Castle Round Table: "The '70s Show"

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Did you dig it?

Castle Season 6 Episode 20 took a trip back in time, as the entire 12th precinct was redressed as 1978, with the help of Martha Rodgers special flair.

Our TV Fanatics, Chandel Charles, Jim Garner, Robin Harry, and Christine Orlando are joined below by Teresa from The 12th a Castle Fan Forum to debate funniest moments, favorites from the decade and who had the best '70s transformation...

Castle RT - depreciated -

Which character had your favorite '70s transformation?

Chandel: Kate. Always Kate. I just love her so much, so any time she does something different it always seems perfect. Kind of want that peasant blouse.....

Jim: Lanie, hands down the best Foxy Brown I've seen in a long time.

Robin:  I have to go with Lanie.  For one, she looked AMAZING (I cannot pull off an afro!). Two, it was hilariously stereotypical and they played that off so well.

Teresa:  I liked how Ryan slowly morphed into his 70's character. When he finally bought into the 70's he was all in and bailed Espo out. And the best was the great disco moves at the end.

Christine:  Definitely Ryan. I didn't even recognize him when I first saw him. It was amazing but it made me love 2014 all the more. 

What was the funniest moment of the episode?

Chandel: Probably Gates walking back into the precinct to find it had regressed by 4 decades. Also, that her reason for returning was that the terrorism seminar was canceled due to a bomb threat----go figure! It was probably the one joke you really had to be paying attention to in order to get it and appreciate it in the midst of her "What the heck happened here?!" tirade.

Jim: I'm with Chandel on this one. Hearing Gates bellow from the crowd was the perfect "Yang" to Martha's over the top redressing of the precinct's "Yin." Both halves made for a really fun scene. 

Robin: When Esposito tried sliding across the car and fell on his behind...and then limped his way into the nightclub. I was in absolute hysterics, I loved it.

Teresa:  My husband and I were laughing out loud more than any other episode. After watching it again I was laughing the most when Castle and Beckett were reading the script parts that Martha had written for them as such non-actors overacting the parts.

Christine:  I'm with Teresa on this one. Beckett's timing being completely off when she slammed her hand on the desk really made me laugh. It was very well played. 

Were you surprised that Harold and Vince were lovers and what did you think of that twist?

Chandel: I was surprised, but it really helped tie everything back to solve the case, so I appreciated the twist for that reason. Gotta keep it fresh!

Jim: I was surprised and impressed, it was a great twist. Vince being stuck in the '70s made total sense when you realized he lost the love of his life. 

Robin: I didn't see that coming at all. I agree with Chandel, it tied the case up quite nicely, and made Harold more endearing.

Teresa:  It was a twist but a sweet one.

Christine:  Yes! I appreciated both because I never saw it coming and because of the way it tied all of the loose ends together and made sense. It was also very sweet that this actually turned out to be a love story.

Do you have any favorites from the '70s? TV shows, movies or music?

Chandel: I wasn't even born yet, so I truly have no concept of the decade or anything about it I could have liked.

Jim: Yep, for TV I was a huge 6 Million Dollar Man fan. I actually got to stay up late to watch it! As for music, Boston is still one of my all time favorites. 

Robin: I missed the 70s by a couple years, but love so many things from that decade. My fave TV show from that era would be Three's Company (had a huge crush on John Ritter), movie would be either Rocky or Superman, and The Police are my favourite band of all time.

Teresa:  This was the time of the Godfather movies and the first Star Wars movies. Favorite music was Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire.

Christine:  I'm a Star Wars fan and the original came out in 1977. As for TV, The Dukes of Hazzard started in 1979 so I guess that counts. It began my crush on John Schneider. I was never a huge fan of '70s music but for some reason the Bee Gees "Stayin Alive" and ABBA's "Dancing Queen" have always stuck with me. 

What was your favorite scene from this Castle Season 6 episode?

Chandel: Watching the actors pretend to act. It was kind of funny to see Stana Katic as Kate try to act badly with the script Martha gave her to keep selling the that it was the '70's. Kate's delayed slam of the table made me chuckle. Watching Rick pretend to act was pretty good, too--Nathan really sold his bit.

Jim: I really enjoyed the "walk" through the precinct; so many great nods to 70s show, like the bald guy eating a lollipop (a.k.a Kojak). Only one I didn't see what a Barretta reference.  

Robin: I loved the scene where they first met Harold. Kate's indignation at being talked down to was absolutely hilarious, as was Castle's comment on her assets.  Also, it's no coincidence that he called Nathan Fillion "Captain"...right, Firefly fans? 

Teresa:  Too many special scenes but I have to give shout out to Rob Duncan and his amazing score for this episode. After listening again I realized that his score sold the 70's disco era.

Christine:  I loved how Martha dove in and took control of everything at the precinct. It was such fun to see her be allowed to go over the top and be in her glory. 

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I had a holiday in the USA in the late 1970s and even dropped into a NY police station ( merely to tell my brother who was a policeman in Sydney what it was like).No-one dressed like that anywhere not even in San Francisco! They mixed up the 60s and 70s. Don't believe me then watch Kojak or the Streets on San Francisco! Ryan did look like a young Michael Douglas. The script pushed for laughs and they didn't arrive. Homosexual couple involved in a gang .Very Very unlikely but given the political correctness of the show hardly surprising.

@ nottrampis

I was a kid in the 70s and my dad worked in NYC (not police, just an office job) so I spent time in the city then and I remember some of these outfits! I even have pictures. Even the sexism was spot on. My mom was turned away from a fancy french restaurant once because she was a female alone. The host wouldn't seat her because she wasn't with a man. Thankfully that crap doesn't happen anymore.

@ Kelly

Kelly, you should have lived in Australia then. It didn't occur then. My holiday was late 70s and I didn't see ANYONE in precinct or out of it wearing clothes like that and most of my holiday was in San Francisco!!
I am not saying people didn't wear clothes like that in the USA ( They moist certainly didn't in Sydney) only it was clearly rare.

@ nottrampis

You are right, no real precinct in 1978 would look like that. But, you missed the point--this was Martha's theatrical creation of a 70's precinct. Over-the-top, costumes, makeup, a cast of characters right out of all the 70's cop shows--this was Martha's spectacle and never meant to appear as "authentic." Remember Castle gave her this assignment to distract her from the wedding portrait made entirely out of flowers! And it was crazy and funny but not real.


-Lanie's Foxy Brown outfit made me laugh out loud but I didn't even recognize Ryan at first. His transformation was that good.
-Beckett's looks when Harold called her cupcake and Caste captain was so funny. Also, Beckett pounding the desk with her timing completely off was great.
-Never saw the gay twist coming but I thought it was great. I'm sure there were plenty of people securely in the closet back then.
-I never used to like the music but I've been listening to it more lately and it's growing on me.
-Loved Castle convincing Beckett to turn the precinct into 1978 and then bringing Martha in. It was all such fun.


1 - I thought Ryan was the best. He didn't look anything like himself but the funniest part was him carrying that cigarette that he didn't know what to do with. Classic!
2 - There were 2 LOL moments for me. Espo sliding off the car hood was fantastic but Stana's timing in the scene where she forgets to pound her fist on the desk was PERFECTION.
3 - I was totally surprised with that twist but I love the way they portrayed it.It all fit perfectly with the times and had an even deeper meaning today.
4 - I was a huge John Denver fan during the 70's. I think I have every recording he ever made! 5 - My favorite scene was when Captain and Cupcake first visited Harold! Archie Bunker, the ass comment, the women's lib line, all setup the gender issue for the rest of the show so well. Castle's parting eye roll with the, "Rookies," comment was the icing on the cake!

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Castle Season 6 Episode 20 Quotes

Harold: Have you ever seen a cop with an ass that fine. If this women's lib I'm all for it.
Castle: To be fair, you do have a very fine, never mind.

A testament to the truly indestructible nature of polyester.


Castle Season 6 Episode 20 Music

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Donna summer last dance Last Dance Donna Summer iTunes
Walter murphy a fifth of beethoven A Fifth of Beethoven Walter Murphy iTunes
Silver convention get up and boogie thats right Get Up And Boogie (That'S Right) Silver Convention iTunes