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Reign Review: Darkness Falls

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I know I sometimes come off like someone's grandma in my Reign Season 1 reviews because I get so shocked - shocked, I tell you! - at this public sex act or that faked suicide attempt or what have you.

I was starting to wonder if maybe I was just a prude, such a prude that I was stunned by the antics of people who basically only just figured out that the earth revolves around the sun.

So you can imagine my relief after watching Reign Season 1 Episode 15 - I'm not a prude, this show is just DEPRAVED!

Does it sound like I'm complaining? You can be sure that I am not. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised; I settled in expecting to see some scandal, but not the non-stop parade of kinky group sex, murder, sham marriages, pagan sacrifices, clever Reign quotes and Freddy Krueger gloves that I got.

All that, and every woman was dressed like Stevie Nicks. Oh god, why can't every show be like this?

I know most of this hour was about the politics of finding suitors for the Ladies, but let's not kid ourselves: the real hot topic on this episode was murderers!

To start inside the castle walls: the show pulled quite a clever trick with King Henry. At the season's start, I thought he was a doofus, someone essentially being bossed around by the infinitely more capable and clever Queen Catherine.

And Catherine does remain more capable and clever, which perhaps makes the revelation of Henry's murderous ways all the more chilling. I have a place in my heart for a clever murderer like Catherine, who at least thinks she's killing for some greater good.

But Henry's dumb brutality chilled my blood. Who knows what he's capable of...whatever it is, he seems to be becoming more and more capable of it.

As for 'the darkness,' it's got to be someone we know, right? Someone we'd never suspect? Is it Clarissa? is it Nostradamus? Is it Nostradamus's other personality? Oh god, is it Henry???

Official Reign FashionWatch: 9/10. As previously noted, Mary and the Ladies' outfits all looked like property of the White Witch herself--Kenna especially, in those great patterned dresses. I don't know why King Henry had leather pants on in the three-way scene, but it FELT right, and I give points for that.

Now that we've addressed the extremely pressing leather pants issue, you must tell me:

Who or what is 'the darkness?'


Here is your first look at Reign Season 1 Episode 16, "Monsters."


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I enjoyed this week better just for the Francis/Mary scenes. Francis really stepped up by telling Mary everything about the one night stand (he was single at the time) and took all the blame.Mary even showed a little character by admitting how she hated lying to her husband about the baby.
I also enjoyed but was alittle confussed when Francis wanted to have sex and Mary felt he was doing it just to try for another chance of giving her a child. Francis'stating that it was only because of his love for her was sweet,but Mary's drawing away puzzled me. I hope it has nothing to do with Bash. I hope Bash has a new love intrest so that Mary an Francis can concentrate on their marriage and get back to the real love they shared before Mary had him bannished


Haha i liked your review! Great per usual! I sooo love this show! Its funny, well written and dark yet also light. Easy watching and so much eye candy ...i think the darkness is something supernatural.


this was the worst barely reviewed anything at all...