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Reign Season 1

Reign Music: "No Exit"
Reign Music: "No Exit"

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On Reign Season 1 Episode 18, Mary's half-brother arrived, a plot to murder Mary was revealed and Penelope went ahead and got herself...

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Mary Contemplates
"Toy Soldiers"

Mary's Uncle arrives with tragic news about her mother and she and Francis realize they have to decide between what's before their countries or their marriage.

"No Exit"

Mary's brother pays a visit and tries to lure the queen back to Scotland, on Reign.

"Liege Lord"

Mary discovers a secret clause in her marriage contract that could mark her for murder on Reign.


King Henry grows madder, and Bash and Francis investigate a threat in the woods, on Reing.

"The Darkness"

The Ladies are reluctantly matched with suitors, and a monster terrorizes the woods, on Reign.

"Dirty Laundry"

Lola is keeping a terrible secret that will change everything at court, on Reign.


Marie de Guise arrives at the castle with plans for her daughter Mary.

"Royal Blood"

When Francis's brothers are in danger, Mary flies into action, on Reign.


Queen Catherine looks to expose a secret from Bash's past when King Henry accuses her of treason and adultery on Reign.


Mary and Bash must care for a pregnant fugitive on the run on Reign.

"For King and Country"

Mary hatches a plan to save Francis and Scotland on Reign.


Court intrigue, treason, murder, and prophecy cause Mary to make a shocking decision on Reign.

"Left Behind"

When the castle is under siege, Mary, Francis, and Catherine all must plan an escape on Reign.


Bash must take extreme measures to deal with a threat on Mary's life on Reign.

"A Chill in the Air"

Francis's old flame shows up looking to disrupt the court on Reign.

"Hearts and Minds"

The true nature of Mary's new fiance is revealed on Reign.


Mary weighs a proposal from a new prince that will save Scotland on Reign.

"Snakes in the Garden"

Mary tries to determine who is plotting against her on Reign.


Mary, Queen of Scots, discovers the secrets, schemes, and intrigue that make up life in the French royal court on the premiere of Reign.

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