have real consequences. Karma came back to bite her. 

Justin's role in everything ended up being pretty cut and dry. Voight was willing to risk his career for him again by burying the case and the blackmailer. He finally figured out that what Justin needs are tools he can't give him.

He lacks commitment and self-discipline and maybe the army will be the right spot for him, but Justin does need some kind of self-imposed structure and routine in his life. His mom's dead has really gotten to him and Voight and Erin can't fill the hole he's dug himself in with second chances and risking their jobs. 

Elsewhere, Adam was sharing his life with his fiancé a little more, but he didn't mention how much time and attention he's giving to Burgess. Maybe Adam is just bored in the office, but he paid a lot of attention and did many nice things for Burgess all with a little bit of flirty banter.  I'm not relationship expert, but that's never a good sign.

Will Erica be back?


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Great episode!
Voight is right. Justin needs to grow up. He needs a lesson and the army is the answer right now.
I like the alliance between Adam and Atwater.
I was surprised to see how the "friendship" between Erin and Jay turned out but in the meantime happy because I guess they both deserve to be happy and if they can be together, then its time to move on. Besides it was kind of awkward how Erin treated Justin.


Great episode. Antonio was questioning Voight then he talked to Olinski and then Platt talked to him and he realized that Voight does do things that are questionable but in the end he gets the job done sometimes following the rules aren't always the best thing to do. I definitely saw some flirting between Atwater and Adam but I agree that he does love his wife and I think if they're going to have problems in the future then it wouln't because of the flirting it will be because of his job. Platt taking the photo of Erin and making sure she looked perfect then Atwater taking picture and her not caring was funny and I'm glad that in the end Atwater and Burgess got back at her and got their pictures re-taken. I think the army will be good for Justin he needs some sort of structure in his life and Erin and Voight can't be there for him everytime he screws up. Can't wait till the next episode.

Sarah silva

Another great episode!
Adam seems to love his fiancée, however he seems to be flirting with Burgess.
I loved what Olinski said to Adam's fiancée about Adam.
Antonio and Jay both have doubts about Voight. However Olinski and Erin are on his side so I do not see anything happening to Voight anytime soon. He does lots of questionable things but in lots of cases he gets the job done.
I am not sure what Platt has against Atwater and Burgess. She treats Erin and company with respect but not those two. I guess since they rank under her she feels she can treat them that way. I do love how they always seem to put her in her place in small ways.

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