The Mentalist Round Table: "Violets"

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A deadly gang of art thieves had Patrick Jane in his glory on The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 16, as he took the entire team undercover for an elaborate con to catch the bad guys.

Our TV Fanatics Robin Harry and Christine Orlando are joined by The Mentalist fan Neha to discuss how they feel about Lisbon and Marcus Pike and what Jane was thinking when he cast his latest con.


What do you think of Lisbon dating Marcus Pike?

Robin:  I'm okay with it. I'm not a hardcore shipper, but I do think the writers are heading for a Lisbon/Jane end game (which I'm surely on board with). In the meantime though, Lisbon deserves to be wined and dined, and Marcus seems like a good guy with excellent taste.  I say go for it, Lisbon!

Neha:  When I first heard the spoilers about Pike I wasn't sure, but now that I have seen him in action, I absolutely love him! He felt really refreshing to me. In a world where the only man in Lisbon's life expects her to almost always read between the lines, a direct no mess, no games approach must be like the first day of spring for her. Of course, she grabbed it! Their chemistry is great and I think Lisbon needs to have some fun at this point. 

Christine:  I agree with Neha that Pike's direct approach was a huge contrast to Jane. I'm OK with Lisbon and Pike dating as long as it's just for a few episodes and it's used to help move Teresa and Patrick's relationship forward. I've got my fingers crossed that that is where this story is headed.

The Mentalist Round Table 1-27-15

Did you see any subtext in the roles Jane gave everyone in his elaborate con?

Robin: Yes and no. I'm sure he thoroughly enjoyed having Lisbon as the girlfriend and Fischer as the tramp, but he was also being practical.  Kim practically seduced Jane while he was in exile so he knew what she was capable of, and I can't even imagine watching Lisbon try to seduce someone. Conversely, he and Lisbon have known each other longer and have better chemistry, and would make a much more believable couple.

Neha:  Yes, absolutely. He's always said for a lie to really work, there has to be some truth in it. Kim got to be the seducer because, let's face it, that's what she was on the island with Jane. Also after he walked into that banter between Lisbon and Pike in the stolen art museum, I don't think Jane wanted her to spend any behind the scenes time with Pike. 

Christine: Yes, I thought that was lots of fun. That he dressed Lisbon in that very feminine white dress and gave her the role of his girlfriend but put Fischer in the tacky animal print and made her the seducer had me wondering if they were simply roles he thought they could play or did he subconsciously see them in these roles in real life. 

Do you believe McKaye was right? Is Lisbon Jane's soft spot?

Robin: Oh my gosh, yes.  Whether platonically or romantically, there's no denying that Jane loves Lisbon and would do anything for her.

Neha:  Oh, absolutely, if Lisbon is not his soft spot I don't know who is. If McKaye had put a gun to Lisbon's head Jane would have given up pretty much anything. 

Christine:  McKaye got it right. If nothing else she is his best friend but I think they're on the cusp of being much more.  I don't know how Jane would handle it if he ever lost her. 

Who had the best outfit of the episode?

Robin: The black and white dress Lisbon wore the day after the party was just fabulous.  I want one!

Neha: Lisbon, we never get to see her out of her button up shirts and blazers, this was a great change. 

Christine:  I'm with Robin, I really liked Lisbon's black and white dress. It really stood out because we never see her in skirts. But I also couldn't help but notice all of the scarves Jane wore. I don't know why but every time I saw him in one it made me smile. 

What was your favorite scene from this episode of The Mentalist Season 6?

Robin: This is the most fun episode we've had in FOREVER, so it's strange that my favorite scene was a sad one.  It absolutely broke my heart to see Patrick at the end of the episode, sitting all alone in the dark. Without Red John and without Teresa, he really is lost. 

Neha: I really enjoyed this episode, more than I thought I would. Surprisingly, my favorite scene was the one in the fish bowl when Wiley was forced to brief everyone. They all looked so amused, like when a toddler plays doctor and you play the patient. Also, the look on Lisbon's face when she saw that dress was priceless. Patrick's direct quote Wiley read out at the end, all made for an excellent scene! 

Christine:  I really enjoyed Pike and Wiley watching the scene at the bar unfold over the video monitor. There's something about Wiley's enthusiasm that's just infectious. I think Jane has a new protégé.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.


What is a shipper? I did not read the review as the comments are far more fun. I like Lisburn from Prison break; what happened to the snaggle tooth? I found that very cute. Like the series but find the Red and Burt`s ongoing beta love a bit tedious. Go Cho!

@ poppy

Someone who wishes a romantic relationSHIP to develop between Lisbon and Jane.


It was such a fun episode. Jane is king of the con. I don't see anything I like in Pike. I don't think Lisbon will like the I'm in charge attitude of Pike for long.. Everyone did an outstanding job. Please renew the show.


can we have fans of the show talk about it instead of shipper I mean no way would a real fan like this crap

@ Michael

Well if you wrote something relevant to non-shipping plot aspects of the show, other people could join in and discuss it with you...

Sue ann
@ Michael

Michael, we have told you before, many times, on the pages for many shows. YOU are not the one who decides what a "real fan" is. Every show has many aspects, and each aspect can appeal to or repel many different individuals. We do not all march in step to your tastes, nor should we. You really are an annoying little troll. Grow up.


Lisbon dating Marcus Pike? Naturally, being a shipper, I don't like it. But Marcus seems to be a straightforward, nice guy so it's hard not to like him at this point. What shocked me most is Lisbon flirting first, in the art storage locker. She turned those bright green high beams on him, "Do you bring dates, here?" It clued him in she was interested and made it easy for him to follow through. I think she will find him boring fairly quickly and I hope that the point of sleeping together wakes her up that this isn't the man she wants, but Jane. I think we're going there. For Jane to just suffer through to the end and be a lonely conman without Lisbon is just unbearable. It's the stuff of artsy irrelevancy to me. I don't think that's what Heller has in mind after building their relationship for so long, and now to this pitch. Subtext in the roles Jane gave out? I'd say so. He even knew that Abbott knew about boxing even though Abbott said he had never told him. Lisbon twice really, as his girlfriend and as the woman he most admires and reveres, dressing her first in white and then in jazz. Kim the seductress in the animal print, tacky and low and how he sees how she treated him on the island. Cho, the tough guy needed nothing at all. He is the tough guy and needs only his own closet. Jane overplaying himself a bit as the erudite squire. The whole thing was delightful. McKay right that Lisbon is Jane's soft spot? Absolutely. No doubt about it for me. Best outfit of the episode? Lisbon, by a mile. Both dresses were a knockout on her. The white, the color of purity, revealing so much of her entire body. And the zig-zaggy one, so stylish and revealing. Jane really went for revealing with Lisbon. He wanted to know what her body looks like. I'm sure it left him panting for more, as we saw his eagerness to get to something "fabulous" with her for the evening. Crushed. Along with my heart. Favorite scene? I think when the killer showed up in their driveway to go to Manet's Violets. Jane and Lisbon walk arm in arm to the car, then his hand taking hers to help her into the car. She seemed so easy with his touch. And the view of both of them, Lisbon in back, Jane in front, as he talked about Manet's forbidden love that he could only express in a painting. Jane could have been talking about himself. It made me look back and realize Jane, too afraid to speak to her for fear of triggering her anger that he would be interfering (plane talk in Green Thumb), has been scattering Violets for her ever since. "I'm happy because I'm sitting on this bench with you." "You look great in that hat." Asking her to ride in the Airstream. Speaking to her about his plans and the case, not Kim. There's so much more I'm not even thinking of. Telling her she can't see his feelings. And he's right. She almost doesn't seem to see him at all right now. And now she's looking at Pike. The ending scene left my heart a burning stone. It hurt to see Jane so alone and sad.


Oh most importantly. I LOVE this show and hope CBS has the smarts to renew it. After all it is the most watched show in the world according to the Golden Nymph award and Simon Baker just received a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. I can't believe they didn't automatically renew it. What do more do they need to persuade them???

@ C+P

I basically agree with everything the article said. I enjoyed all of the scenes they mentioned but most of all I enjoyed seeing Jane and Lisbon working together. I want to believe that the reason the writer had Jane pick Lisbon to play his girlfriend was because they knew that is what the fans would want. Now that Abbott has to worry about Jane's behavior and Lisbon doesn't anymore that should help their relationship relax a bit. She told him on the airplane that working with him is difficult and exhausting. Well it shouldn't be that way anymore for her, since Jane got Red John and she isn't his boss anymore. I think Pike is a nice change of pace for Lisbon and more like her but opposites attract they say. I hope Jane gets jealous and lets Lisbon know he loves her and I hope she misses the excitement of being with Jane and finds Pike a little boring after awhile. I mean after Patrick Jane anyone else would just be to ordinary.


Am i the only one who really doesn't trust Wiley?

@ Sam+Hockney

Nope, I can see scope for him being much more devious than he appears. I can see scope for others in the FBI being that way too...

@ Sam+Hockney

I never even thought to mistrust Wiley. It is an interesting thought though. I personally have never trusted Abbott myself.

@ Sam+Hockney

No. You are not the only one. Although the distrust is not as strong as it was when we first met him.

@ Sam+Hockney

I don't care for him. However, I think it's because he reminds me the Whitey character on L&O:SVU that worked as a forensic tech but ended up a killer.

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