Castle Review: A Groovy Kind of Love

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Can you dig it?

Castle Season 6 Episode 20 stepped back in time with "That '70s Show" and as Seamus Dever shared with us earlier, it was hard to decide who was having more fun. 

We'll start from the beginning. Castle gave Martha one simple task: Gather ideas for floral arrangements. Knowing his mother as well as he does, perhaps he should have expected the tunnel of love display and the giant couples portrait made entirely of flowers.

Especially since she'd previously come up with ice sculptures of Nikki Heat, the Vienna Boys Choir and a Blue Angels flyover as wedding appropriate ideas.

Suddenly, Kate and Rick were tasked with finding some way for Martha to participate that she couldn't turn into an over the top disaster or else hurt her feelings. 

In that way, Harold arrived in the nick of time. 

Pathological grieving may have seemed a little far-fetched, but it sure turned out to be highly entertaining. Apparently, after his best friend Vince disappeared in 1978, time stopped for Harold. Maybe that should have been a clue to their real relationship. 

There were many things about this '70s turn that I expected and other things that I didn't. The powder blue, polyester suit wasn't a shock. Not even the fact that it survived over three decades under concrete. 

It was Harold's Archie Bunker era view of women that shook me. In some ways, 1978 doesn't seem that far back - but thankfully society's view of women has come a long way. Harold only viewed Kate in one way as witnessed in this Castle quote

Harold: Have you ever seen a cop with an ass that fine. If this women's lib I'm all for it.
Castle: To be fair, you do have a very fine, never mind.

Harold could barely fathom that Kate Beckett was a detective and he immediately assumed that Castle must outrank her, which led us to Captain Castle and Detective Cupcake. In addition, Harold referred to her and Lanie as hot mama, little lady, sweetheart, sweet cheeks and chick.

Admittedly, Beckett was smoking hot in her '70s attire. The woman looks amazing in anything so that didn't come as a surprise. 

However Lanie's Foxy Brown outfit stopped traffic…and Esposito in his tracks. I wasn't sure which was funnier: Espo's dumbfounded stare or the fact that Kevin couldn't even look at her when he said, "nice dress."

But the fun really began when the precinct had to be turned into its version of 1978. Out when the computers and cell phones and in came the typewriters and Martha Rodgers. 

Martha painstakingly got every part right, even bringing in help from the outside, including Alexis…

Alexis: Halter tops were big in the '70s.
Castle: So were those peasant blouses. Why didn't you wear one of those?

I love that no matter what else is going on, Castle always reacts as her Dad. 

But not even Alexis' halter top could beat out Snookie and Ray, aka Esposito and Ryan. Honestly, I didn't even recognize Kevin Ryan at first, the transformation was so complete. To say they got into their roles was an understatement. 

I tell you, these clothes, that car. I feel invincible man. LIke Ray Price, kicking ass and taking names '70s style. I get it now baby.


To find out that Harold and Vince were actually lovers was very sweet, and truly sad. As mobsters in 1978, their lives would have literally been at risk if their secret had gotten out. Thankfully, much of our society has evolved on that front as well.

As everyone got together at the old Gliterati to dance their last '70s dance, even Gates appeared to be having fun. She might even give Castle a pass for impersonating a Captain. 

You turn, TV Fanatics, who do you think had the best '70s transformation on this episode of Castle?

Here is your first look at Castle Season 6 Episode 21, "Law & Boarder."


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I just noticed on Amazon that Castle is coming out with a new Derek Storm novel. Really!!! This character is literally a dead issue! What happened to the Nikki Heat series. It is time for a new Heat novel unless ABC is killing off the series in episode 23 on May 12th And what's with the previews for episode 22 and Kate's involvement in an investigation that may make her an accessory to a crime? Will her and Castle then be married in jail only to have us wait until next season to see what happens. Come on Marlowe, get with it and keep those salacious Nikki Heat novels coming! Also, what's with Stana's hair ? She had it cut short in the fall only to have it appear now longer than ever. Is she shampooing with Miracle Grow or just wearing hair extensions or a wig She looked just as hot and sexy at the recent awards shows with the shorter hair. She can wear a potato sack with no makeup and still look stunning!! Your input and comments out there please!

@ stanafanatic66

I am sorry my friend but I do not agree. Stana is one beautiful woman but short hair and her do not mix. Only Catherione Bell is stunning with short hair. Her fashion sense lets her down a lot. Now if she always simply had a Kate Beckett hairstyle ( very important) and most but not all her clothing sense then I would agree.Only my opinion of course


"Admittedly, Beckett was smoking hot in her '70s attire. The woman looks amazing in anything so that didn't come as a surprise." Except a certain fugly wedding dress. There's always an exception to any rule. Sadly.

@ Grey

I thought Beckett was only smoking hot in that dress with her Farrah Fawcett hairstyle. We should see those great legs more often I say.
thought she looked soso apart from that and how come her 70s hairstyle came so late into the episode? Not fair at all.


The episode went off a little better than I expected. However, the case itself was just a little too much on the gimmicky side. Maybe for people who appreciated the 70's, it went over better. There was some good Caskett banter and I thought Gates was really funny in the few scenes she appeared in. It was also a good twist at the end about the relationship. Harold had the best line of the whole episode for me. His “No body, No talkie” comment kept me laughing during the rest of that scene in his home. I am glad the ratings were steady and people liked it, but I think many viewers have reached wedding planning fatigue at this point in the season. Viewers got another instance of random superficial wedding planning which just makes you wonder if the wedding details will actually be completed by the finale. Only a few episodes remaining and still no venue or date forthcoming. I sure hope Marlowe is not planning another Watershed after all the buildup this season.

@ Vince

Our Roy Montgomery, If there is another piece of Watershed like garbage this time round I will personally throttle him. I really do not think Marlowe understands how stupid he makes people out. Beckett in Watershed and ITBOB, Gates most of the time and then Caskett in their wedding plans. I'm sorry but we were led to believe this is the all important thing that has completely changed Beckett ,although we haven't been told why, and yet they dilly dally about the wedding all the time. Organising a wedding isn't hard. The very first thing you do is work out what your budget is.
Here Castle merely tells Beckett do what ever you want because it is your day.
Beckett then proceeds to organise the whole thing telling Castle all the way what she is doing. Hearing about the wedding plans is getting boring.


Just shaking my head at this nasty episode. :(


This episode was amazing. Too bad Castle has this nasty habit of making the murder mystery rather obvious. Oh well. Still going to re-watch this tonight.


Lanier was great. When I saw her outfit I could not stop laughing. Loved the episode. It was fun. Also read where fellion is letting his ego get the best of him. Complaining about stana get more face time. He needs to growh up and realize it takes all of them to make a great show. He alone could not carry the show just as the others could not. I am disappointed in his attitude. But then this is Hollywood where everyone thinks its all about them


I wanted to mention too the best moment was Espo sliding off the car!!


This Castle episode had me rolling with laughter... It was fun to see our favorite characters flashback to the 70's...My guess is they were born in the 70's or not... Such a young cast with the exception of Martha...and she just always fits in....It was nice to see Alexis get involved...I am still thinking about this show and laughing...That's what I love about Castle, so entertaining and refreshing. There are so many crime shows on TV and Castle gives the audience a lighter version and entertains. Love this show!!!


I didn't like it. It was silly.


what a fun episode! would have liked to see them all dance some more. i also liked when espo slid off car and i liked gates reaction when she saw the precinct changed over

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Castle Season 6 Episode 20 Quotes

Harold: Have you ever seen a cop with an ass that fine. If this women's lib I'm all for it.
Castle: To be fair, you do have a very fine, never mind.

A testament to the truly indestructible nature of polyester.


Castle Season 6 Episode 20 Music

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Donna summer last dance Last Dance Donna Summer iTunes
Walter murphy a fifth of beethoven A Fifth of Beethoven Walter Murphy iTunes
Silver convention get up and boogie thats right Get Up And Boogie (That'S Right) Silver Convention iTunes