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The Mentalist Review: Jane's Soft Spot

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Patrick Jane was in his element on The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 16, able to run an elaborate con on a violent gang of art thieves.

Only an undercover operation run by Jane would include stolen art, a luxury home, a garbage truck and a marching band. 

A Dangerous Sting

I thought The Yellow Rose of Texas was a particularly nice touch. 

Let's start from the beginning. 

As horrible as it was that John Hannigan was shot and killed, he was a bit of an idiot. When masked men with automatic weapons drive their truck through your wall, you don't argue over which paintings they're allowed to take, no matter how much you love the art. If he'd kept his mouth shut and lived he could have painted another portrait of his wife. Now she'll have to look at the painting and remember him. 

Jane was immediately intrigued by the art squad. Why? Because it was new and fun and Jane's looking for a challenge. Little did he know he was about to get a challenge of an entirely different kind.

When Agent Marcus Pike quipped that the FBI's stash of stolen art was like his secret museum, Lisbon asked if he takes his dates there. Lisbon was flirting! I can't remember the last time she openly flirted with someone, except maybe with Jane. 

Meanwhile, Jane was teaching Wiley the ins and outs of the con and how to set up a mark. Wiley couldn't get enough of it and his enthusiasm was infectious. Jane may have found himself a protégé.

Jane was very specific in everyone's roles and I enjoyed watching Abbott in the field. He really does fit right in with this team, even as the boss.

Jane's wardrobe choices were particularly interesting. He picked out a white, feminine dress for Lisbon and a tacky animal print for Fischer. Not to mention that Teresa was cast as his girlfriend while Kim was the floozy who was meant to lure Aaron to the bedroom. 

Lisbon and Jane were kind of adorable as he tried to give her acting pointers and she complained about not being able to breathe in that dress or stay upright in her heels. 

I did wonder why Jane was asleep on the sofa. I'm sure that home had plenty of bedrooms. However, it was sweet to see Teresa come back down stairs in her pajama shirt to check on Jane and cover him with a blanket. She always looks out for him, even in the small ways. Unfortunately for Jisbon fans, she was soon on the phone flirting with Marcus. 

No matter what you thought of McKaye, he wasn't a complete fool. He could tell by the way Patrick looked at Teresa that she was his soft spot. I can't say I disagree. 

The set up at the end was rather risky. These guys didn't care about leaving bodies. Jane or Lisbon could have easily been shot. And Jane's complex scenario with the garbage truck, marching band, and Wiley in a well placed taxi was pretty over the top but I'm willing to suspend my disbelief as it was all in good fun. 

I'll give Marcus credit. He seemed like a good guy. He tried to make sure Teresa wasn't already dating someone else and then he simply and directly asked her out. No subtext. No elaborate plans. Just a boy asking a girl out for pancakes. From the look on Lisbon's face I got the feeling that it's been a long time since someone has paid that kind of attention to her. 

As frustrated as Jane and Lisbon shippers may be with the introduction of Marcus Pike (and from what I hear he'll be around for at least 5 episodes) I'm kind of happy about it. I think Jane cares a great deal about Teresa but he needs to be shaken up a bit. Perhaps if he sees her with someone else, realizes that he could lose her, it might force him to make a move and say how he feels. 

Only time will tell and I'm willing to take the ride for the rest of The Mentalist season 6.

What did you think, TV Fanatics? What do you think of Marcus dating Teresa Lisbon?



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It's great that they finally got together! I was worried that the writers would pull a season finale cliff hanger, as has been a bad habit on this show. They finally let us know that everything will go as it should; they've been working together for years, and are mutually enchanted by each other's gifts. I'd like to thank the showrunners, writers, cast, producers, & staff for such great work, and CBS, for recognizing the great show they have on hand! The Mentalist is spectacular, and I'm sure next season will be brilliant!


Ahhhh, another Sunday. I see those clips on this site this am.
Distracted is a good description re Lisbon. Not the same character that has been previously portrayed ........or.........maybe this is just a glimpse into her personal life that we usually do not see. Not saying it is wrong, just so different.


Just saw a couple of clips of the next episode...PJ waiting for the late TL to show up to at crime scene. She arrives in a cab. First thought...where did she spend the night. He asks how her date went. She has told him her car would not start. Ya, right. Her answer to him was very dismissive. Later, she is on the phone with Pike. Tells him she can't make it tonight, calling him Markus, not Pike. Patrick is along side her. I can just feel him thinking hmmmmm. All I can say is what a fast mover. Our Mother Teresa is acting like a highschooler. Hope he doesn't turn out top be like Graces boyfriend. Don't need a repeat of that story. After I watched the clips a couple of times, I went back to see what blouse she was wearing the night before. It was different, but I think it was portrayed to make us fans wonder.

@ Wagurl36

Shame on you for not spelling your name correctly. :)


Some sneak leak thing apparently says that at the end of series 6 they do some grand jury thing to start the trial of Jane for the murder of Red John. Wonder what will trigger off that move. Will Jane break the FBI agreement or something? - apparently the leak does not say. Looks more and more like a cliffhanger for 7 to me. Ages back though I read that the last show might run to 1.5 hours but I have seen nothing since confirming that. Still wondering if it is true or junk info.


Some sneak leak thing apparently says that at the end of series 6 they do some grand jury thing to start the trial of Jane for the murder of Red John. Wonder what will trigger off that move. Will Jane break the FBI agreement or something? - apparently the leak does not say. Looks more and more like a cliffhanger for 7 to me. Ages back though I read that the last show might run to 1.5 hours but I have seen nothing since confirming that. Still wondering if it is true or junk info.

@ Just Passing

Interesting about that sneak leak. It would have to be a cliffhanger and therefore we get a S7. However, Chris Long just said a few days ago that they don't know if they will be renewed yet. That would mean they made 2 versions of the last episode, one for each situation. So is the sneak leak about the season-end version and we still might get the series-end one? OTOH, the final (or next to final?) episode is said to be "Black Hearts." That implies a major betrayal or action by someone with a grudge, which would indicate Jane gets betrayed/set up for a murder trial. In this case, Black Hearts would be a season finale cliffhanger for S7. But I suppose it could indicate something else that is a series finale. These TM producers (or is it CBS torturing the producers?) sure like to torture us.


Interview 9 April 2014 "[Chris] Long noted that The Mentalist’s fate is still in doubt, partly because of its Sunday “death slot” that is frequently impacted by sports coverage overtime. In addition, “There is so much vertical integration with CBS owning shows.” Its shortish but worth a read

@ Just+Passing

Hi Just Passing. I got the information from my friend in Germany. The site is called: primewire dot ag
I don't know how it works, you'll have to check it out. Good luck! :-)

@ bonaduz

Thanks, very kind of you and your friend.

@ Just+Passing

I read that article. THANKS for the link! It was quite informative as to what these shows have to deal with. However, you'd think CBS would have made up their minds by now. They put TM in that "death slot" and it's been there all of S6 (maybe even in part of S5 but I can't remember) so they should know what they need - or want - to do. Meanwhile the Nielsen ratings had Country Music Awards in 5th place. That replaced everything on Sunday night, so viewers do stay up to watch shows like that. But they are one-offs and there's no frustration with losing track of the story as there is with erratic jerked around drama shows. Anyhow, the next episode looks to be an especially good one with lots of drama. Haven't had that for a while. I hope CBS gives it enough promo so viewers will make an effort to tune in. Oh, another thing: the article noted that viewer numbers for cable shows were "miniscule" compared to network shows, so if WB is shopping TM they might want to focus on the networks rather than channels like TNT. TM deserves the biggest possible audience.


Interview: 9 April 2014 "[Chris] Long noted that The Mentalist’s fate is still in doubt, partly because of its Sunday “death slot” that is frequently impacted by sports coverage overtime. In addition, “There is so much vertical integration with CBS owning shows.” Its a shortish but worth a read


If it's true that Lisbon will go to Washington with Pike I expect that to be the beginning of the wrapup of the Jane-Lisbon relationship plot line. I'm wondering how Jane would cope with Lisbon gone like that - and with Pike! Most likely he may be so distracted he will not do well in solving crimes. That should make for a good episode or two as Jane flounders around trying to focus on the crimes but with his mind constantly on Lisbon and missing her and wondering what she's doing. Heller said Jane will come to realize how much Lisbon means to him. Her in Washington with Pike should do it.


Re the spoiler about Will Lisbon move to Washington with Pike - wonder if they will have her going off, then coming back for Jane, or maybe some big airport scene leading to her not going? Hey, maybe Jane will give her a lift all that distance in the Airstream... :-) ... So many fun possibilities at the moment, re the Jisbon plotline. I will so miss the Mentalist if it does not get 7.

@ Just+Passing

Hey Just Passing. Did iTunes work out for you? I have a friend in Germany, that always watches US shows online. I contacted her for more information, haven't heard back yet though. I'll let you know!...:-)

@ bonaduz

Its so kind of people to care. Thank you for making such efforts. I have managed to get my usual player to work again (the TV station lets you play it over the internet for a while after first broadcast, but lots of people are having trouble with that player at the moment) but as it has failed once it could fail again. Therefore I am grateful to know of any further alternatives just in case...


In the same interview an "exec" is quoted as saying "“I think Jane was feeling curiously like a third wheel – something he doesn’t feel very often – and wondering why he felt that way … " Which seems to me an assessment that deeply lacks insight into the character. Jane seems to me to have spent all his life, other than with his wife, feeling like someone isolated and in the way of others on a personal (not work) level. Also if he spotted Mashburn he is sure to spot Pike as soon as Lisbon feels an interest, surely?

@ Just Passing

I have to respectfully disagree......who is to say he hasn't already read Pikes interest and Lisbon's response. I don't think he has felt the third wheel in the CBI circle, especially where Lisbon is concerned. I think the "exec's" remark was referring more to he and Lisbon rather than his overall feeling of being on the outside/isolated with the rest of the world. I think he has no doubt picked up on the Lisbon/Pike attraction and it does make him feel like the extra.....and he is wondering why. It may be the beginning of the realization that beyond caring deeply for her, he is getting these new feelings.....called love. Just my feelings. Can't wait for it all to play out. Fingers crossed for 7!
PS....I really enjoy your posts. Wish there was a way you could be able to see the more current episodes.

@ washgurl36

There's probably a bit of both ideas here. Jane has always been a half-in, half-out person in his environment. The carney world he was raised in made him a third wheel in the outside world. His love of his mentalist skills at odds with the demands that he use them to exploit people made him a third wheel in the carney world. He has never been fully adapted to any of his environments. It seems the one stable element in his life since his family's murder has been Lisbon. Given that, it's entirely reasonable that his feelings for Lisbon have started to mature from childlike dependency to an adult level of romantic love. The story pretty much has to go this way and not leave us hanging there wondering what happened.

@ washgurl36

Happy you disagree as I have learned so much from peoples debates on here :-) and people are so nice on here that the differing viewpoints are lots of fun. Its interesting you have read the piece in a different way to me and I have tried to re read it as you see it. I think I was drawn to the fact that in the episodes I have seen (I have seen Black Helicopters, I think I have found a way to see Grey Water & White Snow shortly) Jane seemed isolated in the FBI in a way he has not seemed isolated in TM before - I think because I am still in the not much Lisbon stage of the season and his being stuck with Fischer a lot. Perhaps things have moved on a lot from there by now. I wonder if also 3rd wheel is a term viewed as romance related, rather than just generally a bit in the way? Can you tell me if this is so or if I am wrong on what 3rd wheel means? Thanks. I maybe should not have posted not having seen the episode, I just got so fed up the last couple of days of knowing the plot is moving on and I have not been able to view locally. I am hoping to catch up on the 2 episodes tomorrow night or the next night. Though of course I am still behind you due to the scheduling here even when I have 'caught up'. I got kind of low as I was worried I would end up having invested 6 years of watching only to not be able to see the end until the autumn - it was so frustrating. I also miss reading all the comments on here and observations. I will step back again though when I manage to see the episodes or I will accidentally see too much of the plots. I figured this one had been a fairly safe episode to read or comment on as it mostly seems to be about the changing relationships so I did not think I could damage the plot for myself too much by reading conversations on it - I dont like to find out before hand who did the crimes as it takes all the mystery away.

@ Just Passing "the third wheel" ..... I think I interpreted it as romantic as in, two is company, three e is a crowd when you may be seeing way past that into his whole life. I think what made me feel that was watching him there, alone, after Pike and Lisbon went out for pancakes. Was kinda sad, especially, to see Lisbon going off so easily to have fun and him saying something to the effect of "you kids go have fun" when he didn't mean it. I guess I was taking the narrow view.
I think another phrase would be 5th an extra, not needed or out of place. Now I'm going to rewatch that episode and look through different eyes.